11 restaurants near Pompeii

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A trip to Pompeii is like traveling back in time, where the ruins still carry the whispers of bygone eras. 

But hidden within the historical echoes is a bustling culinary culture that promises to tantalize your palate and leave you wanting more. 

Savor the alluring atmosphere, and allow the eateries close to Pompeii to become the highlight of your trip, leaving you with priceless memories and a desire to return.

You will take the tastes and warmth of the dining experiences with you as you say goodbye to this magnificent place, eagerly anticipating the next opportunity.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the best 11 restaurants near Pompeii that will leave an indelible impression, inviting you to savor the region’s flavors. 

1. Osteria Nonna Cherubina

The excellent location of Osteria Nonna Cherubina is filled with tranquility and greenery. 

You can unwind in their garden or the cozy indoor area while enjoying their à la carte menu, daily menu, or an extensive range of Vesuvian and other wines. 

The restaurant is a 5-minute drive and a 5-minute walk from the Circumvesuviana Station Pompei Villa dei Misteri and the Archaeological Site of Pompeii. 

We’re open for lunch and supper; plenty of parking is here if you drive.

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday: 12.30 pm to 9.30 pm

2. Na’Pasta

Na’Pasta is accessible to all. travelers, employees, families, and kids. 

Individuals who want to avoid standing in long queues at restaurants for lunch but still want to enjoy a satisfying serving of pasta can do so. This place is the best for you. 

In addition to pasta meals, Na ‘Pasta offers fantastic fries (croche of pasta, arancini, Neapolitan omelet) and the unique Papa rellena: a traditional pasta dish with a filling.

This restaurant is well known for its excellent customer service and helpful staff. 

Opening hours

Tuesday and Wednesday: 12 pm to 7 pm

Thursday: 12 pm to 6 pm

Friday and Saturday: 7 pm to 10 pm 

Sunday: 12 pm to 8.30 pm

Closed on Monday

3. Hostaria di Bacco

On one of Italy’s most picturesque coastlines, the Amalfi coast is Hostaria di Bacco.

It is a family-run establishment that seats patrons on terraces with enticing ocean views. 

This restaurant, which opened in 1930, takes pride in its surroundings, history, and ability to find only the best ingredients. 

Hostaria di Bacco is a respectable dining choice near Pompeii, with two dining rooms and panoramic terraces.

Opening hours: 

Monday to Saturday: 12 am to 11.59 pm 

Closed on Sunday 

4. Trammiere

All guests here will enjoy the Italian food on the menu. Due to its excellent position, this pizza parlor is simple to spot. 

Trammiere is a favorite with visitors and locals in Pompeii. 

A wood-fired oven is used in this traditional pizza to make the dough, which is thick, crispy, and tasty. 

You can start your dinner with a fantastic cortado or lemonade.

Trammiere is renowned for its pleasant customer service. Many individuals praise the idea of this business, and the atmosphere is also cozy.

The staff is very welcoming and will push you to mix different flavors on your pizza so you can sample them all.

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 5 pm to 1 am

5. Ristorante Maccarone

This eatery makes excellent pizza and is between Mount Vesuvius and the Pompeii ruins. 

Instead, they provide mouthwatering fish, sumptuous appetizers, and intricate dishes that entice any pallet.

Everyone may find something they like at this restaurant, from pasta to seafood.

Opening hours 

Lunch: 12.30 pm to 3 pm 

Dinner: 7 pm to 11 pm

6. Garum Pompeii 

The eatery honors Pompeii’s opulent history by delivering fantastic food and rich wine.

You can make a reservation in advance, as it’s an excellent place to eat before catching the train back home because it’s close to the train station. 

It is a fantastic vegetarian-friendly restaurant close to Pompeii and is particularly well-known for its delectable salads. 

Spaghetti al Garum, or anchovy sauce, is the restaurant’s signature dish and the source of its name. 

It is a “modern” take on the old Roman sauce known as Garum, from which it most likely descended.

Opening hours 

Monday to Sunday

Lunch: 11 am to 4 pm

Dinner: 6.30 pm to 11.59 pm 

7. Cosmo Restaurant Pompeii 

This restaurant is for customers who want a unique meal flair. 

Cosmo Restaurant creates each meal using a combination of the four natural elements: fire, water, air, and earth. 

With its extraordinary “Adventures in Vegetables” meal, it is also renowned as one of the restaurants close to Pompeii that welcome vegetarians. 

You can visit this restaurant on your trip to Pompeii and discover its innovative cuisine. 

Opening hours 

Sunday: 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 12.30 pm to 11.30 PM

Saturday: 12.30 pm to 12 am 

Sunday: 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm

8. Caupona

Image: Caupona.it

Savor the authentic flavors of the characteristic foods of ancient Rome.

They have been skillfully prepared and accurately elaborated due to meticulous and correct research and preparation. 

You will be seated at wooden tables, surrounded by soft lighting and soothing music, and you will hear ancient instruments like the lira and the cedra. 

Everything is designed to give you a truly unique experience. 

The restaurant is only a short distance from the Pompeii entrances, where you can inhale the smell of antiquity.

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday

Lunch: 12 pm to 4.30 pm

Dinner: 6.30 pm to 11.45 pm

9. Pizzeria – Mercato Pompeiano

One of Pompeii’s most well-known regional cuisine eateries is known for several factors. 

It has a welcoming atmosphere and a convenient location near Pompeii Archeological Park. 

This restaurant uses fresh, high-quality ingredients in its food preparation. 

The vast menu offers Vegetable pizza, chicken pizza, margarita pizza with basil, cheese pies, and fried chicken. 

Opening hours 

Friday to Sunday

Lunch: 12 pm to 4 pm

Dinner: 7 pm to 12 am

Tuesday to Thursday

Dinner: 7 pm to 12 am

Closed on Monday

10. Casa Gallo

Casa Gallo is a peaceful restaurant with an open-view kitchen close to Pompei’s heart. 

By carefully observing the usage of regional and local ingredients, the excellent owner-chef creates authentic Campania cuisine. 

The lovely outdoor space offers an incredible choice of wines from small regional wineries. They provide first- and second-course seafood, meat, great sides, and desserts. 

You will also find many local and national wines from the Campanian cellars.

Opening hours 

Tuesday to Sunday

Lunch: 12 pm to 3 pm 

Dinner: 7 pm to 11 pm 

Closed on Monday

Explore the ancient wonders of Pompeii with the archeological site entry tickets and remember to treat yourself to an excellent culinary excursion.

11. Todisco 

The restaurant’s chef prepares delicious gnocchi, pizza Margherita, and pasta carbonara.

You may have a fantastic time with your friends while enjoying perfectly prepared tiramisu and delicious cheese.

Seize the opportunity to sample excellent coffee or lemonade, house wine and beer.

This restaurant has excellent service, which is a significant benefit. You will enjoy this restaurant’s attractive décor and welcoming atmosphere.

It’s located between the ruins and the Pompeii train station. Due to its central location, this place is simple to find.

Opening hours 

Tuesday to Sunday

Lunch: 11 am to 4 pm

Dinner: 6 pm to 12 am 

Closed on Monday

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