Parking near the Empire State Building 

Parking should be easy When heading to the famous Empire State Building. 

The Empire State Building doesn’t have parking, but we’ve covered you. 

We’ve compiled a list of nearby parking spots to make your visit as smooth as possible.

The closest parking spot to the Empire State Building is AZ Parking at 35 W. 33rd Street.

It’s a safe and convenient choice for those exploring the Empire State Building.

You’ll also find other parking lots nearby, ensuring you have options for a stress-free visit. 

These Empire State Building parking facilities are here to help you enjoy your time efficiently.

Parking near the Empire State Building, including these additional garages:

Parking Distance from the Empire State Building Approximate Price
SP+ Parking at 200 Park Avenue Viaduct1.2 mile $29
Red Ball Garage at 142 E 31st St0.6 mile$19
AZ Parking at 35 W 33rd St0.1 mile$15
Meyers Parking (MP Gotham Garage) at 9 W 35th St0.5 mile $42
NYC Parking 220 Madison Garage Corp. located at 35 W 33rd St0.3 mile$30
Garden Lots LLC (Epic) at126 W 32nd St 0.3 mile $30
Aero Parking Garage (Propark) is located at 10 E 30th St0.2 mile$25
Icon Parking Beatrice is at 839 6th Ave0.3 mile$42
dock parking @ PENN 1 is located at 272 W 34th St.0.5 mile $60
NYC Parking Nyulmc G Garage Corp. at 400 E 35th St0.8 mile $30 – $40
iPark at 105 E 39th St0.5 mile$37

The most affordable parking options near the Empire State Building are the AZ Parking, iPark, and Icon Parking garages. 

You can choose your parking spots just by selecting them on the maps.

Just visit any website of the parking garage near the Empire State Building and book your slots now.

When heading to the Empire State Building, thinking about parking is essential. 

Whether you’re coming by car or using public transportation, knowing where to park is a big help. 

The Empire State Building symbolizes New York City’s greatness, offering fantastic views and a fascinating history. 

Having good parking nearby means you can enjoy your visit without any worries. 

We’re here to ensure your time at this famous place is easy and enjoyable. 

So, have a great time at the Empire State Building!

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