A guide on what to see at MoMA 

By Harshitha Jagathiesh

Discover the world’s renowned art at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

You will find masterpieces by Picasso, Cezanne, Dali, Gauguin, Monet, Van Gogh, and more. 

With six floors to explore, it can be challenging to see all the exhibits.

But careful planning allows you to experience the must-see artworks. 

Here is a list of MoMA must-sees you should not miss during your visit. 

The Starry Night

The Starry Night tops the list of Must see artworks at MoMA. 

This iconic painting by Van Gogh reflects his inner turmoil during his stay in a mental asylum. 

Remarkably, he painted this captivating scene 21 times, leading to various versions of Starry Night. 

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Drowning Girl

Experience the captivating “Drowning Girl” by Roy Lichtenstein at the Museum of Modern Art. 

This modern art masterpiece features thick lines, bold colors, and dots with speech bubbles reminiscent of a printed comic. 

Immerse yourself in nostalgia as this painting transports you to your comic-loving days. 

The Persistence of Memory

The Persistence of Memory
Image: Moma.org

Discover the iconic “Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dali at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 

This famous Surrealist work delves into the concept of time, featuring melting watches, ants, and decaying objects in its landscape. 

Les Demoiselles d’Avignon

Don’t miss “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” at MoMA NYC, a significant painting by Pablo Picasso. 

Originally titled ‘Brothel of Avignon,’ this artwork portrays five nude female prostitutes in Barcelona. 

It was unappreciated during Picasso’s time.

But it has gained recognition and is now among the famous paintings in the Museum of Modern Art’s collection.

Campbell’s soup cans

Campbell’s soup cans
Image: Pinterest.com

Don’t miss “Campbell’s Soup Cans” at MoMA NYC, an excellent example of Pop Art by Andy Warhol. 

This exhibit features images of 32 soup varieties offered by Campbell’s, delivering the message that art is for everyone. 

It is among the must-see paintings in the Museum of Modern Art’s collection.

One, Number 31, 1950

Make sure to view “One, Number 31, 1950” by Jackson Pollock at MoMA NYC. 

This famous painting showcases Pollock’s signature ‘drip’ technique and is the largest in his collection. 

It depicts vibrant tan, blue, and gray energy streams contrasted with black and white. 


Experience the vibrant “Dance” by Henri Matisse at MoMA NYC. 

This famous painting captures the joy and rhythm of dancing. 

The timeless landscape features mythical dancers, exuding liveliness and energy. 

Gold Marilyn Monroe

Gold Marilyn Monroe
Image: Facebook.com

Don’t miss Andy Warhol’s “Gold Marilyn Monroe” at MoMA NYC. 

Created in 1962, it pays tribute to the iconic American actress who tragically passed away that year. 

This famous painting is a part of the Museum of Modern Art’s collection and is a must-see artwork for visitors.

The Sleeping Gypsy

Make sure to see Henri Rousseau’s “The Sleeping Gypsy” at MoMA NYC. 

This famous painting depicts a gypsy peacefully sleeping while a lion approaches. 

Rousseau’s talent played a significant role in his acceptance into society. 

Don’t miss Frida Kahlo’s “Self-portrait with Cropped Hair” at MoMA NYC. 

This famous painting challenges gender stereotypes and showcases Kahlo’s boldness. 

It is renowned for its gender-bending quality and is a must-see artwork in the Museum of Modern Art’s collection. 

Grandcamp, Evening

See Georges-Pierre Seurat’s “The Grandcamp, Evening” at MoMA NYC. 

This famous painting captivates viewers with its seamless blend of colors when observed from a distance. 

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the meticulous use of different colored dots by Seurat, creating a unique and remarkable artwork. 

It is part of the museum’s extensive collection.

Outdoor Sculpture Garden

Outdoor Sculpture Garden
Image: Moma.org

When visiting MoMA NYC, don’t miss the Sculpture Garden.

It is designed by Abby Aldrich Rockefeller as a tribute to the museum’s founders. 

It’s a perfect spot to take a break and admire the artworks of renowned artists like Picasso and Anthony Caro. 

The garden features marble slabs, fountains, flower beds, and more, offering a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere. 

It’s a must-see attraction within the Museum of Modern Art’s extensive collection.

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