Statue of Liberty Ferry Tickets

By Juhi Upadhyay

The Statue of Liberty, the iconic monument and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located on a rather small island called Liberty Island.

The island is off the southern tip of Manhattan Island, New York, in Upper New York Bay. For reference, it lies between New York and New Jersey. 

It is approximately 610 meters east of Liberty State Park in Jersey City and 1.6 miles (2.6km) southwest of Battery Park in Lower Manhattan. 

Visitors can’t reach it by road and must take a ferry to explore Liberty Island and see Lady Liberty.

The ferries for the Statue of Liberty leave from two places, one from New York and another from New Jersey.

Statue of Liberty Tickets 

Contrary to what people may think, visitors don’t pay for the ferry. Hence, there are no Statue of Liberty tickets for just the ferry visitors must purchase.

The ferries to the Statue of Liberty are always free of charge for all. However, one can’t get off Liberty Island without a valid Statue of Liberty ticket.

Any tourist can take the State of Liberty ferry, approximately 25 minutes, to the island without getting off and glimpse Lady Liberty from the water. 

Visitors must buy Statue of Liberty tickets to explore Liberty Island and check out the Statue of Liberty up close. 

There are three types of Statue of Liberty tickets, each allowing a certain level of access to the Statue of Liberty. 

Grounds-only tickets – This allows visitors to explore the entire grounds of the Statue of Liberty, including the Statue of Liberty Museum.

The Statue of Liberty General Admission tickets are the cheapest way to access Liberty Island grounds, witness the stunning viewpoints, and see Lady Liberty from closeup.

The Statue of Liberty Guided tour tickets are another popular Statue of Liberty ticket that allows visitors to learn about the statue and the various facts around it while exploring.

Pedestal tickets– The Statue of Liberty pedestal tour tickets allow visitors to get to the Pedestal level of Lady Liberty, which is almost as high as 10 floors. 

The Statue of Liberty Pedestal access tickets are limited in number and must be booked in advance. We do not recommend buying Statue of Liberty Pedestal tickets at the last minute. 

The Statue of Liberty tickets with Pedestal access offer stunning views of Manhattan, New York Harbor, Ellis Island, iconic bridges, and more.

Crown tickets – The Statue of Liberty Crown tickets allow visitors to get to the topmost part of the Statue of Liberty: the crown. 

These are the most sought-after tickets, as they give you the bragging right to say you have been at the top of the Statue of Liberty. 

The Statue of Liberty crown tickets are limited in number and can be purchased from the official site. 

One of the downsides of the Crown access tickets is the underwhelming views from the Crown. 

However, due to its exclusivity, there is a huge difference in the cost of pedestal and crown tickets for the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tickets

This is the cheapest Statue of Liberty ticket that includes all essential things, including access to Ellis Island, a place of great historical importance and intrigue. 

To make your visit enriching, it includes a self-guided audio tour of both Liberty Island and Ellis Island

This is perfect for budget travelers who still want to explore Liberty Island and see the Statue of Liberty from up close. 

Adult tickets (13 to 61 years):- US $31

Children’s tickets (four to 12 years):- US $18

Senior tickets ( above 62 years):- US $24

Infant tickets ( up to three years):- Free

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Guided Tour

Get a live tour guide at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island to uncover the historical past. 

Gain deeper insight and explore more than just the outer exterior and beauty of Lady Liberty. 

This Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island guided tour is for all visitors who want to know the Statue of Liberty’s facts and understand its significance. 

Adult tickets (above 13 years):- US $65

Children’s tickets ( four to 12 years):- US $55

Infant tickets ( up to four years):- Free

Ferry from New York 

Statue Cruises provides ferry service from New York to the Statue of Liberty. These cruises depart from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan. 

All the ferries to the Statue of Liberty from New York depart from behind Castle Clinton in Battery Park. 

Getting to Battery Park, New York

Getting to the ferry dock from where the Statue of Liberty ferries depart in Battery Park is relatively easy due to the city’s excellent public transportation infrastructure. 

Visitors can avail of various transportation modes—bus, subway, or cab—based on convenience and from where they are commuting to Battery Park.

We do not recommend driving to Battery Park; it is one of the city’s busiest areas, and you will not find any free parking. 

The paid parking options are tricky to manage, as you may not find a reliable parking structure near the park.

Instead, you can take a cab. It will not be inexpensive, and you may face some traffic depending on commuting time.

The best option is to either take a bus or a subway. Two bus stations are closest to Battery Park, State St/Bridge St and FDR/Battery PI

These are less than a 2-minute walk from Battery Park, so you don’t have to walk a lot after getting off the bus. 

Buses such as BXM18, M20, M55, and QM25 from different parts of the city have a stop at Battery Park. 

The Battery Park is also conveniently located in and around plenty of subway stations. The closest is the World Trade Center, which is only 0.1 miles or 3 minutes walk away.

A few other options follow. 

Subway StationDistanceTime 
Rector Street 0.3 miles (0.4 km)6 minutes
WTC Cortlandt 0.3 miles (0.4km)6 minutes
Franklin Street 0.4 miles (0.6 km)9 minutes
Fulton Street 0.4 miles (0.6 Km)10 minutes
Chamber Street 0.5 miles (0.8 km)12 minutes

Ferry from New Jersey

The ferry from New Jersey is provided by Statue Cruises, which offers departures from Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey.

The ferry to the Statue of Liberty from New Jersey leaves from the main part of the park called the Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal (CRRNJ Terminal). 

It is surrounded by water on three sides, and all ferries from New Jersey to the Statue of Liberty depart from this terminal. 

For reference, the terminal is located near the water at 1 Audrey Zapp Drive.

Getting to Liberty State Park 

Unlike the hustle and bustle of lower Manhattan, it makes more sense for visitors to drive to it, given that it is way more convenient. 

Visitors don’t have to hassle with parking, as easy parking is available inside the park. 

To make it even more appealing, the parking is absolutely free, so you don’t pay anything as it is less than 2 hours. 

Afterward, visitors will be charged a fee of $7 per car for up to 16 hours. Learn about alternative parking options, too. 

If you don’t want to drive and rely on public transportation, visitors have two choices: take a bus or a tram. 

Visitors can take the Line 80 bus from West Side Ave at Fairmount Ave to West Side Ave at Grand Ave

This will take less than ten minutes. There is a bus every 20 minutes, too. Make a change or transfer at West Side Ave. at Grand Ave. 

Take the tram from the WEST SIDE AVENUE station to the Liberty State Park-Ride station

This will take approximately six minutes, and there is a tram from the station every 20 minutes. 

From the Liberty State Park Station, it will take you another 20-odd minutes to reach the ferry dock/departure terminal in Liberty State Park. 

Visitors can also take a cab to Liberty State Park to avoid all the travel hassles.

Though not cheap, it is the fastest and easiest option.

If you are short on time and still want to see Lady Liberty, you should check out the Statue of Liberty Express Skip-the-Box Office Cruise tickets. 

It is the fastest way to see Lady Liberty from the water. For a more comprehensive and equally fast experience, get the One-hour Cruise around the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island.

Statue of Liberty Ferry Schedule

The Statue of Liberty ferry operates throughout the year for free, and anyone can board the ferry to take a round. 

It is only with Statue of Liberty tickets that visitors can get to Liberty Island to explore the grounds and Lady Liberty. 

It becomes crucial to know the Statue of Liberty ferry schedule to plan your visit in a smooth fashion.

The Statue of Liberty Ferry schedule is subject to change throughout the year, depending on the season. 

A notable attribute of the Statue of Liberty ferry schedule is that it remains more or less the same for both Liberty Park and Battery Park. 

There are a few fixed patterns per season, which visitors can keep in mind when planning their Statue of Liberty tour. 

The first ferry of the day starts at 8.30 most of the year. The frequency of ferry departures from the docks in New Jersey and New York changes depending on the season. 

For instance, there is a ferry every 20 minutes during summers. But as winter comes, visitors will find a boat every 30 minutes.

This frequency is gradually reduced when the temperature dips further, and there is a boat after every 40 minutes. 

SeasonsFirst ferry departureLast ferry departure
Mid-March to Late May8.30 am3.30 pm
Late May to early September8.30 am5 pm
Early September to Mid October8.30 am4 pm
Mid-October to Mid-March9 am3.30 pm

The last ferry departure may also change due to the seasons. When the weather is mild and pleasant, visitors can board the last boat as late as 5 pm.

It is recommended to avoid the last ferry, given that visitors won’t get enough time to explore Liberty Island properly and will not even get to visit Ellis Island. 

Taking the first ferry is also not advisable, given the rush you will face, which will spoil the fun of getting to Liberty Island. 

The last ferry from Liberty Island is not before 5 pm. It changes throughout the year due to the weather, too. 

However, Liberty Island begins to close 30 minutes before the last ferry departs. It gives guests ample time to reach the feature dock. 

SeasonLast ferry from Liberty Island
Mid-March to Late May5 pm
Late May to Early September6.45 pm
Early September to Mid-October5.45 pm
Mid-October to Mid-March5 pm

Ferry Schedule for Ellis Island

Ferry Schedule for Ellis Island

All the ferries from the mainland reaching Liberty Island also arrive at Ellis Island, a great place of fascination encapsulating significant history. 

However, the sequence is slightly different depending on where you take the ferry. 

For instance, when taking the ferry from Battery Park, the ferry first arrives at Liberty Island. 

This same ferry departing from Liberty Island takes around 20 minutes to arrive at Ellis Island. 

Thus, the first ferry leaving at 9 am from the mainland takes around 40 minutes to reach Ellis Island.   

This is different for people taking a ferry from Liberty State Park. The ferry first arrives at Ellis Island before reaching Liberty Island.

It takes around 15 minutes for a ferry departing from Liberty State Park to reach Ellis Island. 

Get the Helicopter Tour of Manhattan for a bird’s eye view of the Statue of Liberty and see the aerial views of Manhattan. 

With onboard expert commentary, enjoy the breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty and other recognizable structures from the sky, such as Central Park, New York Harbor and more.

Ellis Island: An Integral Part of Statue of Liberty Visit

An erstwhile immigration inspection and processing station that processed over 12 million immigrants from 1892 to 1954. 

With its long and significant history, Ellis Island is now an embodiment and poetic symbol of the American Dream. 

Your Statue of Liberty visit is incomplete without visiting Ellis Island. There is plenty to see, explore, and learn. 

All Statue of Liberty tickets include access to Ellis Island as well. 

Ellis Island Wall of Honor

Starting with the Ellis Island Wall of Honor celebrates the immigrants and their journey toward the American Dream. This wall was unveiled in 1990. 

It only included Ellis Island immigrants when unveiled but gradually kept increasing to accommodate more people who arrived in the US before the Ellis Immigration Station opened in 1892. 

There are 775,000 names inscribed on 770 steel plates. This wall is built in a semi-circular shape facing New York’s Lower Manhattan skyline. 

Ellis Island National Immigration Museum 

The Ellis Island National Immigration Museum is a living memorial to the history of the American People. 

It is opposite the Wall of Honor, inside the renovated Main Building of the former immigration complex. 

The museum is spread on the Ground Floor, Second Floor, Third Floor, and a Special Exhibit section. 

Each floor offers something different for visitors. The Ground Floor features introductory exhibits about immigration.

Along with this, “Journey” is an important exhibit on this floor.

It explores the early immigration history before Ellis Island was opened as an immigration station. 

The Second Floor is the Registry Room featuring the iconic ceiling room with enormous windows.

The Third Floor is the Dormitory where immigrants were temporarily detained. There are plenty more to explore and learn, such as the Citizenship Gallery, Great Hall, and more.

Family History Center Ellis Island

One of the most fascinating things to explore in Ellis Island is the Family History Center. It is located on the first floor of the Ellis Island National Museum. 

This is especially a great opportunity for contemporary Americans to look up immigration records and discover ties to their genealogy and background. 

The Family History Center at Ellis Island and the Foundation’s Website offer access to the database. It has more than 65 million searchable data. 

Things to look out for include The Voyager, The Vessel, and The People. These are digitized original historical documents, including names, dates of arrival, images of ships, and more.

Views from the Statue of Liberty Ferry 

The views from the Statue of Liberty are incredible, but the ferry ride to it also offers some exquisite scenic views. 

Visiting Liberty Island to check out Lady Liberty up close and know its history is a dream of every traveler. However, the Statue of Liberty ferry in itself is quite rewarding. 

The views from the Statue of Liberty Ferry are quite stunning, depending on where you get the ferry to reach Liberty Island. 

We recommend taking the Statue of Liberty ferry from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan to enjoy a 20-minute cruise to Liberty Island. 

During this cruise, visitors can see the recognizable and beautiful New York City Skyline. 

On a clear sunny day, you can spot famous buildings, such as the One World Trade Center, onboard the Statue of Liberty Cruise. 

Visitors can also spot the Brooklyn Bridge and Verrazano-Narrow Bridge connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Visitors should watch the informative commentary on board while enjoying a panoramic view of lower Manhattan. 

Visitors should go to the open-air upper deck/top deck with bench-style seats for the best views from the Statue of Liberty Cruise

However, it can get windy and chilly if you visit during the winter. It can get really cold even on a  clear sunny day during winter. 

You can go to the extreme end of the middle deck, where you will find coverage against the cold wind and enjoy a decent enough view.

Gradually, the skyline of Manhattan will get farther away, and Lady Liberty will get bigger and bigger as you approach Liberty Island. 

Top Ten Statue of Liberty Tickets

Plenty of Statue of Liberty tickets allow visitors to explore Liberty Island, Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. 

From informative guided tours to amazing cruises day and night, there are various ways to experience and see the Statue of Liberty. 

Statue of Liberty ferry ticketsFeaturesStatue of Liberty ticket prices
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tour tickets with round-trip ferryRound-trip ferry service. 
Access to Liberty Island. 
Access to Ellis Island and its attractions.
Self-guided Audio tour of Liberty Island and Ellis Island. 
Early Access Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Guided Tour with round-trip ferry Round-trip ferry service. 
Access to Liberty Island and Ellis Island. 
Official audio guide in Ellis Island. 
Local English-speaking guide.
 Expertly guided walk tour. 
Statue of Liberty Sunset Boat CruiseOne-hour boat cruise. 
Route within 100 feet of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. 
Cruise along both sides of Manhattan. 
Outdoor and indoor seating. Live guide. 
Statue of Liberty and Wall Street With 9/11 combo tourRound-trip ferry ticket to Liberty and Ellis Island. 
Reserved timed ticket for priority boarding on the ferry. 
Access to Liberty Island and all attractions at Ellis Island. 
Audio tour guide in nine languages for both Liberty Island and Ellis Island. 
English-speaking guide for Wall Street and the 9/11 Memorial. 
Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island One-Hour CruiseOne-hour sightseeing boat cruise.
Route within 100 feet of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
Cruise on both sides of Manhattan. 
Outdoor and indoor seating. 
Live guide Cash bar on board.
NYC: Circle Line Best of NYC Skip-The-Box-Office Cruise Two-and-a-half-hour extensive cruise in a climate-controlled vessel. 
Professional guide for live narration. 
Complimentary audio-guided tour on the Circle Line Sightseeing app on your phone. 
NYC Skyline Night Cruise of Statue of Liberty and NY Harbor One-and-a-half-hour-long NYC Skyline Night Cruise. 
Cash bar on boardOnboard music. 
NYC: Manhattan Island Helicopter Tour Helicopter tour of New York. 
On-board live commentary and cabin with climate control. 
NYC Luxury Dinner Harbor CruiseTwo to three hours long cruise. 
Three-course meal. 
Live entertainment. 
Live narration.
Unlimited coffee, tea, iced tea, juices.
Options for lunch and brunch cruises. 
New York CityPASSPrepaid admission to give must-see attractions at a discounted price.
A visit to the Empire State Building.
American Museum of Natural History. 
Choice of three more attractions from a list of six, including Statue of Liberty, Top of the Rock, and more. 


How early should I arrive for the Statue of Liberty Tour? 

If you have a timed Statue of Liberty Ticket, visitors must arrive at least 30 minutes before the Statue of Liberty Ferry schedule.

Guests are advised to visit the Statue of Liberty first thing in the morning to avoid the gradual crowd that grows as the day progresses. 

Avoid taking the last ferry at all costs, as you won’t get enough time to explore Ellis Island and have to hurry through other sites on Liberty Island. 

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