Alhambra Granada Parking

By Nikita Verma

Alhambra Granada Parking Address: Cam. Viejo del Cementerio, 0, 18009 Granada, Spain

Alhambra Palace has a parking lot with 500 outdoor spaces, all of which are monitored 24 hours a day.

Located on the Ronda Sur bypass road, the parking zone is divided into four zones- P1, P2, P3 and P4.

The first one you will encounter is for buses and caravans.

When you arrive at the entrance, you will find signs showing which area is full and which is not.  

The car parking at the Alhambra Granada will cost €3 per hour and €5 per hour for buses.

The parking price at Alhambra Granada may vary depending on the hours you need to see the Monument. The maximum you’ll pay is €19 for cars and €31 for buses. 

Alhambra Granada Parking HoursPrice for CarsPrice for Buses
One Hour €3€5
Two Hours€5€8
Three Hours€6€11
Four Hours€8€14
Five Hours€10€17
Six Hours€12€19
Seven Hours€14€22
Eight Hours€16€25
Nine Hours€17€28
Ten Hours€19€31
Maximum Daily€19€31
  • For cars, the Alhambra Granada parking price range remains the same in both summer and winter.
  • From 1 June to 30 September, the motorhome and bus rates nearly doubled, with a maximum rate of €56 and €95. 
  • Motorhome charges are the same as for buses.
  • Overnight parking is available for cars and motorhomes. 

Alhambra Parking Map

Upon entering the parking at the Alhambra Granada, keep healing towards Alhambra’s main entrance.

You’ll first come across P4, P3 and P2, designated for vehicles for people with reduced mobility.

Right next to the entrance gate is P1 at the end of the road. This zone fills up first.

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