Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum Tickets: Prices, Discounts, Timings & Highlights


Timings: 10 am to 5 pm

Duration: 2 hours

Best Time to Visit: early hours of a weekday in spring or fall 

Price: $32-146 

Location:  Pier 86 along the Hudson River, Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan

Address: 12th Avenue and 46th Street, Manhattan, New York, U.S.

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Intrepid Museum Entry Ticket



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1-2 hrs.

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Intrepid Museum + Edge at Hudson Yards Bundle



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4 hrs.

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New York CityPass with Entrance to 5 Top Attractions



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Which Intrepid Museum Ticket is Best for You?

For Budget Travelers

For Budget Travelers

Suggested Ticket:

Intrepid Museum Tickets

Ticket Price: €32

If you are a budget-friendly traveler, then the Intrepid Museum entry ticket gives you discounted entry to over 28 restored aircraft and various other exhibits.

It also lets you access the USS Growler, a Cold War-era submarine.

Visitors also get to see a special exhibit, i.e.,” Apollo: When We Went to the Moon 

You can immerse yourself in the stories surrounding Apollo missions, explore a recreation of the Apollo Command Module and check out authentic exhibits of the Apollo program.

For Solo Tourists

For Solo Tourists

Suggested Ticket:

Intrepid Museum Ticket with Live Guide

Ticket Price: €32

If you are a solo traveler, an entry ticket with a live guide is your best option.

It allows you to stay and explore the Intrepid Museum’s hangar deck, flight deck and other exhibits for as long as you like.

A live tour guide will provide expert commentary on the aircraft on the carrier’s flight deck.

You can also access the submarine USS Growler and the Space Shuttle Pavilion.

For a Detailed Visit interpid

For a Detailed Visit

Suggested Ticket:

Go City Explorer Pass – 90+ Tours and Attractions

Ticket Price: €80

This New York City Explorer Pass helps you with a detailed visit of upto 10 attractions, tours, and experiences while saving up to 50% on entry. 

You can choose from over 90 options, including the Empire State Building, EDGE, Intrepid Museum, One World Observatory and more.

This saves you a lot of money with a wholesome sightseeing experience. 

Know Intrepid Museum

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City showcases the historic USS Intrepid aircraft carrier, military aircraft, and the space shuttle, USS Enterprise. 

Located at Pier 86 on the West Side of Manhattan, the floating museum offers a rich experience of maritime, military, and aerospace history. 

Visitors can also learn more about NASA’s Apollo missions to space and explore exhibits and simulations.

The museum is easily accessible from various points in the New York City Metro area.

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Plan Your Visit

Opening Hours

The museum is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm. The last admission is an hour before the closing time.

During peak seasons, from April to October, the extended closing time is 6 pm on weekends and holidays to accommodate more visitors. 

Weekdays are less crowded than weekends and holidays, ensuring a more enjoyable experience. 

Please note that the museum is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

How to Reach 

Located on Manhattan’s west side at Pier 86, W 46th St, New York, NY 10036, the museum is easily accessible by various transportation options. 

If you prefer public transport, take the A, C, E, or S train to the 50th St. & 8th Avenue station, or hop on the M42 or M50 bus to the 12th Ave & 46th Street stop. 

For drivers, parking is available at nearby facilities like Park Right or Manhattan Cruise Parking. 

If you’re coming from Penn Station, take the subway or bus to 42nd Street and then walk or take the M-42 West Bus to the Hudson River. 

Similarly, from Grand Central, catch the M42 bus to Twelfth Avenue. For those arriving by ferry, board the NY Waterway ferry to Manhattan’s 39th and 12th Avenues. 


When visiting the Intrepid Museum in New York City, you’ll discover various restaurants to satiate your hunger. 

From modest cafes to luxurious dining spots, these restaurants offer a wide selection to suit your preferences.

You can visit the Marshal for a delightful brunch; Landmark Tavern awaits you if you are into Irish Cuisine.

Fitness enthusiasts can check out PRINT Restaurant for a healthy treat. Beer lovers would find heaven at Gotham Craft Market.

  • The museum is big, so expect to walk a lot. Wear comfy shoes to enjoy your visit.
  • Don’t plan for an afternoon visit as the museum sometimes closes attractions earlier than advertised, often without warning. Check online for updated hours to avoid disappointment. 
    Since many people want to see the Growler submarine, it fills up quickly. Make sure to visit it early to avoid missing out.
  • The museum has three cool 4D simulator rides. They cost $11 extra per person and must be booked in advance.
    To go on the 4D rides, you must be at least 1 meter tall. For the G-Force Encounter, you need to be 1.07 meters tall with an adult and 1.22 meters tall without one.
  • You can’t leave coats, but there are lockers for small bags. So, bring only what you really need.
  • Plan to spend atleast 2-hours, if you’re into military history, especially World War II or Vietnam. Explore naval aircraft and the life onboard an aircraft carrier, with detailed exhibits and guided tours providing insights into various eras.
  • Don’t forget to climb into aircraft cockpits, experience ship steering against radar blips, and enjoy the immersive submarine walkthrough.


flight deck intrepid museum

Flight Deck

The pen-air expanse of the Intrepid is where you will find military and civilian aircrafts, offering a look into aviation history. 

From the sleek Concorde SST to the enigmatic Lockheed A-12 reconnaissance plane, you can marvel at the evolution of flight. 

Keep an eye out for the iconic Grumman F-14 Tomcat, immortalized by the movie, “Top Gun.”


Hangar Deck intrepid museum

Hangar Deck

Descend to the Hangar Deck for the interactive world of naval operations. 

Encounter the Growler submarine, a marvel of underwater warfare powered by nuclear energy. 

Explore its living quarters, torpedo rooms, and control center, imagining the life of submariners beneath the waves.


Gallery Deck intrepid museum

Gallery Deck

Take a journey through time on the Gallery Deck, where interactive exhibits bring naval history to life. 

Experience epic battles, delve into aviation milestones, and explore the complexities of the Vietnam War. 

Honor the courageous crew who served aboard the Intrepid, true heroes of the ship’s storied past.


Space Shuttle Pavilion intrepid museum

Space Shuttle Pavilion

The Space Shuttle Pavilion is home to the legendary Space Shuttle Enterprise. 

Stand beneath this monumental craft and pay homage to the astronauts who ventured into the cosmos. 

Engage with exhibits that unravel the mysteries of spaceflight and inspire the ongoing quest to explore beyond the stars.


USS Growler Submarine  intrepid museum

USS Growler Submarine

You can also see an American-guided missile submarine at the Intrepid Museum. 

As the only accessible submarine in the U.S., you get an exclusive opportunity to explore its once top-secret missile command center and various compartments, including crew quarters, galley, and engine room.


Combat Information Center intrepid museum

Combat Information Center

Discover the nerve center of USS Intrepid’s operations, the Combat Information Center (CIC). 

Vital for the ship’s functions, it was the hub for gathering and analyzing data on nearby planes, ships, and submarines. 

CIC officers meticulously interpreted radar data to ensure the safety of the ship and guide aircraft on missions. As you tour this facility, you’ll grasp its crucial role in safeguarding the Intrepid and its crew.



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