Frequently Asked Questions About St Paul’s Cathedral

By Harshitha Jagathiesh

Visitors have various queries before visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral London. 

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Ticket FAQs

1. Is Entry to St Paul’s Cathedral free?

St Paul’s Cathedral is free to visit for all religious visitors.
If you wish to tour the cathedral, then you must purchase a ticket.

2. Can the public visit St Paul’s Cathedral?

Yes, the public can visit St Paul’s Cathedral.

The cathedral is open to visitors, and people worldwide come to explore its stunning architecture, history, and cultural significance.

3. Do I need to pre-book tickets to sightsee St Paul’s Cathedral?

While pre-booking tickets to St Paul’s Cathedral is not always mandatory, it is highly recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons.

Pre-booking allows you to secure your preferred entry time and avoid potentially long lines at the ticket counter. 

It also ensures that you can access the areas you wish to explore, as certain sections, such as the dome, may have limited capacity. 

Consider booking your tickets online in advance to ensure a smooth and convenient visit.

4. Can you just walk into St. Paul’s Cathedral?

Yes, you can walk into St Paul’s Cathedral without a ticket if you wish to attend a service or for private prayer and reflection.

However, if you want to explore the cathedral as a tourist and visit its galleries, crypt, and dome, you must purchase an admission ticket.

5. How to book tickets for St Paul’s Cathedral?

You can book tickets for St Paul’s Cathedral online.

Simply visit the ticket page, select your preferred ticket type, date, and time slot, and complete the booking process.

Alternatively, you can purchase tickets on-site at the cathedral’s ticket counter. 

We recommended to book in advance, especially during busy periods, to secure your desired entry time and avoid waiting in line.

6. Can I change the date or entry time of the ticket?

While you can not reschedule your tickets, you can cancel them 24 hours before the visit to get a refund.

7. What is the cancellation policy for St Paul’s Cathedral tickets?

The St Paul’s Cathedral entry ticket has an easy cancellation policy.

Cancel the ticket until 24 hours before the scheduled visit to be eligible for a refund.

8. Is it worth going inside St Paul’s Cathedral?

The cathedral is renowned for its stunning architecture, magnificent interior, and rich history.

Inside, you can explore the Whispering Gallery, the Stone Gallery, and the Golden Gallery, each offering unique perspectives and breathtaking views of London. 

The crypt houses memorials and tombs of significant figures in British history.

St Paul’s also serves as a place of worship and reflection, making it a meaningful visit for those interested in culture, history, and spirituality.

The awe-inspiring beauty and historical importance of St Paul’s Cathedral make it a must-visit attraction in London.

St Pauls’ Cathedral Visiting FAQs

1. Is there a dress code for St Paul’s Cathedral?

St Paul’s Cathedral expects visitors to dress modestly and respectfully when visiting this religious site.

Sleeveless tops, short skirts, and revealing clothing may be considered inappropriate.

Visitors are encouraged to cover their shoulders and knees as a sign of respect for the cathedral’s religious significance.

Comfortable and modest attire is generally the best choice when exploring the interior of St Paul’s Cathedral.

2. Can you take pictures in St Paul’s Cathedral?

Photography is allowed inside St Paul’s Cathedral during a tour.

Visitors are permitted to take non-commercial photographs for personal use. 
However, the use of flash photography is typically prohibited, as it can damage the artwork and interiors.

Additionally, photography and videography are prohibited during services or special events.

It’s important to be mindful of other visitors and follow any specific guidelines the cathedral staff provides regarding photography.

3. Who can attend the daily services at St Paul’s Cathedral?

Daily services at St Paul’s Cathedral are open to the public, and anyone can attend, regardless of their religious affiliation.

The cathedral welcomes visitors to participate in its regular worship services, which may include Holy Communion, Morning and Evening Prayer, and special liturgical events.

4. Can you climb St Paul’s Cathedral?

Yes, visitors can climb to the top of the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral for breathtaking panoramic views of London. 

The dome’s interior offers several galleries, including the Whispering Gallery, the Stone Gallery, and the Golden Gallery, each offering different vantage points. 

Climbing the dome requires ascending 528 steps, so it’s essential to be physically fit and able to handle the climb.

However, the views from the top are considered well worth the effort for those who are up to the challenge.

5. How much time do you need at St Paul’s Cathedral?

A typical visit to the cathedral, including the interior, galleries, crypt, and perhaps attending a service, may take approximately two to three hours. 

However, for those interested in more in-depth exploration, architectural details, and enjoying the views from the dome, plan for a longer visit of three to four hours or more.

6. What is special about St. Paul’s Cathedral?

St. Paul’s Cathedral is a remarkable and iconic architectural masterpiece in London. 

It is known for its stunning dome, which ranks among the largest in the world. 

The cathedral’s architecture is a striking blend of classical and Baroque styles, with a rich history dating back to the 17th century. 

It has played a pivotal role in British history, hosting important events such as royal weddings and state funerals. 

St. Paul’s is renowned for its beautiful interior, including the Whispering Gallery and the Golden Gallery, offering breathtaking views of London. 

The cathedral also serves as a place of worship, cultural significance, and a symbol of resilience during times of adversity, such as during the Blitz in World War II.

Facts About St Paul’s Cathedral

1. When was St. Paul’s Cathedral built?

St. Paul’s Cathedral was built between 1675 and 1710 after the previous cathedral was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666. 

It stands as a testament to architectural brilliance and enduring faith.

2. Is St Paul’s Cathedral Catholic?

No, St Paul’s Cathedral is not a Catholic cathedral.

It is an Anglican (Church of England) cathedral, which means it belongs to the Anglican Communion, a Protestant Christian denomination.

3. How old is St Paul’s Cathedral?

St Paul’s Cathedral is over 300 years old.

Construction of the cathedral began in 1675 after the previous medieval cathedral was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666.

The cathedral was completed in 1711, making it a historic and iconic structure in London with a rich architectural and cultural heritage.

Its age, stunning architecture, and historical significance make it one of the most visited landmarks in the city and a symbol of London’s enduring history.

4. Who designed St Paul’s Cathedral?

St Paul’s Cathedral was designed by the renowned English architect Sir Christopher Wren.

Sir Christopher Wren was a prominent figure in 17th-century English architecture and played a pivotal role in rebuilding London after the Great Fire of 1666.

His design for St Paul’s Cathedral is considered a masterpiece, blending classical and Baroque elements, and it remains one of his most iconic works.

5. Which is bigger, St Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster Abbey?

In terms of size, St Paul’s Cathedral is generally larger than Westminster Abbey. 

St Paul’s has one of the largest domes in the world, and its dome alone is larger than Westminster Abbey’s central tower. 

However, both buildings have their own unique architectural significance and historical importance. 

While St. Paul’s Cathedral is known for its grand dome and Baroque architecture, Westminster Abbey is famous for its Gothic architecture.

Westminster Abbey is the site of numerous royal ceremonies, including coronations and weddings.

6. Who is buried inside St Paul’s Cathedral?

St Paul’s Cathedral is the final resting place of several notable figures from British history.

Some of the prominent individuals buried or memorialized inside the cathedral include Sir Christopher Wren and Admiral Lord Nelson, a British naval hero.

There are also memorials and monuments to other significant figures like the Duke of Wellington and Florence Nightingale.

However, it’s important to note that St Paul’s Cathedral is primarily a place of commemoration rather than a burial site.

St Paul’s Cathedral and Royal Family

1. Who got married at St Paul’s Cathedral?

One of the most famous weddings held at the cathedral was the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer on July 29, 1981. 

This royal wedding attracted worldwide attention and remains one of the most iconic weddings in modern history. 

In addition to royal weddings, St Paul’s Cathedral has also hosted weddings of other notable figures, including members of the aristocracy and the British elite.

2. Can you get married at St Paul’s Cathedral?

St Paul’s Cathedral is not available for private weddings or ceremonies.

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