Statue of Liberty at Night

By Juhi Upadhyay

Visiting the Statue of Liberty, one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites is a dream for all travelers. 

Knowing the best time to visit the Statue of Liberty is essential to a smooth visit and a memorable experience. 

Regardless of what month of the year you pick, visitors decide what time of day they will visit to see Lady Liberty. 

We recommend getting the first ferry of the day to visit the Statue of Liberty, but many wonder whether they can check out the Statue of Liberty at night. 

The short answer is no. Visitors can’t visit Liberty Island at night. 

However, there are hacks to explore this majestic statue at night. 

Can visitors go to the Statue of Liberty at Night? 

The Statue of Liberty’s hours of operation depend on its ferry schedule. 

Those desiring to visit Liberty Island must board the ferry from either New York or New Jersey. 

Ferries for the Statue of Liberty leave from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan, New York, and Liberty State Park, Jersey City, New Jersey. 

People must take a ferry from these two locations at the scheduled time to visit the Statue of Liberty. 

The Statue of Liberty schedule is subject to change throughout the year. The last ferry from the mainland is no later than 5 pm.

The last ferry is even earlier, at 3.30 pm, from mid-October to mid-March, during the winter months when the temperature dips below freezing. 

Thus, people can’t visit the Statue of Liberty at night. Having said that, this isn’t the end of the road. 

Visitors can plan for the Statue of Liberty Evening Cruise during the Golden Hours, at sunset when Lady Liberty is glowing in the sunlight! 

Get your Statue of Liberty tickets and plan your visit so that you board the ferry and reach Liberty Island at sunset. It’s even more magical! 

Make sure the Evening Statue of Liberty Cruise is not the last ferry, as you won’t be able to explore Ellis Island. 

SeasonsFirst ferry departureLast ferry departure
Mid-March to Late May8.30 am3.30 pm
Late May to early September8.30 am5 pm
Early September to Mid October8.30 am4 pm
Mid-October to Mid-March9 am3.30 pm

There is a ferry every 40 minutes from the Statue of Liberty departure point. 

A Statue of Liberty boat from Battery Park, NY, takes around 25 minutes to Liberty Island. 

Even though Liberty State Park is closer to the island, it takes a ferry from Liberty State Park, NJ, to reach Liberty Island in 30 minutes.

This is because ferries from Liberty State Park first reach Ellis Island before arriving at Liberty Island. 

Apart from this, visitors also have the option of purchasing  Statue of Liberty Sunset Cruise Skip-the-Line tickets

Visitors can cruise around the Statue of Liberty in the evening and see its beauty as the sun goes down. 

Another good alternative is the late evening cruise of the Statue of Liberty Sunset Yacht Cruise, perfect for couples to spend quality time and see the Statue of Liberty from the water during sunset. 

Other Alternatives to Visit the Statue of Liberty at Night

Other Alternatives to Visit the Statue of Liberty at Night

Apart from getting the Statue of Liberty tickets and planning to visit as late as possible to explore everything, this includes the Night Boat Tour Statue of Liberty tickets

Plenty of Statue of Liberty at Night Boat Tour tickets cater to visitors who want to explore Upper New York Bay and witness the majestic Lady Liberty. 

The list of night boat tours of the Statue of Liberty includes a Liberty dinner cruise, including music, a buffet Statue of Liberty dinner cruise, and more. 

The NYC Skyline and Statue of Liberty Night Cruise are perfect for seeing the New York City Skyline at night and the beautiful Lady Liberty on a cruise. 

Another alternative to this is the more comprehensive NYC Circle-Line Harbor Lights Cruise Skip-the-Box Office

This cruise includes an optional audio guide that enriches your experience with engaging information about the various attractions, including the Statue of Liberty. 

Apart from this, guests can purchase the City Light Yacht Cruise with drinks included to elevate their experience. 

Savor each sip as you cruise gently and enjoy the stunning views of the city skyline. 

Another highly recommended tour for guests who want to make a memorable night of their visit is to purchase the NYC Luxury Dinner Harbor Cruise.

To make your night special, this dinner cruise around the Statue of Liberty includes unlimited mimosas, live narration, live music, and an exquisite three-course meal. 

Not only the Statue of Liberty, but visitors will also be delighted to spot other equally famous attractions, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, and more. 

Visitors have the flexibility to choose the same ticket for breakfast and lunch as well. 

A good alternative to this cruise is the New York City Buffet Dinner River Cruise, which features amazing food, equally stunning views, and an onboard DJ for groovy tunes. 

This Liberty Dinner Cruise offers alternatives, such as the Statue of Liberty Brunch Cruise. So, you can experience this during the day, too. 

To make your night cruise special, visitors can buy the La Barca All-Inclusive Mexican Dinner Cruise. This is an amazing mix of culture, food, and unparalleled views. 

People who want to enjoy the ambiance and love music should not miss out on the Holiday Jazz Classic Motor Yacht Cruise

Right from the 1920s-style yacht, this cruise is designed to wow you. Enjoy gorgeous views of the various attractions from the Hudson River. 

To top it off, listen to the Jazz trio playing their hearts out. Homemade cookies and an array of beverages further make your tour memorable. 

View of the Statue of Liberty at Night

The Statue of Liberty at night looks even more enchanting against the stunning night sky. The city lights in the background further put things into perspective. 

Onboard any Statue of Liberty Night Cruise, visitors can witness Lady Liberty’s glory against the Manhattan skyline. 

With powerful and bright floodlights on the ground, the entire Statue of Liberty is illuminated. There are also lights in the pedestal area.

The upward lights coming from the base of the statue give Lady Liberty a more imposing presence, highlighting the various silhouettes further. 

There is an additional light on the torch held in the right hand of Lady Liberty. The crown portion of the statue is also illuminated with ample light inside.

There are other ways to see the Statue of Liberty at night. Visitors can spot Lady Liberty from Battery Park. It is visible from the departure point of the Statue of Liberty ferry. 

However, you have come before the sunset, as the view is not that clear at night.

It is less impressive than witnessing it on a Statue of Liberty cruise. But the sunset during the winter is absolutely stunning from this spot. 

Liberty State Park is also a great spot on the New Jersey side to spot the Statue of Liberty. 

Again, the view will not be as impressive, but something is better than nothing if you are short on time and want to take a few glimpses of Lady Liberty from the mainland. 

Another option is to take the Staten Island free ferry. The free ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island offers a decent view of the Statue of Liberty. 

The ferry doesn’t get as close to the dedicated Statue of Liberty Cruises. The entire ferry ride duration is approximately 30 minutes. 

One thing to note is that the ferry gets a little crowded, so you can’t be sure what views you will be treated to!

Manhattan has many amazing highrise observation decks, allowing gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty. 


Can You visit the Statue of Liberty at night?

No, guests can’t access Liberty Island at night as there are no ferries to the Statue of Liberty after dark. 

However, there are plenty of Statue of Liberty Night Tours that allow visitors to cruise the New York Harbor and witness Lady Liberty at night when the city glitters like sparkles. 

The popular options include the NYC Skyline and Statue of Liberty Night Cruise and NYC Circle-Line Harbor Lights Cruise Skip-the-Box Office

Does the Statue of Liberty light up during the night? 

There are no lights on the Statue of Liberty. Those on the Torch and crown portion of the Statue of Liberty do not light up during the night. 

The entire Statue of Liberty is illuminated by the powerful and bright floodlights on the ground, throwing light upwards. 

Apart from this, there are further decorative lights on the Pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. 

Featured Image: S. Tsuchiya on Unsplash

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