Plan Your Visit With an Intrepid Museum Map: Key Exhibits, Entraces, Stairs and Amenities Guide

If you are traveling to the Intrepid Museum, a map is indispensable; It allows you to access each and every deck of the aircraft carrier conveniently.

And we have just that: a map of Intrepid Museum showing its various levels.

The map shows the various decks: Flight Deck, Gallery Deck, Hangar Deck and the Third Deck.

 You can visit the interactive map of Intrepid and plan which areas and displays you want to visit. 

It highlights key exhibits, access points, stairs and elevators across the museum. These are the levels, exhibits, and entrances we will talk about:

The Flight Deck

The Flight Deck has major attractions like the Space Shuttle Pavilion and several military aircraft, including the A-12 Blackbird and F-14 Tomcat. 

On the east side, you can see the Apollo 11 & Beyond VR experience and the Space Shuttle Enterprise. Restrooms are near Exhibit 11, and access stairs are near Exhibit 6.

There is also a fully functional aircraft elevator on the  port side of flight deck; visitors can ride it for free at 12 pm. and 2 pm. 

Apart from the port side elevator, Intrepid also has a flight of stairs from the Gallery Deck for the energetic. 

There are also other elevators for the disabled; you can check out this pdf for wheelchair accessibility.

The Gallery Deck

The Gallery Deck displays naval operations and living quarters, with exhibits like the Combat Information Center, Officer Berthing,  Triple Stix bunks and the Anchor Chain Room.

 Restrooms are near the stairs leading to the Hangar Deck.

The Gallery Deck also has the Combat Information Center, it doesn’t have elevators or stairs and only has a few ladders for accessibility.

But those capable of ascending them will see the equipment used by US Navy personnel in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

The Hangar Deck

The Hangar Deck is the heart of the museum, with interactive experiences such as the Exploreum Interactive Hall, the Allison & Howard Lutnick Theater, and the 4D Experience Theater. 

This deck also includes exhibits like the Kamman Education Center and the TBF/TBM Avenger aircraft. Restrooms are near Exhibits 24 and 33, and there’s a cafeteria near Exhibit 30.

There are elevators leading to the hangar deck from the third deck and stairs leading to the Gallery deck from the Hangar deck.

Third Deck and Restrooms 

The Third Deck shows the crew’s daily life with exhibits like General Berthing and the Crew’s Mess. 

Restrooms are near exhibit 16, with stairs connecting to the Hangar Deck.

Pier 86

Pier 86 has two must-see exhibits: A British Airways Concorde Jet and the Cold War-era Submarine USS Growler. 

For an additional fee, you can enter the jet and explore its first-class cabin.

You can also get inside the USS Growler and get a first-hand experience of life on a submarine. 

Don’t forget to see its “top-secret” missile command center! Also, remember that you have to duck a little to move around the submarine.  

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