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Found in 960 AD, Westminster Abbey is one of the oldest Cathedrals in London.

Westminster Abbey is owned by the royal family and symbolizes British heritage and wealth.

All royal coronations since 1066 have been held at Westminster Abbey.

This website shares everything you must know before buying tickets for Westminster Abbey.

Opening hours: 9.30 am

Closing time:  3.30 pm

Best time to visit: 9 am or late afternoon

Time required: 2 hours

Ticket Price:  £27

Location: Dean’s Yard, London, SW1. Get Directions.

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Top 3 Westminster Abbey Tickets

Entry Ticket

Simple Westminster Abbey tour 

  • Entry to Westminster Abbey
  • Access to Coronation Chair
  • Access to Poet’s Corner

Guided Tour 

Tour with an experienced guide

  • Entry to Westminster Abbey
  • Tour to all parts of the Abbey 
  • Tour with an expert guide

Combo Tour

Westminster Abbey + St Paul’s

  • Access to all parts of Abbey
  • Entry to St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Discounted entry to both the Churches 

Where to buy Westminster Abbey tickets

Westminster Abbey tickets are available online and at the church ticket counter. 

We suggest visitors buy tickets for Westminster Abbey online. 

Westminster Abbey is among the most famous churches, with over 1.34 million annual visitors.

With huge crowds getting a ticket from the counter takes 1 hour to 1.5 hours during summer days (July to September), holidays and festive times. 

When you buy tickets online, you can escape these long ticket lines. 

Online Westminster Abbey tickets are cheaper than the ones available at the counter. 

 You can also get tickets for the day and time you want online. 

Booking your ticket online in advance saves you from last-minute disappointments.

Online Westminster Abbey tickets allow you to tour not only Westminster Abbey but the neighborhood and other attractions in London. 

How do online Westminster Abbey tickets work?

Purchasing the Westminster Abbey tickets online is as easy as any other online purchase.  

Follow the steps below to secure your entry to Westminster Abbey and enjoy your trip:

  • To buy your Westminster Abbey ticket, click here.
  • After you enter the ticket website, you will find different Abbey tickets.
  • Select the ticket that suits you the best.
  • Select the number of participants and date of visit.
  • After selection, proceed to make the payment for the ticket.
  • Once the payment is successful, your ticket will be sent over email.
  • Enjoy visiting Westminster Abbey by presenting the online ticket at the counter.

Remember to arrive 15 minutes earlier than your pre-booked time slot to finish the identification process and security check. 

Visitors should also note that if they miss their pre-booked time slot, rescheduling is subject to availability and is expensive.

Westminster Abbey ticket prices

The simple entry ticket to Westminster Abbey is £27 for adults (17 to 64 years). 

Senior Citizens (65 to 99 years) and Students with ID can get the tickets for £24.

Children between the ages of 6 to 16 also get tickets for a discounted price of £12. 

Infants below 5 years enjoy free entry. 

The Westminster Abbey ticket change based on the type of tour you choose.

Guided tours and private tours are more expensive than simple entry tickets.

Combination tickets and London city pass cost offer discounted admission to more than one attraction; hence, the price varies.

The Westminster Abbey ticket costs are as follows:

TicketCostBuy Ticket  
Westminster Abbey Entry ticket From £27Buy This Ticket
Westminster Abbey guided tourFrom £65Buy This Ticket
Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral From £45Buy This Ticket
Westminster Abbey and afternoon teaFrom £125Buy This Ticket
Westminster Abbey and House of Parliament guided tourFrom £131Buy This Ticket
London PassFrom £90Buy This Ticket
Go City London Explorer PassFrom £47Buy This Ticket

Discounts on Westminster Abbey tickets

Most of the Westminster Abbey tickets offer age-based discounts

Ticket discounts of around 10% to 15% are available based on the visitor’s age.

Westminster Abbey admission ticket is available for £27 for adults (17 to 64 years). 

Senior Citizens (65 to 99 years) and Students with ID can get the tickets for £24.

Further discounts are available for children. 

Children between 6 to 16 years get the ticket for £12 and infants below 5 enjoy free entry. 

Visitors who want to avail of age-based discounts should carry a document for age proof during their visit. 

Types of Westminster Abbey tickets

If you plan to visit Westminster Abbey, learn more about the various types of tickets and tour options. 

There are various tickets to Westminster Abbey with different benefits, combinations and inclusions. 

What you wish to visit on your tour decides the type of ticket you need to buy. 

Based on the inclusions, guidance, and timings, the Westminster Abbey ticket prices change. 

The basic type of tickets for Westminster Abbey is entry tickets, guided tours, combination tickets and city passes. 

Here is a clear guide to the different types of Westminster Abbey tickets. 

1. Westminster Abbey entry ticket

The simplest ticket to Westminster Abbey is the entry ticket. 

With this ticket, you can tour and have access to all parts of the Abbey. 

This ticket does not offer any additional inclusions. 

Westminster Abbey entry ticket prices: From £27

2. Westminster Abbey guided tour

If you want to learn about the rich history of Westminster Abbey, then opt for a guided tour. 

An expert guide will take you and your group through the church and share his/her insights about the attraction. 

Visitors can opt for either a small group private tour or a shared group tour. 

Small group private tour lets guests have a private tour of the Abbey with their family and friends. 

Westminster Abbey guided tour price: From £65

3. Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral ticket

Get a combination ticket to Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral. 

A combination ticket lets visitors enjoy discounted entry to more than one attraction by just purchasing one ticket. 

With the Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral combo, you can tour the best Churches in London. 

Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral combo price: From £45

4. Westminster Abbey and Afternoon Tea

Westminster Abbey and Afternoon Tea
Image: Pinterest.com

The Royal London tour with Westminster Abbey and afternoon tea ticket offers the best chance to tour London. 

You can visit multiple attractions in London and then head to Westminster Abbey at noon. 

After you visit Westminster Abbey, enjoy tea at the Cellarium Cafe and Terrace. 

Westminster Abbey and afternoon tea ticket price: From £125

5. Westminster Abbey and the House of Parliament guided Tour

This combination gives guests a full guided tour of the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. 

The guide takes a small group of 25 visitors to both these attractions with just one ticket. 

You can get access to all parts of the Abbey with this ticket. 

Westminster Abbey and House of Parliament ticket price: From £131

6. London Pass

London Pass
Image: Viator.com

The London Pass offers entry to more than 85 attractions for 1 to 10 days. 

Visitors can choose the number of days they want the pass for and enjoy uninterrupted access to most London attractions. 

By purchasing this one pass, guests need not buy individual entry tickets to all the attractions. 

London Pass Price: From £90

7. Go City London Explorer Pass

If you are looking for money saver option during your trip to London, the Go City London Explorer Pass is a great choice. 

Visitors with the Go City London Pass can enjoy discounted entry to 2 to 7 attractions. 

This is good for travelers visiting London for a short time or the first time. 

Go City London Explorer pass price: From £47

What to expect at Westminster Abbey?

Westminster Abbey holds a rich religious and historical significance. 

It portrays the grandeur of London.

With a serene ambiance and rich history, this is a unique attraction in London.  

This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most famous churches in the world. 

Westminster Abbey is an active church for religious activities, a place for royal coronations, and also a famous tourist spot. 

Here you can learn about the famous Coronations and weddings that shaped the royal history of London. 

In addition, Westminster Abbey holds various places you should visit, like Poet’s Corner, Royal Tombs and Bell Towers


1. How much does the Westminster Abbey ticket cost?

The Westminster Abbey entry ticket costs £27 for adults (17 to 64 years). 

Senior Citizens (65 to 99 years) and Students with ID can get the tickets for £24.

Children between the ages 6 to 16 also get tickets for a discounted price of £12. 

Infants below 5 years enjoy free entry. 

2. Can you buy a Westminster Abbey ticket from the counter?

Yes, visitors can buy entry tickets from the counter. 

However, securing tickets at the last minute is difficult due to the high number of visitors. 

Hence booking your tickets in advance online is the best option. 

3. Is Westminster Abbey free to visit?

Yes, Westminster Abbey is open to visitors. 

4. Can you attend Mass at Westminster Abbey?

Yes, visitors can attend mass at Westminster Abbey.
Make sure you check the mass and service timings to plan your visit. 

Featured Image: Westminster-Abbey.org

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