Metropolitan Museum of Art Map

By Anukriti

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has two parts to it, both outstanding. There is the main building of the Met and the Met Cloisters.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Floor Map

Once you enter the Met, you will find yourself in the Great Hall, where you go to the Medieval Wing, the Greek and Roman Wing, and the Egyptian Wing.

The ticket counter is in the Great Hall on the right side. You can get a souvenir from the Metropolitan Museum of Art store. 

Get a guided tour to the Met and see the brilliant masterpieces with the background narrative about the centuries of art.

If you choose to explore independently, it is better to start exploring from the first floor. There will be smaller crowds there than on the ground floor. 

Dive into the Contemporary and Modern Art Wing, which is both on the ground and first floor of the museum. 

Use the first elevator to get to the first floor, where you can see Thomas Hart Benton’s gallery.

Continue to the European Paintings Wing, where you can see the more familiar artworks. A notable point is Vermeer’s collection.

As a continuation, head to the European Wing, where you can learn about the history, and see the Impressionist works.

Since this wing is spread over two floors, head down with the tenth elevator.

For a stark contrast, head to the Africa, Oceania, and the Americas Wing. Make sure to check out the Kwoma Ceremonial Ceiling here.

Next, you can visit the Greek and Roman Wing, known for its sculptures and Roman bedroom.

From there, you can head back to the Medieval Wing through the Great Hall to see the continuation of the artwork.

The Arms and Armor Wing is next to it, and showcases various instruments.

Visit the American Wing next to it. The exhibit extends across two floors, so take the sixth elevator to see Washington Crossing the Delaware on the first floor.

Then, you can cross into the Asian Art Wing with the Astor Court and Jain Temple on display.

Crossing the balcony overlooking the Great Hall, you will enter the Near Eastern Wing with the Assyrian Winged Bull.

The last exhibit on the first floor is the Islamic Wing, with the highlight being the Damascus Room.

Take the second elevator down to the basement, where you can see the famous Costume Institute and its many displays.

Finally, come back up with the third elevator that will wrap up your visit with the Egyptian Wing, where you can see the Hatshepsut and the Temple of Dendur.

There are restrooms in the Modern and Contemporary Art section. Also, find them in the European Sculpture and Decorative Arts gallery.

The Museum is enormous, and finding your way through isn’t a piece of cake. So make use of the map provided.

The map above acts as the Metropolitan Museum of Art Interactive Map, as you can find the elevators.

The Met Cloisters  map

The Met Cloisters

If you wish to visit the Met Cloisters, the easiest way to get there is by taking a taxi from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Get the rare opportunity to see European art and architecture in the middle of New York City. The Cloisters hold four reconstructions of French monasteries.

Buy the entry ticket to gain access to the Met Cloisters. Since there are no guided tours separately, use the map above to navigate the attraction. 

This extension of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must-visit, with its own artwork and architecture.

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