Top 13 tips for visiting the Vatican

By Om Kumar

Exploring the Vatican is an awe-inspiring journey, but it requires careful planning. 

To maximize your visit, follow our 13 tips for visiting the Vatican. 

The Vatican offers something for all, whether you’re captivated by art, history, or religion. We’ve got you covered, from crafting your itinerary to respecting the dress code. 

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure through the wonders of the Vatican!

1. Don’t rush to the Sistine Chapel

While visiting the Vatican Museums, many people are excited to reach the renowned Sistine Chapel early on. 

It’s essential to remember that it is one of the last highlights, so take your time to appreciate the other exhibits along the way.

2. Allow ample time for your Vatican Museums visit, aiming for a minimum duration of two hours

How long do you need to visit the Vatican is a question that crosses everyone’s mind before planning a visit to the heart of catholicism.

To fully experience the Vatican Museums, we recommend that you allocate a minimum of two hours, although three hours would be preferable. 

Rushing through in less time may result in missing out on other exhibits. 

Remember to account for travel time, security checks, and potential queues. 

If visiting St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square, plan for at least half a day.

3. Steer clear of visiting St. Peter’s Basilica on Wednesday mornings

St. Peter’s Basilica is a major attraction when visiting the Vatican, often topping everyone’s itinerary. 

If you plan to visit the basilica, it is important to note that it is typically closed to the public and tour groups early on Wednesday mornings for the papal audience. 

To avoid missing out on this architectural marvel, schedule your tour accordingly and avoid visiting during the Wednesday morning closure. 

4. Secure your Vatican tour by making an online reservation

Save yourself from enduring the notorious hours-long queues outside the Vatican by opting for a skip-the-line ticket online. 

Enjoy the convenience of bypassing the extensive lines with your no-wait ticket. 

However, be wary of unauthorized vendors selling tickets and tours near the Vatican. 

They may promise skip-the-line access and expert guidance, but they are often scams targeting unsuspecting visitors, potentially spoiling your Vatican experience.

5. Opt for a guided tour to enhance your Vatican experience

Embarking on a guided tour during your visit to the Vatican Museums offers a deeper appreciation of the artworks and their historical significance. 

It also alleviates the stress of navigating the museums independently. 

A guided tour is a valuable investment that provides insightful knowledge about the art and history within the museums. 

Secure your spot for the guided tour here.

6. Opt for an early morning or late evening visit

We recommend visiting The Vatican early morning or late evening to beat the crowds. 

Early morning or late evening is usually the best time to visit the Vatican.

These off-peak times provide the best opportunity to enjoy the Museums’ splendor without the overwhelming crowds of the day, as around 20,000 people visit daily.

7. Avoid carrying a bulky backpack when visiting the Vatican

Large backpacks, bags, and oversized umbrellas must undergo a security check at the Vatican Museums. 

Wheelchairs, on the other hand, are permitted. 

Please check online, for a detailed list of items that are prohibited or allowed inside the Museums. 

8. Avoid visiting on the free Sunday

While free admission to the Vatican Museums on the last Sunday of the month may seem enticing, it has some drawbacks to consider. 

The popularity of the free day leads to long queues, requiring you to arrive early. Furthermore, the museums have limited hours, closing early in the afternoon. 

This restricts the amount of time you have to explore the exhibits. 

We highly recommend avoiding the Vatican Museums on the free Sunday if it’s your only option or you have budget constraints.

9. Explore the Vatican Museums on Friday evenings from April to October

Experience the enchanting atmosphere of the Vatican Museums at night between April and October. 

April to October also mark the best time of year to visit the Vatican.

Enjoy extended opening hours until 11:00 PM (last entry at 9:30 PM) and embrace the opportunity to explore the museums in a more serene setting, away from the usual crowds.

10. Gain a Bird’s-eye View of St. Peter’s Basilica

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the breathtaking view of St. Peter’s Square by climbing the cupola and exploring it from above. 

Although the ascent of 551 steps may seem challenging, the reward is well worth the effort. 

To conserve energy, we recommend taking the elevator for the initial 320 steps and completing the rest on foot. 

You will be treated to one of the city’s most remarkable vistas from the dome. 

Take in the sight of iconic landmarks such as the Vatican Gardens, the Colosseum, and Villa Borghese as you discover Rome from a captivating aerial perspective.

11. Avoid making dining plans at the Vatican Museums

It is recommended to avoid dining at the dining establishments near the Vatican as they tend to be overpriced and provide subpar experiences. 

Instead, consider having a meal elsewhere in Rome before arriving at the Vatican. 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to pack water and a snack in your backpack as you explore the extensive collection of artwork and artifacts spanning 4.5 miles. 

12. Best days to visit the Vatican are from Tuesday to Friday

Visiting the Vatican between Tuesday and Friday is highly recommended for a more enjoyable and serene experience. 

Weekends tend to be busier with larger crowds, while Mondays can be chaotic as many tourists opt to visit the Vatican due to other museums in Rome being closed that day. 

By scheduling your visit for the middle of the week, you can avoid the hustle and bustle, allowing you to explore the Museums more leisurely and appreciate the incredible artworks and historical treasures without feeling rushed or crowded. 

Take advantage of these quieter days to immerse yourself in the rich history and beauty of the Vatican without the distractions of large crowds.

13. Adhere to the dress guidelines to ensure compliance 

Adhere to the dress guidelines to ensure compliance

When visiting the Vatican Museums or other sites in Vatican City, it’s crucial to dress modestly. 

Therefore, knowing what to wear when visiting the Vatican becomes crucial.

This means wearing attire that covers your knees and avoids bare midriffs and shoulders. 

To ensure entry, choose skirts or shorts that extend below the knees. 

Carrying a light sweater or scarf is advisable to cover up when needed. 

Additionally, opt for sturdy and comfortable shoes instead of flip flops to fully enjoy the extensive walking involved in exploring Rome’s attractions.

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