Architecture of the Empire State Building

By Aadesh Mohan Srivastava

The architecture of the Empire State Building has captivated the world for generations. 

It timelessly symbolizes New York City and and is an architectural marvel.

Here we will take you on a journey through the architectural wonders of this historic building.

So, let’s see the Empire State Building architecture facts.

Empire State Building History

The Empire State Building was completed in 1931 during the Great Depression. 

The architect William F. Lamb of Shreve, Lamb and Harmon designed it.

For 40 years until 1970, the Empire State Building was the world’s tallest building.

Now, let’s dive into the Empire State Building architecture style.

Empire State Building Art Deco Design

The building is a prime example of Art Deco architecture, a style famous for its sleek, geometric shapes and decorative elements. 

The building features setbacks, giving it a steplike appearance, and boasts a stunning spire at the top.

Materials Used for the Empire State Building 

The exterior of the Empire State Building is clad in Indiana limestone and granite, giving it a timeless, elegant look. 

It’s renowned for its stunning metallic entrance doors and beautiful lobby with marble and intricate designs.

Empire State Building Iconic Observatories

The Empire State Building has two observatories, one on the 86th and another on the 102nd floor. 

The 86th-floor observatory is the most famous, offering breathtaking city views. 

The 102nd-floor observatory is smaller but provides a more intimate experience.

Empire State Building Interior

You’ll find stunning Art Deco details in intricate grille work, ornate moldings, and stylish motifs inside the building. 

The lobby is a masterpiece of Art Deco design.

Empire State Building Lighting

The Empire State Building is known for its colorful lighting displays, often changing to commemorate holidays, events, and special occasions. 

This feature adds an extra layer of charm to the building’s architecture.


Recently, the Empire State Building has undergone renovations to improve its sustainability. 

It has received LEED Gold certification, making it one of the most eco-friendly skyscrapers in the world.

Movie Star

The Empire State Building has appeared in countless movies, most notably in the classic “King Kong” film, where the giant ape climbs the building. 

Its role in cinema has further solidified its place in pop culture.

Visitor Experience

Visitors can ride an elevator to the observatories and learn about the building’s history and architecture through informative exhibits. 

The breathtaking views from the top are a must-see, especially at sunset and night when the city lights up.

Final Thoughts 

Final Thoughts
Photo by Cris Tagupa on Unsplash

The Empire State Building’s architectural beauty is a testament to the time it was built, a symbol of hope during the Great Depression. 

Its Art Deco design, iconic observatories, and sustainable initiatives make it a must-visit attraction in New York City. 

As you explore the building, appreciate its rich history, stunning design, and incredible views. 

It’s a true marvel of human engineering and creativity.

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Featured Image: Julio Rivera on Unsplash

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