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The Metropolitan Museum of Art at Fifth Avenue stays open all days of the week except Wednesdays.

The Met opening hours remain unchanged except on Thanksgiving Day, December 25, and January 1.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Hours:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday10 am to 5 pm
Friday, Saturday10 am to 9 pm

Another day when the museum remains closed is on the first Monday of May, when the Met hosts the Met Gala.

The fundraiser showcases costumes of celebrities and famous personalities by high-profile designers in the fashion industry.

To see the costumes from the Met Gala, buy the entry ticket that gives you access to the 17 collections at the Met.

With the best of Met Guided Tour tickets, you can cover all the important artwork and attractions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Timings for the Met Cloister

The Met Cloister remains open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 4.30 pm.

Remember that the attraction is not open on Thanksgiving Day, December 25, and January 1.

Timings for the Met Breuer

A third branch was opened in 2016 to be dedicated to Modern Art. After running for four years, it was closed in 2020.


With memberships, extending your visiting hours to the Met is possible.

The early hours of 9 am to 10 am on Saturday and Sunday are open to members. 

The evening hours of 6 pm to 9 pm can be booked with a membership twice a year, once in the Fall and once in Spring.

Best Time to Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art

There is a very high chance that it will be crowded when you visit the Met.

To avoid the crowds, the best time to visit the Met is on Thursday or Sunday mornings.

The extended hours on Friday and Saturday at 6 pm are also a great time to visit, so you can enjoy the art pieces during the quieter evenings.

Distance to Nearby Attractions

The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art is in central New York, so plan your visit to include many big attractions.

Book a New York City Pass to choose two, three, four, five, six, seven or ten attractions and tours.

This pass remains active for two months from your visit to the first site. Simply activate it at one of the 90+ sites included.

Travel time to Nearest attractions to the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

TicketsNearby attractionsDistance from The MetTravel time
Buy this ticketCentral Park623 ft (190 m)3 min
Buy this ticketGuggenheim Museum1804 ft (550 m)7 min
Buy this ticketAmerican Museum of Natural History1.1 miles (1.7 km)5 min
Buy this ticketMuseum of Modern Art 2.1 miles (3.3 km)11 min
Buy this ticketGrand Central2.1 miles (3.4 km)11 min
Buy this ticketTimes Square2.5 miles (4.0 km)14 min
Buy this ticketEmpire state building2.9 miles (4.6 km)15 min

Metropolitan Museum of Art Directions

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is easily accessible by bus, train, car, or foot. One of the most popular sites in the city, the museum also acts as a landmark.

Where is the Met Museum? The address is 1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street, New York, NY 10028.

How to Get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art 

You can easily reach the Met Museum by using public transport. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority provides an extensive network that connects the city.

By Bus/Subway to Metropolitan Museum of Art

Subway to the Metropolitan Museum of Art goes from four locations in the city. You can start from the East Side, West Side, Penn Station, or Met Cloisters.

If you are coming from the East Side, go to 86th Street station, which is 0.6 miles (966 m) from the Met.

The Met falls on the train lines 4, 5, and 6, which makes it accessible from many different sides. 

Bus M1, M2, M3, and M4 will get you to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The M4 is most useful for tourists.

If you are on the Uptown side, like the Met Cloisters, the closest stop for you will be 82nd Street. 

From the Downtown side, such as Penn Station, you should stop at 83rd Street.

The West Side is close to 86th Street Station, and you can reach it by Train Number 1. The M86 Crosstown Bus will take you across Central Park.

Alternatively, take local train C to 81st Street and then the M79 bus to reach Fifth Avenue.

Take the local train B or C to 125th Street from the Penn Station and the Met Cloisters. 

By Sightseeing Tour Bus

Use the Gray Line New York Sightseeing Tours or the CitySights New York Bus Tours. Take the Uptown Loop and get off at Stop 35.

By Metro-North Railroad to the Met

With the Metro-North Railroad, go to Grand Central from the Hudson, Harlem, or New Haven lines. From here, take the East Side route by the Subway or Bus.

By Bicycle

If you use a bicycle, the Museum parking garage provides racks for free. The Bike valet services run on Saturday, Sunday, and select holidays.

Saturday10 am to 9 pm
Sunday10 am to 5 pm
May 29, July 3, July 4, September 410 am to 5 pm

By Car

The closest exit by car to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the 96th Street Exit.

If you are coming from the north side, such as Met Cloisters, Bronx, Northern New Jersey, and New England, take the southbound Henry Hudson Parkway.

Cross Central Park to reach Fifth Avenue. The parking is at the 80th Street intersection.

If you are heading north from Brooklyn and Staten Island to the Met, take one of these bridges: Williamsburg, Manhattan, Brooklyn, or the Battery Tunnel.

You can also take the northbound/uptown Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive, exit on 96th Street, and then head to York Avenue. 

From Southern New Jersey, take the New Jersey Turnpike to the Holland Tunnel-Uptown exit.

The northbound Hudson Street merges into Eighth Avenue, then directly continues to Central Park West to reach 86th Street.

From the Bronx, Queens, Long Island, Upstate New York, and New England, take the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge.

You can reach the southbound/downtown by Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive, then from York Avenue, turn right on 86th Street.

From Queens and Long Island, go via Queensborough Bridge. You will take the right-lane exit to 60th Street, westbound until Madison Avenue.

Turn right and go north/uptown, where you will turn left on 81st Street. At Fifth Avenue, take a left and reach the 80th Street parking.

Directions to the Met Cloisters

You can take the subway, bus, or car to the Met Cloisters. It is 0.5 miles (805 m) from 190th Street station.

Take A train to 190th Street, exit by the elevator, and walk along Margaret Corbin Drive for 12 minutes.

If you are coming from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, take the M4 bus from 83rd Street to the last stop.

By car, you will take the northbound Henry Hudson Parkway. Take the Fort Tryon Park exit after you pass the George Washington Bridge.

From the northern side, you would have to make a U-turn from exits 14 and 15 on the Henry Hudson Parkway southbound.

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