A Parisian Reverie: Seine River Dinner Cruises

By Juhi Upadhyay

Paris has a rich history, culture, and many attractions to explore. From contemporary to classical sites, there are many things to see and experience in Paris. 

The lifeline and the historically momentous river traversing Paris City, the River Seine, offer beautiful scenery and better opportunities for exploring the city. 

Experiencing the Seine River Cruise is integral to any memorable trip to Paris. 

There are multiple ways to Cruise the Seine River. You can find a suitable Seine River Cruise depending on your itinerary, budget, and preferences. 

Beyond Seine River Sightseeing Cruise

The Seine River Sightseeing Cruise is one of the most popular and preferred options for the Seine River cruise. 

Seine River Sightseeing cruises have great value for money and offer various experiences along the Seine River.

If you want to experience a blend of the finest Paris offers, exquisite views, and mouth-watering food, you should go for one of the Seine River dinner cruises

If you feel you need more time to feel convinced, read forward. We are sure to change your mind as it would be a big miss if your Paris trip lacks a Seine River Dinner Cruise. 

Why should you choose the Seine River Dinner Cruise and Paris food tours?

Before jumping into why to choose Seine River Dinner Cruises, you must consider the best time for the Seine River Cruise or which Seine River Cruise is the best. 

There is no single best Seine River Cruise Paris for everyone or any particular time that’s universally the best time for the Seine River Cruise. 

The Seine River Dinner Cruise is one of the most popular experiences on the Seine. Although Paris is equally famous for its amazing views and its cuisine! 

The Seine River dinner cruise combines these in a sophisticated experience for guests to enjoy their time on this iconic river with their friends and family. 

It spices up the usual Seine River Sightseeing Cruise and adds a pinch of flavor in the form of elaborate dinners! 

Other Paris food tours help you thoroughly explore the rich local food heritage and cuisine.  

These Paris food tours give guests a peek into France’s local flavor and specialty. 

Now that we have piqued your interest, you must have various questions, such as What is the best Seine River Dinner Cruise in Paris? 

Well, worry not! This ultimate guide to the Seine River Dinner Cruise and Paris Food Tours will help you narrow down suitable experiences and prepare you for your visit to Paris. 

But if you still prefer the Seine River Lunch Cruises, then read our ultimate guide to the Seine River Lunch Cruise.

Types of Seine River Dinner Cruise 

There are many options, from Private Seine River Dinner Cruise and Luxury Seine River Dinner Cruises to the ever-popular Romantic Seine Dinner Cruise. 

For people who want a more glamorous experience, there is the Paris Seine River Dinner Cruise with rooftop and live singers

You will also have options for the Paris Evening Cruise with dinner on River Seine. Considering your requirements, you can easily find the best Seine River Dinner Cruise. 

We have made your task easier and made a custom hand-picked list of Seine River Dinner Cruise options. 

So, let’s jump in and explore all of the best Seine River Dinner Cruises category-wise!

Seine River Dinner Cruise for families & groups

The Romantic Seine River Dinner Cruises are popular, but the Seine River Dinner Cruise for families & groups is equally preferred. 

There are plenty of options depending on the duration of the cruise as well as the dinner menu. 

For instance, the 1-hour Sightseeing Seine River Cruise with a Bistro Dinner offers a perfect introductory Seine River Dinner Cruise option. 

The Seine River Dinner Cruise with a 4-course meal and live music entertainment option will be perfect if you are looking for more elaborate options. 

Other equally appealing Seine River Dinner Cruises for families & group options are also available.

So, What are you waiting for? Check them from the below table and set sail for your Seine Dinner Cruise!

Seine River Cruise TicketsHighlightsAdult Prices
1-Hour Seine River Sightseeing Cruise with Bistro Dinner– 1-hour Seine River Sightseeing Cruise. 
– 3-course dinner at the Bistro Parisien 
– A soft drink or wine. 
– A bilingual host/greeter; English & French. 
€55 (US $60)
Sightseeing Cruise on the Seine with 4-Course Dinner – A 2.5-hour Seine River Sightseeing Cruise.
– A 4-course dinner.
– A ½ bottle of wine or Champagne per person. 
– A photographer onboard. 
– Live Music. 
€85 (US $93)
Paris Dinner Cruise on the Seine River at 8:30 PM – A 2.5-hour Seine River Sightseeing Cruise. 
– À-la-carte 3-course dinner Champagne and appetizers are optional. 
– Live Singer for entertainment. 
€109 (US $119)
Trattoria Style Dinner on the Seine River – 2-hour Long Seine River Sightseeing cruise. 
– 3-course Italian meal. 
– Water 
€55 (US $60)

Romantic Seine River Dinner Cruise 

Romantic Seine River Dinner Cruise
Image: Viator.com

In the Romantic Capital of the world, Paris, it is no surprise that the Romantic Seine River Dinner Cruise is one of the most popular cruises on the Seine. 

The Romantic Seine River Dinner Cruise offers the perfect setting and experience for a dreamy date where you and your partner can make unforgettable memories while sailing gently on the Seine. 

So, enjoy a romantic boat ride in Paris and delicious food on the ride. 

The 2-hour Seine River Dinner Cruise on a glass-enclosed boat is your standard experience, which includes a glass of bubbly to go with the Cruise. 

If you want the best Seine River Dinner Cruise or champagne river cruise in Paris, then the Seine River Paris by Night Sightseeing Cruise with Sparkling Champagne is perfect. 

This Cruise on the Seine is great for those who want to celebrate any occasion or surprise their partner. 

There are various other Romantic Seine River dinner cruise options available. 

You can also book for Bastille Day Dinner Cruise or Christmas Party Cruise to celebrate it memorably with your partner.

Check out the table below for hand-picked experiences and make unforgettable memories with your partner by picking the Seine River Cruise night tickets with dinner. 

Seine River Tickets HighlightsAdult Prices
Paris Seine River Sightseeing Cruise with 3-Course Dinner – A 2-hour Seine River Cruise on a glass-enclosed boat. 
– 3-course dinner. Coffee or tea. 
– A glass of Champagne 
€155 (US $169)
Seine River Gourmet Dinner & Sightseeing Cruise with Live Music  – A 2.5-hour long cruise along the Seine River. 
– 3-course dinner menu freshly prepared from seasonal products. 
– Onboard chef. 
– Half a bottle of mineral water per person. 
€144 (US $157)
Paris Romantic Cruise with 3-course Dinner on Seine River – A 2-hour Seine River cruise in a glass-enclosed boat. 
– A 3-course dinner. 
€84 (US $92)
Paris Evening Cruise with Dinner on River Seine – An hour-long Seine River Cruise. 
– A 3-course dinner. Coffee or tea.
– A host/greeter who can speak English. 
€120 (US $131)
Romantic Seine River Dinner & Illumination Tour – A 1-hour Seine River cruise with champagne. 
– A 3-course dinner with wine /champagne.
– Rose and half a bottle of champagne upon return. 
– Hotel pickup and drop-off. 
– Transport by private vehicle. 
€645 (US $716)
Paris Bastille Day Dinner Cruise on the Seine River – A 2-hour Seine River dinner cruise. 
– Three-course menu. 
– A glass of Champagne. 
– A bottle of mineral water. 
€149 (US $163)

Seine River Dinner Cruises for Solo Travelers 

Even though the Romantic Seine River dinner cruise is the most popular, solo travelers still have good options for Seine River Cruises. 

You, too, can enjoy the finest of Paris with one of these Seine River Dinner Cruises, ideal for solo travelers. 

You can get the Seine River panoramic views Dinner Cruise or the Seine River Champagne Dinner Cruise with live music for a more elaborate experience. 

For connoisseurs of the spirits, you must check out our ultimate guide to the Seine River Wine Tasting cruise

Take a pick and enjoy the delicious food on the scenic Seine River dinner cruise! Book your Seine River Cruise now!

TicketsHighlight Adult Prices
Paris Seine River Panoramic Views Dinner Cruise – A 1.5-hour Seine River Sightseeing cruise. 
– 2-course plus dessert. 
– A bottle of mineral water. 
– A bilingual host/greeter; in French and English. 
€59 (US $64)
Paris Dinner Cruise on the Seine River at 6:15 PM– A 1.5-hour Seine River Cruise. 
– A delectable menu of starters, a main course, and dessert. 
– Aperitif, wine, mineral water, and coffee. 
– Champagne
€149 (US $163)
Paris Seine River Champagne Dinner Cruise with Live Music  – A 2-hour cruise on the Seine River. 
– A 3-course dinner. 
– 1 glass of Champagne. 
– Singer during the first service. 
– Musical duo at the second service. 
€125 (US $136)

Seine River Dinner Cruise Combos 

Seine River Dinner Cruise Combos
Image: Viator.com

Though the Seine River is an integral part of Paris, there’s much more to what constitutes Paris! 

Thus, the Seine River Dinner Cruise combo tickets are ideal if you want to explore more for less. 

There are plenty of exciting options and combinations of attractions with the Seine River Dinner Cruise.

Enjoy the amazing Seine River Dinner Cruise first and then explore other iconic attractions in Paris. 

The Eiffel Tower and Seine River Cruise at Night Combo has to be one of this category’s best Seine River boat cruises. 

The Seine River Cruise has many combo options with the Eiffel Tower tour. Together these two attractions are some of the most romantic tours in Paris. 

The Seine River Dinner Cruise and Moulin Rouge show combo is the best way to explore Parisian nightlife. 

Other options include a Seine River Dinner Cruise with a Saint Martin Canal tour for people who want to explore something different! 

So, take your pick and book a Seine River Cruise and enjoy the fantastic Night Seine River Cruise Tour combos. 

To help your decision easier, we have also mentioned the Seine River Cruise costs in front of the Seine River Dinner Cruise tickets. 

TicketsHighlight Adult Prices
Seine Dinner Cruise and Eiffel Tower Summit Private Tour – Seine River Cruise.3-course dinner with drinks included. 
– Window table on a Dinner cruise. 
– Private round-trip transfer from your hotel or residence. 
– Eiffel Tower Summit Ticket 
– A private local expert guide. 
€534 (US $593)
Eiffel Tower, Seine River Dinner Cruise, and Moulin Rouge Show – Breathtaking views from the Seine River Cruise. 
– Priority access to the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower. 
-The Moulin Rouge show is breathtaking. 
– Refined dinner cruise on a cozy boat.
– Vegetarian options
– Children menu. 
€302 (US $338)
Seine River Dinner Cruise and Saint Martin Canal Tour combo – Seine River Sightseeing Cruise. 
– Cruise the science St-Martin Canal. 
– Delicious dinner of typical French cuisine. 
€69 (US $77)
Moulin Rouge Cabaret with Seine River Dinner Cruise and Champagne – Seine River Sightseeing Cruise. 
– Moulin Rouge Show. 
– A delectable dinner, including starters, main course, and dessert. 
– Alcoholic beverages. 
€119 (US $133)

Famous Restaurants near Seine River

To cover the finer aspects of the local gastronomy of Paris, you must try the famous restaurants in Paris near the Seine River Cruise. 

To explore the rich local cuisine and various local produce, you can go to a few renowned spots, such as the La Balle au Bond, Le Capitaine Fracasse, and Freddy’s. 

Check out the Top 10 Restaurants you should not miss in Paris.

However, if you want a more engaging and curated experience that is both memorable and valuable, check out any of these tickets from the table below. 

These include elaborate tasting experiences, innovative games, secret bars, delicious dinners, and more. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take your pick and add a pinch of adventure and excitement to your Paris food tours:

Seine River Cruise TicketsHighlightAdult Prices
Madame Brasserie, Eiffel Tower  – A delicious dinner at Madame Brasserie Eiffel Tower. 
– Option to upgrade to include drinks. 
– Lift tickets to the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. 
– A bilingual host/greeter; French & English. 
€100 (US $108)
Explore Hidden Bars and Speakeasies in Paris  – A secret bar and speakeasy 2-hour guided tour of the Republic district/ 2 bars 
– An experienced local ambassador who can speak English, French, and German.
€43 (US $48)
Sightseeing Cruise on the Seine + Dinner at Le Bistro Parisien – 1-hour sightseeing Seine River Cruise.
– Audio guide in multiple languages. 
– Dinner at Le Bistro Parisien. 
– Vegetarian options are available. 
€50 (US $55)

Other Popular Paris Food Tours and Tickets

Take a culinary adventure through Paris, where many delectable food-centric tours await to tantalize your taste buds.

One highly recommended option is the Montmartre Cheese, Wine & Pastry Guided walking tour

We highly recommend the Paris Food Tour to understand diverse French flavors truly. These food tours are often catered around exciting activities to make them engaging. 

If you are a fan of cheese and wine, then the Cheese & Wine Tasting in Paris is perfect for you. 

Other options include a Walking tour of Saint Germain with a chocolate & pastries tasting combo. 

Pick any of these, and you won’t be disappointed! It will be an adventure for you and your taste buds! 

Tickets HighlightAdult Prices
Paris Dinner Show at the Moulin Rouge – Entrance to Moulin Rouge. 
– Ticket to Moulin Rouge Cabaret “Ferrie”.
– Dinner from the selected menu (optional)
– Half a bottle of champagne or 2 soft drinks. 
€231 (US $252)
Paris Montmartre Cheese, Wine & Pastry Guided Walking Tour – Cheese and wine at selected stops.
– Charcuterie and wine at selected stops. 
– Homemade chocolate candies. 
– Selection of different French pastries.
– Walking tour with a live guide. 
€105 (US $115)
Crazy Horse Cabaret Show & Dinner at the Ginger – Entrance to the crazy horse Cabaret show. 
– ½ bottle of champagne (or 2 drinks)
– Dinner at Ginger 
€200 (US $220)
Paris Cheese and Wine Tasting in a Cheese Cellar – Professional and friendly cheese and wine master. 
– Tasting of 7 cheeses and 3 wines. 
– Lots of bread.
€70 (US $78)
The Marais Walking Food Tour – 3-hour walking tour with a local guide. 
– Food tasting includes chocolate, macarons, cheese, and cured meat. 
– Wine tasting. 
€110 (US $121)
Chocolate, Pastry & Macaron Walking Tour of Saint-Germain – 3-hour walking tour of Saint Germain.
– Chocolate and pastries tasting. 
– Soft drinks. 
€99 (US $108)

Seine River Dinner Cruise Dress Code 

In addition to the usual charm of Paris after sundown, the dress code adds elegance and sophistication to the Seine River Dinner Cruises. 

There is no uniform Seine River Dinner Cruise dress code. But, since the Seine River Cruise is an organized activity, guests are expected to dress semi-casual and avoid casual attire/clothes such as athletic wear, flip-flops, shorts, and more. 

Apart from dressing sensibly according to the weather and season, you must wear semi-formal or smart-casual clothing. It is also the often recommended Seine River Dinner Cruise dress code. 

To learn more about what to avoid and wear on Seine Rive Cruises, follow this clothing Guide for inspiration. 

Seine River Dinner Cruise Timings 

If you want to decide what type of Seine River Cruise experience you should go for, heed the Seine River Cruise timings. 

The Seine River Dinner Cruise timings are mainly after the Seine River sunset cruises. 

Thus, unlike the Seine River Lunch Cruise, the departure time of the Seine River Dinner Cruise can be easily predicted.

However, there are options for the Early Evening Seine River Dinner Cruise after 6.45 pm. 

More often than not, most of the Seine River dinner cruises have a departure time of 8.30 pm. 

Thus, the Seine River Dinner Cruise departure time can be from 6.30 pm onwards. 

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