Discovering the Splendor of Paris: Expert Guide to the Seine River Cruise Tickets

By Juhi Upadhyay

The Seine River Cruise is a popular tourist activity in Paris, France. It offers a way to see many of the city’s top attractions while savoring its famous sights and sounds.

The Seine River cruise offers a spectacular water-based experience. 

It is a great way to take the beautiful French capital from a different perspective.Seine River Cruises come with various packages.

Visitors can get a cruise lasting anywhere from an hour trip to multi-day cruises with lunch and dinner, drinks, and entertainment.

Sail aboard the luxurious Seine River boat ride over the glistening Seine. At the same time, enjoy a guided tour and commentary about the Parisian sights. 

With the Seine Cruise Paris tickets, get swept away in the embrace of Paris’ enchanting waters full of a treasure trove of attractions.  

To learn more about this alluring river, read Seine River Facts for more interesting trivia. 

Comparison of Top Seine River Cruise Tickets and Tours

When it comes to experiencing the magical Paris, the Seine River Cruise stands in a league of its own. 

There are plenty of options for Seine River Cruise Paris tickets. 

The options are endless, from the private Seine River dinner Cruise to the Seine River Lunch Cruise. 

Visitors can always go for the value for money Seine River hop-on hop-off sightseeing cruise in Paris.

Which Seine River Cruise is the best? This is a question on everyone’s mind.  

Well, there is not just one single best Seine River Cruise Paris. 

The best Seine River Cruise for families would be different from someone inquiring about what is the best Seine River Dinner Cruise in Paris. 

Depending on the type of Seine River Cruise tickets and experience, your best Seine River tour will be different than other visitors. 

The best Seine River tour tickets for you also will depend on the Seine River Cruise Paris timing and Seine River Cruise Paris duration. 

Yet, to make the most of this extraordinary adventure, it’s essential to ensure you have the best Seine River Cruise tickets at hand.

So, let’s take a look at the handpicked Seine River Cruise tickets category-wise to learn more about them. 

1. Paris 1 hour River Seine Cruise

Paris 1 hour River Seine Cruise
Image: Neirfy (Canva)

Glide along the iconic attractions along the river with a popular roundtrip Seine River sightseeing cruise for approximately one hour. 

Marvel at the architectural marvels and soak in the romantic ambiance.

The Paris 1 hour Seine River Cruise allows you to soak in the mesmerizing views of the city. It also allows you to skip the line for entry to Bateaux Mouches.

Capture breathtaking views of the city’s renowned landmarks. You can witness the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, and more. 

Relax on the open-air deck or choose a cozy spot indoors. 

With convenient departure times throughout the day, this sightseeing cruise on the Seine offers a perfect introduction to the beauty and charm of Paris. 

Let us compare the popular Seine River Sightseeing Cruises. If you feel confused between two tickets, refer to the Seine River Cruise tickets cost in front of them. 

Seine River CruiseHighlightsAdult Prices
Paris 1 hour Seine River Cruise – Panoramic views of iconic sights on the Seine River.
– Exciting audio guide.
€16 (US $18)
Sightseeing Seine River cruise – 1-hour Seine River Cruise
– Engaging audio commentary is available in 14 languages. 
– An attendant/guide to satisfy your curiosity about these sights! 
€16 (US $18)
2 hour Seine River Sightseeing Cruise – 2-hour Seine River Lunch Cruise to explore beautiful sights.
– Savor an exquisite 3-course Lunch to try various French delicacies.
€69 (US $76)

2. Aperitif Cruise on the Seine

This Aperitif Seine River Cruise blends relaxation, luxury, and Parisian charm.

“Aperitif” comes from the French tradition of enjoying a pre-meal drink to stimulate the appetite. According to French Culinary tradition, such a practice enhances the dining experience. 

During an Aperitif Cruise on the Seine, passengers can unwind and sip wine or Champagne. They can also indulge in appetizers and see picturesque views of Paris along the river.

The added perk of this Seine River Cruise on Vedettes de Paris du Pont Neuf boat is that it departs from Pont Neuf, Paris’ oldest bridge.

This Vedettes de Paris du Pont Neuf boat operates from 10.45 am to 11 pm. It is convenient for exploring the city with varying experiences. 

Savor Parisian indulgences by enjoying both day and night time Seine River Cruise. You can also upgrade to the selection of fine French wines and Champagne.

Check out the Bastille Day Seine Cruise options to celebrate the upcoming festival. 

Here are the popular Seine Aperitif Cruises:

Seine River CruiseHighlightsAdult Price
Aperitif Seine River Cruise – Romantic Seine Sightseeing Cruise in Paris 
– A glass of complimentary champagne!
€13 (US $14)
Night time Seine River cruise – Seine River Cruise tour at night to experience the iconic monuments of Paris after sundown. €20 (US $22)
Day/ Sunset Paris Cruise with Indulgent Delights – One of the best Seine River tours to watch the Eiffel Tower illuminated.
– Enjoy a waffle, ice cream, or soft drink! 
– Audio Guide in 14 languages.
€22 (US $24)
Seine River Panoramic Cruise with Commentary – Panoramic Seine River Sightseeing cruise on a Bateaux Parisiens. 
– Can be booked at any time slot between 10 am to 10 pm. 
– Audio guide in 9 languages. 
€16 (US $18)

3. Seine River Cruise Dinner

Regarding romantic tours in Paris or tours in Paris for couples, the Dinner on the Seine River Cruise combines exquisite cuisine with stunning Parisian vistas.

You may be wondering what is the best Seine River Dinner cruise in Paris. Well, plenty of Seine River Cruise night tickets include delicious dinners. 

The illuminated cityscape transforms into a magical tapestry.

It adds a romantic backdrop to your dining experience.

Feast your eyes on the mesmerizing sights unfolding along the renowned Seine River.

Flow through the heart of the City of Lights on a Paris Seine River dinner Cruise with a rooftop and live singer

Delight in a symphony of flavors as each course is artfully presented, featuring culinary masterpieces inspired by the rich heritage of French cuisine on the Private Dinner Cruise Paris. 

Whether savoring delicate seafood delicacies, succulent cuts of meat, or exquisite vegetarian creations, every dish celebrates taste and refinement.

Revel in the harmonious blend of panoramic views, exceptional cuisine, and captivating entertainment, ensuring an unforgettable experience that will linger in your memories long after the Seine River Dinner cruise experience.

The options are plenty combined with other attractions as well. From the Eiffel Tower and River Cruise package and Paris Evening Cruise with dinner on River Seine to combos with the Seine River wine cruise. 

You will find some of the best Evening Seine River Cruises in this category. 

Check out the Seine River Cruise costs before each ticket for easy comparison. 

Seine Dinner Cruises
HighlightsAdult Prices
Seine River Dinner Cruise   – A one-and-a-half-hour-long luxury Seine River dinner cruise.
– A host/greeter who can speak French & English.
– Temperature-controlled salon, Panoramic terrace.
€59 (US $65)
Bistro Dinner Seine River Cruise  – 2-hour Seine River Sightseeing cruise. 
– 3-course dinner at the Bistro Parisien.
– A host/greeter who can speak French & English. 
€54 (US $60)
Dinner Seine River Cruise tour at night  – 2.5-hour cruise with panoramic views.
– All-glass boat
– Live entertainment options. 
– A host/greeter who can speak multiple languages. 
€109 (US $120)
Evening Seine River Cruise  – More than an hour-long Seine River sightseeing cruise. 
– A host/greeter who can speak English. 
– Coffee or tea. 
€85 (US $94)
Gourmet Seine River Dinner Cruise  – A 2.5-hour luxury Seine River dinner cruise. 
– Complimentary welcome drink. 
– Option for four overseas menus, including a vegetarian option. 
€109 (US $120)
Dinner Seine Sightseeing River Cruise  – A 1-hour Seine River Sightseeing cruise. 
– Dinner at Le Bistro Parisien
– Audio guide in 12 languages. 
€50 (US $55)
Seine Dinner Cruise and Eiffel Tower Summit Private Tour – A dinner sightseeing Seine River cruise with a window table. 
– Eiffel Tower skip-the-line tickets. 
– 3-course delicious dinner. 
– Private round-trip transfer from the hotel. 
– A private local expert guide. 
€534 (US $598)
Eiffel Tower Access with Seine River Dinner Cruise and Moulin Rouge Show – Evening Seine River Cruise
– Moulin Rouge show with breathtaking numbers. 
– Priority access to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower. 
– Delicious Dinner on the cruise or at the Eiffel Tower. 
€301(US $338)

4. The Louvre Museum and Seine River Cruise Combo

The Louvre Museum and Seine River Cruise Combo
Image: Jaspe (Canva)

The unique package of the Louvre Museum and Seine River Cruise combines art, history, and scenic beauty for an enriching adventure.

As twilight descends upon the cityscape, step aboard an elegant riverboat meticulously designed to provide an intimate and sophisticated ambiance.

As the boat gracefully glides along the tranquil waters, feast on the mesmerizing sights unfolding before you.

Admire the iconic landmarks of Paris, including the majestic Eiffel Tower, from where the tour begins to the regal Notre Dame Cathedral.

Let the currents take you to your destination of the world’s largest art museum housed within the magnificent Louvre Palace.

Explore its vast collection spanning thousands of years, from ancient Egyptian artifacts to Renaissance masterpieces.

Again, step aboard the charming riverboat with panoramic windows showcasing Paris’ architectural gems again, from where you can sightsee the charming bridges and attractions that span the river. 

With the Louvre Museum and Seine River Cruise combo ticket, seamlessly transition from the Louvre’s artistry to the breathtaking scenery along the Seine.

Let us compare the Louvre Museum and Seine River Cruise combos:

Seine River CruiseHighlightsAdult Prices
Louvre Reserved Access and Boat Cruise – Seine River Cruise, day or night. 
– Reserved access to the Louvre Museum. 
€50 (US $55)
Louvre Reserved ticket & river cruise ticket  – Timed entrance ticket to the Louvre. 
– 1-hour Seine River Sightseeing Cruise 
€30 (US $33)
The Louvre Museum and Seine River Cruise – Louvre Museum entrance.
– 1-hour long Seine River cruise with an audio guide. 
– Audio guide in the Louvre Museum in 9 languages. 
€30 (US $62)
Paris: Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Seine River Cruise – Guided tour of the Eiffel Tower with access to the 2nd or Top Floor. 
– Elevator access within the Eiffel Tower. 
– Louvre Museum Ticket. 
– Seine River Cruise Ticket. 
– Public transportation tickets
– Local guide who can speak multiple languages. 
€130 (US $143)

5. Eiffel Tower Summit Floor Ticket and Seine River Cruise

Eiffel Tower Summit Floor Ticket and Seine River Cruise
Image: Vintagerobot from Getty Images Signature (Canva)

Experience the ultimate Parisian adventure with the Eiffel Tower Summit Floor and Seine River Cruise combo ticket. 

When it comes to the romantic boat ride in Paris then the Eiffel Tower and Seine River Cruise tickets are some of the most popular. 

Ascend to the Eiffel Tower’s summit for breathtaking panoramic views of Paris, including famous landmarks like the Seine River and the Louvre Museum

Take in the awe-inspiring aerial vistas before transitioning to a delightful Seine River cruise.

Embark on a delightful Seine river cruise, gliding along the tranquil waters while admiring iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Immerse yourself in Paris’ captivating ambiance, exploring its attractions from different perspectives in this combo. 

The skip-the-line Eiffel Tower and Seine River Cruise combo tickets offer an extraordinary experience that combines awe-inspiring views with a serene river journey—a must for capturing the essence of this magical city.

You can get the Combo Eiffel Tower and Seine River Cruise at night to make things even more exciting. 

Embrace the spirit of courtship and ignite the sparks of romance with your partner amidst the enchanting allure of Paris, the City of Love, by trying these activities for couples in Paris.

Let us compare all your options for the Eiffel Tower and Seine River Cruise tickets:

Seine River CruiseHighlightsAdult Prices
Eiffel Tower Access and Seine River Cruise
– Access to the Eiffel Tower, second floor, or summit. 
– Unlimited time inside the Eiffel Tower. 
– Live tour guide. 
– Seine River cruise with an audio guide. 
€117 (US $129)
Seine Cruise & Crepe Tasting near the Eiffel Tower – Seine River cruise with an audio guide in 14 languages. 
– 1 crepe with Nutella or sugar. 
€20 (US $22)
Paris: Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Seine River Cruise – Guided tour of the Eiffel Tower with access to the 2nd or Top Floor. 
– Elevator access within the Eiffel Tower. 
– Louvre Museum Ticket. 
– Seine River Cruise Ticket. 
– Public transportation tickets
– Local guide who can speak multiple languages. 
€220 (US $242)
1-Hour Seine River Cruise   – 1-hour round-trip Seine River Sightseeing cruise. 
– Audio commentary in 10 languages. 
– Host/greeter who can speak multiple languages. 
€16 (US $18)
Paris: Eiffel Tower Hosted Tour, Seine Cruise and City Tour – 1-way sightseeing bus tour on an air-conditioned bus. 
– Hosted tour of the Eiffel Tower, second floor, or summit. 
– Seine River Sightseeing Cruise. 
– Audio guide in 10 languages.
– Host/greeter who can speak French. 
€89 (US $98)
Paris: Eiffel Tower Guided Tour and Seine River Cruise – Admission to the summit or second floor of the Eiffel Tower. 
– Guided tour of the Eiffel Tower in English. 
– 1-hour-long Seine River Cruise with an audio commentary. 
€115 (US $127)

6.River Seine Cruise with Optional Drinks and Snacks

Indulge in a delectable snack prepared by skilled chefs, showcasing the finest French gastronomy on the famous Seine River Cruise of Paris.

As you relish your meal, a live musical accompaniment adds a touch of elegance to the wonderful evening on the cruise.

The soothing melodies, played by talented musicians, create an enchanting atmosphere that perfectly complements the serene beauty of the Seine River and its surroundings

The Champagne tasting on a Seine River Cruise or Seine River Cruise Champagne Tasting is one of the most popular Cruises on the Seine for visitors to try some amazing wines. 

For more detailed information, read the Seine River Cruise Wine Tasting.

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of Parisian culture and embrace the timeless allure of the Seine River Cruise by opting to revel in the drinks and snacks.

Enhance your enchanting sojourn along the picturesque Seine River with this exquisite Seine & Moulin Rouge Combo that comes with Moulin Rouge, a legendary venue that exudes allure.

This splendid addition to the Seine River Cruise will be an extraordinary spectacle. The curtains will rise, unveiling a whimsical tapestry of music, dance, and vibrant performances.

Not only will you enjoy a mesmerizing cabaret show, but you’ll also be treated to a glass of champagne, adding a touch of sophistication to your evening.

7. Paris Seine River Cruise for Families 

As you step aboard the comfortable and family-friendly cruise vessel, your senses will be tantalized, your spirits lifted, and your journey through Paris will be transformed into an unforgettable symphony of sights, sounds, and sensations. 

Relax in the spacious seating areas or venture onto the open-air deck to feel the gentle breeze against your skin. 

You’ll also be exposed to family-friendly amenities like a selection of delicious snacks and beverages available on board, catering to the tastes of both young and adult passengers.

At the same time, the children will be thrilled to spot landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum passing by, providing a captivating backdrop for their adventure.

The interactive commentary of the expert guide ensures that everyone learns something new while having fun along the way by sharing fascinating stories and historical tidbits about the city. 

Get ready for family adventures in Paris that will leave you with smiles, laughter, and a deeper appreciation for the city’s splendors. Check out these family-friendly activities in Paris.

Let us compare the highly notable Family friendly Seine River Cruises and choose the best among these:

Seine River CruiseHighlightsAdult Prices
Paris Seine River Cruise for Kids 
– 1-hour Seine River Sightseeing cruise in Paris. 
– Audio guide in 14 languages. 
– Booklet “Les Incollables” for children. 
€16 (US $18)
Family-friendly Seine River guided Cruise  – 1-hour Seine River sightseeing guided tour. 
– A live tour guide who can speak English & French.  
€20 (US $22)
Parc Asterix Entrance ticket  – Full-day entrance to Parc Asterix. 
– Entrance to 6 zones. 
– Access to all shows. 
€51 (US $56)
Private Seine River Cruise for families  – A 2-hour long guided Seine River cruise. 
– Local guide specialized in Family tours. 
– Audio guide in 14 languages. 
– Headphones for the cruise. 
€100 (US $110)

8. Paris Batobus: Shuttle Seine River Cruise

Experience the seamless blend of convenience and exploration with the Paris Batobus, the ultimate way to navigate the heart of Paris. 

Step aboard this iconic water shuttle and embark on a remarkable journey along the storied Seine River, immersing yourself in the city’s timeless beauty and world-renowned landmarks.

With strategically located stops near major attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum, you can effortlessly hop on and off the boat at your own pace, allowing for a truly personalized exploration of the city.

Keep your cameras ready to capture those precious moments at the Seine River as you marvel at the wonders of Paris unfolding before your eyes.

Craft your own Parisian adventure with the hop on hop off Seine Cruise.

Check out these hop on hop off Seine cruise combos & select your choosing:

Seine River CruiseHighlightsAdult Price
Hop on hop off Paris bus and boat Seine River Cruise – 24 or 48-hour Seine River hop on hop off Sightseeing Cruise in Paris. 
– Map of Paris. 
– Audio guide in 6 languages. 
– Optional Seine River Cruise. 
€41 (US $45)
Batobus Hop on Hop off boat tour Paris  – 24 or 48-hour pass for the riverboat shuttle cruise.
– Access to boats running at 30-minute intervals. 
– Hop on Hop off boat tour of Paris at one of the 9 Batobus stations. 
€19 (US $21)
Hop on Hop off Paris bus and boat tour  – 1,2 or 3 day hop on hop off Sightseeing tour. 
– Seine River Sightseeing cruise.
– Audio commentary on the bus and boat. 
– Kid’s audio guide. 
– Headphones & WiFi.
– Access to the local partner’s app. 
€53 (US $58)
Batobus Paris Riverboat Shuttle service  – Free and unlimited access to the Batobus hop on hop off  boat tour Paris with 9 stations.
– Panoramic, all-glass boats with terrace.
€19 (US $21)
Eiffel Tower, Hop on Hop off boat tour Paris, & Seine River Cruise Combo  – Hop on Hop off Sightseeing bus Pass for either 1 or 2 days.
– Eiffel Tower entrance ticket, either second floor or summit. 
– 1-hour Seine River Cruise. 
– English-speaking host.
– Audio commentary on the bus.
– Audio guide in 8 languages on the boat 
€120 (US $132)

9. Disneyland Paris and Seine River Cruise

Prepare to be enchanted as you savor every moment of this extraordinary voyage, where the romance of the Seine mingles with the allure of Disneyland Paris, leaving you with cherished memories.

Enter a world of pure imagination at Disneyland Paris, with two magical parks offering whimsical fairy tales and thrilling adventures. 

Discover beloved Disney characters, iconic attractions, and behind-the-scenes movie magic at Walt Disney Studios Park. 

Afterward, unwind on a leisurely Seine River Cruise, where you’ll be captivated by breathtaking views of Paris’s landmarks. 

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a convenient combo ticket of Disneyland Paris and the Seine River Cruise. Book your magical journey to skip the lines and create unforgettable memories.

Don’t miss this perfect blend of fairy tales, excitement, and romance! Here are the top tickets to Disneyland Paris and the Seine River Cruise combo:

Seine River CruiseHighlightsPrice
From Disneyland Paris day trip and Sightseeing Cruise  – 1-hour guided cruise on the Seine River. 
– Hotel pickup and drop off. Bilingual tour leader. 
– Downloaded app for audio guides in different languages. 
€75 (US $83)
Seine River Cruise and Disneyland Paris Combo tickets  – Ticket for either 1 or 2 parks; Disneyland Park and Walt Disney. 
– An hour-long Seine River cruise. 
– Audio commentary in 8 languages. 
– Route map in 25 languages.
€84 (US $92)
Disneyland Paris tickets with round-trip transportation  – Entrance ticket for 1 or 2 parks. 
– Round-trip transportation from Paris to Disneyland Paris. 
– Bilingual host or hostess on board. 
€154 (US $169)

10. Paris City Card

Apart from the boat tour Seine River tickets, a Paris City card is an essential ticket to explore this city in a convenient and pocket-friendly manner. 

If you are searching for the best Paris City Pass to explore the abundant Parisian attractions, then you are in luck.

Discover the essence of Paris with the Paris City Card, your key to unlocking the treasures of the City of Light! These are sometimes also called Paris tourist cards. 

With this all-inclusive Paris sightseeing Pass, you’ll enjoy free entry to over 60 top attractions and museums, including the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Palace of Versailles

Travel effortlessly with unlimited access to public transportation, including the metro, buses, and RER trains. 

Delight in exclusive discounts at selected restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues that you will get after purchasing the Paris City Pass. 

Choose from 2, 3, 4, or 6-day attractions to suit your itinerary. 

Embrace the convenience, savings, and flexibility of the Paris City Card for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Paris!

Note: Glide along the iconic Seine River, behold the mesmerizing splendor of the city’s landmarks, and indulge in unlimited access to the most sought-after attractions with the Paris – Seine Pass.

Let this all-in-one Paris – Seine Pass immerse you in the enchantment, romance, and unparalleled beauty of the city of Paris.

Importance of buying Seine River Cruise tickets online

Experience the utmost convenience and optimize your time in Paris by avoiding any last-minute hassles and securing your Seine River Cruise Paris tickets beforehand. 

Tailor your Seine River Cruise to suit your schedule by selecting the best time for Seine River cruise to accommodate your plans and have a seamless visit. 

By booking online in advance, you’ll guarantee your spot on this coveted journey and eliminate the stress of on-site Seine Cruise ticket availability.

Not only this, but by making advance reservations for the Seine River Cruise, you gain exclusive benefits such as VIP entry and the privilege to bypass queues on this enchanting journey.

In addition to the time saved and enhanced scheduling flexibility, purchasing Seine River Cruise tickets online is more cost-effective than buying them on-site. 

Furthermore, the options available for Seine River Cruises are plentiful, offering a wide array of experiences to cater to different preferences. 

Choose from Seine River guided Cruise tours or the flexible Hop-on Hop-off Seine River cruise, among others, and find the perfect match for your desired exploration. 

You won’t get these many bountiful options and offers on the Seine River Cruise onsite.

We recommend checking out Seine River Cruise offers and promotions for further insights and to uncover potential discounts on Seine River Cruise tickets. 

Unleash the full potential of your journey along the Seine River and make lasting memories in the heart of Paris.

How do online tickets to the Seine River Cruise Paris work?

Embarking on a Seine River cruise in Paris is a seamless process, as simple as making an online purchase for any other item.

Once your transaction is complete and you’ve checked out, your Seine River Cruise tickets for the enchanting river cruise on the Seine are promptly delivered to your email inbox.

To ensure a hassle-free experience, you can conveniently download or print the receipt or Seine Cruise ticket onto your preferred device.

You only need to present your ticket at the counter when you arrive at the cruise departure point.

By doing so, you will effortlessly bypass the lines, granting you immediate access to indulge in the splendor of your luxurious Seine River tour.

Seine River Cruise Cancellation Policy 

When it comes to cancelation policies for Seine River Cruise tours, it’s important to note that they can vary depending on the specific Seine River tour and its provider. 

The activity provider needs to finalize essential aspects such as the menu and resource allocation based on the tour’s number of guests.

To ensure clarity regarding cancelation policies, it is advisable to click on your selected ticket and carefully review the cancelation policy of each Seine cruise or tour. 

This will provide you with detailed information on whether you can receive a partial or full refund.

In most cases, visitors who wish to cancel their Seine River trip should do so at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the activity to be eligible for a full refund.

Is the Seine River Cruise worth it?

You may wonder, “Is the Seine River Cruise worth it?” Should you get a ticket to the Seine River Cruise in Paris? Why is the Seine River Cruise so hyped?

Let us assure you Seine River Cruise is an experience that surpasses expectations. 

Delight in the seamless blend of scenic beauty, cultural heritage, and historical significance as you navigate the gentle waters of the Seine River.

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Parisian landmarks  while enjoying informative commentary from knowledgeable guides aboard the luxurious Seine River boat.

Marvel at iconic sights like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum while savoring the enchanting ambiance that makes Paris so renowned.

So, don’t wait any longer—purchase your Seine River Cruise tickets today and ensure you don’t miss out on this world-famous adventure. 

Prepare to be captivated, inspired, and immersed in the splendors of Paris as you embark on an unforgettable journey along the Seine River.

Seine River Cruise Departure Points

These remarkable Seine River Cruises typically commence and conclude in Paris, attracting travelers worldwide. 

Numerous companies and operators provide Seine River cruise experiences, each with unique departure points conveniently located in the heart of Paris.

Bateaux Mouches is one of the oldest operators in the city. 

Notably, the iconic Pont de L’Alma 1 is the primary departure point for the renowned Bateaux Mouches Seine cruise in a picturesque location near the foot of the Eiffel Tower. 

For easy navigation, remember the precise address: Port de la Conférence, 75008 Paris, on the right bank in the 8th arrondissement.

On the left bank in the 7th arrondissement, the Bateaux Parisiens Seine cruise sets sail from Port de la Bourdonnais, offering departures near the majestic Eiffel Tower

Additionally, they provide cruises departing from Quai de Montebello in the 5th arrondissement, close to the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral.

For a delightful short cruise experience, Canauxrama Seine Cruise departs from 19 Quai de l’horloge near Ile de la Cite in the 1st arrondissement. 

For a more immersive journey, opt for longer Seine river cruises that often depart from Port de Paris-Arsenal near 50 Boulevard de la Bastille in the 12th arrondissement.

If you wish to combine a museum visit with your cruise, select a departure from Musee d’Orsay after visiting this marvelous attraction.

Vedettes du Pont Neuf Seine River cruise commences its journeys from Square du Vert-Galant 15, located near the Pont Neuf on the tip of Ile de la Cite

This departure point offers an exceptional starting location for your cruise, and you can explore this site before commencing your cruise.

No matter where you stay in Paris, a Seine River cruise is tailored to your preferences. Choose from myriad options for the Seine River Cruise to find the one that best suits your taste. 

For flexibility and convenience, consider the Hop-on and Hop-off Batobus Seine cruises that stop at nine locations, including popular tourist spots like St-Germain des Pres and Jardin des Plantes. 

Enjoy the freedom to disembark and board at your leisure, with boats stopping approximately every 15 minutes.

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure showcasing the essence of Parisian charm and create lasting memories as you sail along this iconic Seine river. 

Seine Cruise Type Terminals and Route
Bateaux MouchesPort de la Conférence
Bateaux ParisiensPort de la Bourdonnais
Canauxrama Seine Cruise19 Quai de l’horloge
Longer Seine River CruisesPort de Paris-Arsenal
Vedettes du Pont Neuf Seine River cruiseSquare du Vert-Galant 15
Hop-on and Hop-off Batobus Seine cruisesStation Batobus, Port de la Bourdonnais, 75007 Paris, France

Seine River Cruise Timings

Paris’ picturesque cityscapes and skylines make it a top destination for tourists. 

To truly immerse yourself in the beauty of Paris, a Seine River cruise is a must.

While there are no official Seine River cruise Paris timings, most operate between 10 am and 10:30 pm.

However, knowing about the Seine River Cruise timings is essential to figuring out which Seine River Cruise is the best for you. 

The most popular type of cruise is the Seine River sightseeing cruise, available throughout the day. 

Typically, the Seine River Cruise times for these are from 10 am to 10.30 pm, with departures every 30-45 minutes. 

However, there are specific windows when no cruises are available. So, pick your ticket and go through their particular timings.

For early birds, the Seine River breakfast cruise from 7 am to 10 am provides a unique perspective of Paris in the morning light with extraordinary Parisian delicacies.

Indulge in the renowned Parisian cuisine with the Seine River lunch cruise, departing around 12 pm and lasting about an hour. Bask in the sun, relish delicious food, and marvel at the city’s sights.

As the evening sets in, the Seine River comes alive with enchanting options. The Seine River sunset cruises, offering stunning views during the golden hour, are a sight to behold. 

Alternatively, opt for a night-time Seine River dinner cruise, departing from 8.30 pm onwards. 

Paris’s shimmering lights create a magical ambiance as you cruise along the river for 1-2 hours, with most returning to the dock by 10 or 10.30 pm after a lush dinner.

Keep these Seine River Cruise timings in mind and book your Seine River cruise tickets online to embark on a memorable adventure and witness the timeless beauty of Paris from the tranquil waters.

Seine Cruise Type Seine Cruise Timing
Seine River sightseeing cruise10 am to 10 pm
Seine River breakfast cruise7 am to 10 am
Seine River lunch cruise12 pm onwards
Seine River sunset cruises5 pm to 6 pm onwards
Seine River dinner cruise8.30 pm onwards

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