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The Met Audio Guide is your one-stop digital solution to information on the artworks, helping guests gain insights into the collections at the galleries and exhibitions.

The Met Museum audio guide is available on your smartphone and ensures a smooth experience for guests navigating through the Met Museum.

Read ahead to learn more about the Met Audio guide and why it is necessary when exploring the museum.

What is the Met Audio Guide App?

The Bloomberg Connects App or the Met Audio Guide app is a mobile application that visitors can access easily on their smartphones.

Bloomberg Connects is a free arts and culture app, and Bloomberg Philanthropies supports the digital experience.

Bloomberg Connects also provides access to over a hundred museums, galleries, gardens, and other cultural spaces, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This Met Audio Guide app is the easiest way to access over 5,000 years of art from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.

The Met audio guide app helps you access the artworks at Met Museums – the Met Fifth Avenue and the Met Cloisters.

Carry your headphones and make the best of your trip to the museum with the Met Audio app.

The Met Audio Guide Features  

The MET Audio guide for Fifth Avenue currently features a 100 highlights tour. 

This tour offers comprehensive information about 100 masterpieces in the MET Fifth Avenue.

The audio guide for the MET cloisters includes: 

  • Collection Highlights Tour in English and Spanish
  • Kids and Families Tour
  • Art and Music Tour

Why Should You Choose a Met Audio Guide

The audio guide is highly recommended for all art lovers visiting the Met Museum.

The Met audio guide offers comprehensive and insightful access to the museum’s over a million pieces of art collection.

The artwork dates from around 5000 years ago, and visitors get exclusive information about these collections from different countries and cultures.

The Met Audio Guide feels like an entertaining podcast and is highly engaging.

Apart from authentic and accurate information and interesting facts, the Met Audio Guide also guides planning a hassle-free trip to The Met.

Visitors can access important information about the museum, which is crucial for efficiently planning and visiting the museum.

The Met Audio Guide is an encyclopedia for visitors with limited mobility who are actively interested in art collections.

Art enthusiasts can easily access the Met’s Collection, including the exhibits, and digitally access the information through the Met Audio Guide App.

In short, the Met Audio Guide app is the digital passkey to over a million artworks dating back to 5,000 years. 

Where to get a Met Audio Guide?

Interested people can easily download the Met Audio Guide App on their smartphone.

You only need to scan the QR Code on the website and download the application on your smartphone or tablet.

Visitors wishing to access the Met Audio Guide app onsite at The Met Museum need to scan the QR Code provided there.

What can you expect during a Met Audio Guided tour?

The Met Audio Guide app is all you need for the best possible experience at the museum.

During the Met Audio guided tour, guests can expect to receive detailed and insightful information about the artworks at the Met.

Apart from meaningful and insightful information, guests can expect help to navigate through the Met and quickly figure out its physical layout.

The Met Audio Guide app ensures that visitors exploring the museum and those accessing the Met Audio Guide app digitally get the most out of their experience.

How do you make the most of the Met Audio Guide?

The Met Audio Guide app can easily enhance your experience at the Met.

However, this is only possible when visitors use the Met Audio Guide app efficiently.

Here are some tips on how to use the Met Audio Guide app to make the best of the Met Audio Guide:

  • Download the Met Audio Guide app before you reach the Met Museum.
  • Bring your headphones because there is no guarantee that visitors will be able to rent them at the venue.
  • Enjoy the Met Audio Guide at your own pace without rushing through the audio tour to learn more about the artworks and allow yourself time to absorb the information.
  • Tailor the experience per your needs by customizing the Met Audio Guide app for your convenience.
  • The Met is the largest art museum in New York and takes over five to six hours to explore, take breaks in between and dine or drink at the various options at the Met.

FAQs about The Met Audio Guide

1. Does The Met have Audio Guides?

The Met Audio Guide app is called the Bloomberg Connects App, and Bloomberg Philanthropies power it.

The Met Audio Guide app offers enriching and educational information to all visitors who can learn everything about the artworks at the Met.

2. How can I download the Met Audio Guide app?

Visitors can download the Met Audio Guide app online from the Met Website on their smartphone.

The Met Audio Guide app is available at the Apple Store and Play Store.

3. How can I get The Met Cloisters Audio Guide?

The Met Cloisters Audio Guide is also accessible through the Bloomberg Connects App.

The Bloomberg Connects App has the Met Audio Guide for The Met Fifth Avenue and The Met Cloisters.

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