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By Harshitha Jagathiesh

St Paul’s Cathedral is a masterpiece of architecture, history, and spirituality, attracting millions of visitors annually.

Get into the rich history of St Paul’s Cathedral, tracing its origins back to the 17th century when the Great Fire of London devastated the city.

If you plan to visit St Paul’s Cathedral London, it involves some practical considerations. 

This article series will provide valuable information about ticket options, guided tours, and the best times to visit.

St Paul’s Cathedral is perfect whether you’re an architecture enthusiast, a history buff, or someone seeking spiritual solace in a majestic setting.

Opening hours: 8.30 am

Closing time: 4.30 pm

Best time to visit: 9 am or late afternoon

Time required: 1.5 to 2 hours

Ticket Price:  £21

Location: St Paul’s Churchyard, London, EC4M 8AD

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Top Tickets to St Paul’s Cathedral

Entry Ticket

Simple St Paul’s Cathedral entry tickets

  • Access to the cathedral
  • Multimedia guide in 9 languages
  • Best panoramic views of London from the St Paul’s Dome

Cathedral + Cruise

London tour with river cruise

  • Entrance to St Paul’s Cathedral & guided tour
  • Entrance to the Tower of London & guided tour
  • River Thames cruise

Combo ticket

St Paul Cathedral + Westminster Abbey

  • Access to the cathedral
  • Entrance to Westminster Abbey
  • Audio guides available for both attractions

St. Paul’s Cathedral Tickets

There’s a plethora of options when it comes to St Paul’s Cathedral tour tickets. 

Here are various possible tour choices for you to plan:

The St Paul’s Cathedral admission ticket allows visitors to enjoy access to the cathedral floor, crypt, and galleries. 

The St Paul’s Cathedral + Westminster Abbey combo ticket is best for those looking to visit both these together.

Experience the beauty of the Thames waterfront with this London tour with river cruise, which also grants access to two famous attractions.

Need more than St Paul’s Cathedral? City passes and cards are the right option. 

Check out the London Pass and visit more of these infamous historical sites.

The Go City London Explorer Pass allows you more flexibility and lets you create your itinerary from a set of chosen attractions.

Best St Paul’s Cathedral tickets

St Paul Cathedral London UK offers various types of tickets like skip the line admission ticket, combination tickets and city passes.

1. St Paul’s Cathedral entry ticket 

With this simple entry ticket to St Paul’s Cathedral, you can enjoy access to the historical cathedral floor, crypt, and galleries. 

This St Paul’s Cathedral ticket has an audio guide available in 9 languages.

You can join any guided tours at St Paul’s Cathedral free of cost. 

St Paul’s Cathedral entry ticket prices: £21

2. London tour with river cruise

Experience London from a cruise boat on the river Thames.

Float on the majestic Thames in this 4.5-hour cruise, and marvel at the London waterfront, complete with an audio and live guide. 

Then, access the St Paul’s Cathedral and the London Tower, making this one of the best tickets.

London tour with river cruise ticket prices: £92

3. St Paul Cathedral + Westminster Abbey

With this combination ticket, you can access the St Paul Cathedral and Westminster Abbey in one day.

Start with St Paul’s Cathedral and experience the architectural marvel, its various forms of art, and the tranquility of the space. 

Then, head over to Westminster Abbey and feel the weight of the history of Britain and the monarchy.

St Paul Cathedral + Westminster Abbey ticket prices: £46

4. London Pass

With this London Pass, you can access over 85 of London’s top attractions, tours, and museums. 

You can visit these attractions and landmarks with a hop-on hop-off bus tour and a digital guide packed with instructions for each attraction. 

You can choose from options such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 10-day passes. 

London Pass ticket prices: £80

5. Go City London Explorer pass

With the Go City London Explorer pass, you can create your trip in London with admission to 2 to 7 top attractions.

All you have to do is, show your pass at designated ticketing areas to seamlessly enter attractions. 

Using the Go City London Explorer Pass, you can save up to 50% compared to buying individual attraction tickets.

This pass allows you to explore at your own pace with 60 days to use your pass from your first visit.

Go City London Explorer pass ticket prices: £47

St Paul’s Cathedral London ticket prices

St Paul’s Cathedral ticket prices vary depending on a lot of factors, including: 

Ticket type

Depending on the type of ticket, such as private, group tickets, or VIP options, the ticket price for St Paul’s Cathedral will vary. 

A simple entry ticket is cheaper than the VIP options, which come with their own set of amenities.

Age group

The St Paul’s Cathedral ticket prices are based on the expected crowd’s age groups. 

A few tickets mentioned above provide one complimentary child ticket for every adult ticket bought.

Mode of Purchase

Buying St Paul’s Cathedral online tickets saves you a lot of money. 

While buying the tickets from the physical counters works, the online tickets often come with discounts that are light on the pocket

St Paul’s Cathedral ticket prices

The general admission ticket to St Paul’s Cathedral costs £21 for all Adult visitors (18 to 64 years). 

Senior citizen tickets (65 to 99 years) and tickets for students with valid ID cost £18. 

Children between 6 to 17 years need to pay £9 for the entry ticket. 

Infants below 6 years enjoy free tickets to St Paul’s Cathedral.

You can find the cost of all St Paul’s Cathedral tickets here: 

TicketCostBuy Ticket 
St Paul’s Cathedral entry ticket From £21Buy this Ticket
London tour with river cruiseFrom £92Buy this Ticket
St Paul Cathedral + Westminster AbbeyFrom £46Buy this Ticket
London PassFrom £80Buy this Ticket
Go City London Explorer passFrom £47Buy this Ticket

St Paul’s Cathedral tickets discount

St Paul’s Cathedral tickets discount
Image: Stpauls.co.uk

The pricing for St Paul’s Cathedral tickets is determined by the age group of visitors and the combination of attractions chosen. 

Age-based discounts

Discounted tickets are typically offered for infants, children, youth, students, and senior citizens. 

Students aged 18 to 25 and senior citizens above 65 can take advantage of discounted tickets for St Paul’s Cathedral.

Student and senior citizen tickets cost £18 and they can save £3 from the regular admission ticket. 

Children between the age of 6 to 17 pay only £9 for entry and save £12 when compared to the regular adult entry ticket. 

Visitors below the age of 5 often enjoy free admission.

Combo ticket and City Pass discounts

Combination tickets and city pass offer great discounts and easy access to various attractions in the city. 

With the Westminster Abbey or the Thames River Cruise combination, visitors can save up to 3% on entry tickets to St Paul’s Cathedral and the respective activity. 

The London City Pass and the Go City London explorer pass let you visit 3 to 85 attractions based on the pass you choose. 

If planned wisely, you can save up to 50% on entry tickets for various attractions in London. 

Online ticket discounts

When you purchase your tickets online, you can get seasonal promotion deals, package options and special discounts. 

These discounts are not available at the ticket counter.

Hence, we suggest you book your St Paul’s Cathedral tours online to get the maximum discounts.

7 reasons why book online St Paul’s Cathedral tickets

There are several advantages to booking St Paul’s Cathedral tickets online, and it is highly recommended for a more convenient and seamless experience. 

Here are some reasons why online booking is beneficial:

  • You can secure your preferred time slot by booking your tickets online. 
  • Guarantee entry to St Paul’s Cathedral and access to spaces within the cathedral.
  • Booking online eliminates the risk of arriving at the venue only to find out that the tickets for the day are sold out. 
  • Helps you avoid waiting in long queues, saving you time and frustration.
  • Online ticket booking saves you time and spares you from unnecessary hassle. 
  • Online booking platforms often offer exclusive deals, discounts, or bundled packages that may not be available when purchasing tickets on-site. 
  • Booking St Pauls’s tickets online allows you to save money while enjoying the same experience.

Booking St Paul’s Cathedral tickets online is a convenient and reliable way to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience at this incredible historic church.

How do online tickets for St Paul’s Cathedral work?

Acquiring St Paul’s Cathedral entrance tickets online is just as simple as any other online purchase. 

Follow the instructions below to secure your entry and make the most of your visit:

  • Please click on this link to purchase your St Paul’s Cathedral tickets.
  • Once you access the ticket website, you will have various St Pauls ticket options.
  • Select the ticket that best suits your needs.
  • Indicate the number of participants and the date of your visit.
  • Once you’ve made your selection, proceed to the payment process for the ticket.
  • After a successful payment, you will receive your ticket via email.
  • Present your online ticket at the counter to enjoy your experience at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot to complete the identification process and undergo the necessary security check.

It’s important to note that if you miss your pre-booked time slot, rescheduling is subject to availability and may incur additional costs.

What is St Paul’s Cathedral?

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral in the heart of London, England. 

With its rich history, striking architecture, and cultural significance, it stands as one of the most iconic landmarks in the city. 

Designed by architect Sir Christopher Wren in 1675 and was completed in 1711. 

This new cathedral replaced the Old St. Paul’s Cathedral, which was destroyed during the Great Fire of London in 1666.

The grandeur of St. Paul’s Cathedral is most evident in its awe-inspiring dome, which reaches a height of 111 meters (365 feet). 

This dome is a remarkable feat of engineering and remains one of the largest cathedral domes in the world. 

Its iconic silhouette can be seen from various vantage points across London and symbolizes the city’s resilience and history.

The interior of the cathedral is equally captivating. 

Visitors are greeted by the breathtaking Nave, a vast space adorned with intricately carved stone columns and an ornate ceiling. 

The Whispering Gallery, located in the dome, is a popular attraction where visitors can experience unique acoustic phenomena.

St. Paul’s Cathedral has played a significant role in British history and has been the backdrop for numerous important events. 

While St. Paul’s Cathedral remains a place of worship and spirituality, it also welcomes millions of visitors annually.

St Paul’s Cathedral allows tourists to explore its various chapels, including the American Memorial Chapel and the elegant All Souls’ Chapel. 

Visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral offers more than just a glimpse into London’s past. 

Its iconic dome, stunning interiors, and historical significance make it a must-visit tourist destination and a cherished symbol of the city’s identity.

What to Expect

When you visit St Paul’s Cathedral, you can expect a truly awe-inspiring experience filled with historical significance, architectural grandeur, and spiritual tranquility. 

St Paul’s Cathedral is renowned for its stunning architecture, designed by Sir Christopher Wren. 

The most striking feature is its magnificent dome, which stands at an impressive height of 365 feet (111 meters), 

The St Paul’s Dome offers breathtaking views of London from the Golden Gallery. 

The intricate carvings, majestic columns, and meticulous attention to detail throughout the cathedral’s interior will leave you in awe.

St Paul’s Cathedral has played a significant role in British history. 

It has hosted numerous important events, including the funerals of distinguished figures like Sir Winston Churchill and the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. 

One of the most unique features of St Paul’s Cathedral is the Whispering Gallery, located within the dome. 

This circular balcony allows for an acoustic phenomenon where whispers can be heard clearly on the opposite side of the gallery, about 100 feet away. 

Take a moment to experience this fascinating auditory illusion.

Check the cathedral’s schedule in advance if you want to attend a religious service. 

Additionally, the serene atmosphere and the beautiful chapels within the cathedral provide a peaceful sanctuary for personal reflection and contemplation.

The cathedral houses a remarkable collection of art and treasures. 

Look out for the intricate mosaics, stunning stained glass windows, and the elegant High Altar. 

St Paul’s Cathedral offers guided tours that provide deeper insights into its history, architecture, and hidden gems. 

These tours are an excellent way to make the most of your visit and learn more about this iconic landmark.

Best time to visit St Paul’s Cathedral

The best time to visit St Paul’s Cathedral can depend on various factors such as crowd levels, weather, and personal preferences. 

Early Morning

Arriving at St Paul’s Cathedral early in the morning, especially on weekdays, can provide a more peaceful and less crowded experience. 

The cathedral usually opens at 8:30 am, so visiting shortly after opening allows you to explore the interior with fewer visitors and enjoy a quieter atmosphere.

Weekdays vs Weekend

Visiting St Paul’s Cathedral on a weekday is generally recommended. 

Weekends are busier, as more tourists and locals visit leisurely. 

Choosing a weekday visit increases your chances of encountering smaller crowds and shorter queues.

Shoulder Seasons

Consider visiting during the shoulder seasons: 

  • Spring (March to May) 
  • Autumn (September to November)

These periods generally have milder weather than peak summer months, and tourist numbers may be slightly lower. 

However, weather conditions can still be unpredictable, so it’s advisable to check the forecast and dress accordingly.

Off-Peak Hours

If you prefer a quieter experience and don’t mind adjusting your schedule, consider visiting St Paul’s Cathedral during off-peak hours. 

Mid-afternoon, around 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, often sees fewer visitors than in the morning. 

You can also check if the cathedral has extended opening hours on certain days, as visiting during the later hours may offer a more serene experience.

Special Events

St Paul’s Cathedral occasionally hosts special events, such as concerts or religious services. 

If you’re interested in attending one of these events, it’s worth checking the cathedral’s calendar to plan your visit accordingly. 

St Paul Cathedral ticket FAQs

1. Is it free to visit St Paul’s Cathedral?

St Paul’s Cathedral is free to visit for all religious visitors. 

If you wish to tour the cathedral, then you must purchase a ticket. 

2. How much does it cost to visit St Paul’s Cathedral?

For guests who want to visit only St Paul’s Cathedral, it costs £21. 

Visitors who also want to tour Westminster Abbey can get a combo ticket for £46.

If you wish to take a river cruise after visiting the church it costs £92. 

For all guests who would like to visit multiple attractions in the city along with St Paul’s Cathedral, the city pass starts from £47. 

3. What is the price of St Paul’s Cathedral tickets?

The general admission ticket to St Paul’s Cathedral costs £21 for all Adult visitors (18 to 64 years). 

Senior citizen tickets (65 to 99 years) and tickets for students with valid ID cost £18. 

Children between 6 to 17 years need to pay £9 for the entry ticket. 

Infants below 6 years enjoy free tickets to St Paul’s Cathedral. 

4. How much time should I spend at St Paul’s Cathedral?

The time you need to spend at the cathedral depends on what you wish to see and experience. 

If you plan to just tour the church then you should allot 2 to 3 hours. 

For guests who want a more religious trip, we suggest you include more time to take part in the mass or evening service. 

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