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By Nikita Verma

Did you know that Bran Castle, also known as Dracula Castle, has nothing to do with Dracula? 

In contrast to popular belief, the castle was never the home of the bloodthirsty prince Vlad the Impaler, who inspired the legendary vampire character.

In fact, Bram Stoker, the author of the novel “Dracula,” never even visited Bran Castle or Romania. 

But despite this, Bran Castle still has a mysterious and fascinating charm.

Its location on a 762-meter cliff, overlooking valleys and forests, creates the perfect scenery for a Gothic story. 

It has narrow winding staircases and underground passages that form a labyrinth-like set-up, leading to 60 timbered rooms that hide secrets and legends. 

Transylvania’s national landmark and monument is one of Romania’s top tourist attractions, selling the most Bran Castle tickets.

Hours: 09 am to 06 pm

Best Time: 09:30 am in the morning or 5 pm in the evening

Time Needed: 1hr

Ticket Price: €34

Distance From Brasov: Approximately 28 kilometers (17 miles)

Location: Bran Castle is a castle in Bran, 25 km southwest of Brasov.

Address: Strada General Traian Moșoiu 24, Bran 507025, Romania

Where to Buy Bran Castle Tickets

Visitors can book Bran Castle tickets online or offline at the attraction. 

  • Online tickets are usually cheaper than offline tickets.
  • When you purchase your admission online, you avoid standing in long lines, which can last longer during peak season.
  • Buying online gets your preferred time slot, which you can’t get at the gates.

Bran Castle Ticket Prices

The self-guided admission ticket to Dracula Castle costs €18 for adults aged 18 to 64.

Children aged 7 to 17 pay a discounted fee of €6, whereas seniors aged 65 and above pay €16.

Halloween night tour costs €20 for adults 15 and above, and for children aged 3 to 14 is priced at €12.

Halloween night tour + after party is priced at €43 for people 18 and above.

Kids under 7 and disabled visitors are welcome for free.

Top 3 Most Sell-Out Tours and Tickets of 2023

bran castle tour

Bran Castle Entry Ticket

  • Fast track entry
  • Live Guide
  • Free entry for children under 6
old town barsov tours

From Bucharest Full Day Trip

  • Dracula Castle
  • Peles Castle
  • Old town Brasov tour
  • Small Group
Dracula's Castle

Dracula Castle, Peles Castle and Brasov 

  • Skip the line entry.
  • Local Guide
  • Pickup Included
  • Duration 12 hr

How does online ticket work

On the ticket booking page, choose your preferred date and the number of tickets and click on book now. 

Instantly after purchase, the tickets get delivered to your email address.

No need to take printouts.

On the day of your visit, Walk to the Transylvanian Wonders office at Strada Castelului 12, within a 5-minute walk from the castle. 

Swap your smartphone ticket/voucher for a paper ticket.

Types of Bran Castle tickets 

There are four ways to explore Bran Castle- you can opt for the fast-track entry ticket, which is the most popular among tourists.

If you want to break the myth, you can go on a Bran Castle guided tour. 

If you want an elaborate tour, you can buy tours from Bucharest or Multi-day Transylvania tours.

Skip the line Tickets for Bran Castle

Bran Castle admission ticket is the cheapest and most popular among tourists.

With a fast-track entrance, explore the fortress, walls, and turrets. 

You can also opt for an exclusive Halloween party with the Night Tour.

Children under seven and visitors with disabilities get in for free.

Admission ticketHalloween Night tour  Halloween night tour +After party
Adult Ticket (18 to 64): €18 Child ticket (7 to 17 years): €6Senior ticket (65 + years): €16Adult Ticket (15 + ): €20 Child ticket (3 to 14 years): €16Adult ticket (18 +): €43

Guided Tour of Dracula Castle

If you want an in-depth exploration, we suggest taking a guided tour of Bran Castle.

Skip the lines and get direct access with an expert multilingual guide who speaks English, Italian and Romanian.

The tour is free for children under 6; however, it is not recommended for children this young.

Tour Price:

Adult Ticket (18 +): €30 

Teen ticket (13 to 17 years): €16

Child ticket (6 to 12 years): €19

Tours From Bucharest 

Starting from the vibrant Romanian capital, Bucharest, where history meets modernity in the charming Old Town. 

Explore the mysterious land of howling wolves and bloodthirsty vampires, a mythical land that feels like a time capsule from medieval times.

Tour the Saxon villages, Peleş Castle, and the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, along with a walking tour of Brasov’s old town in one day.

Enjoy the comfort of air-conditioned transportation and let the operators handle the hassle.

Choose the best suitable tour from the most sold-out tour of the year:

Full-day tour from Bucharest €35
Small group day trip from Bucharest€40
Dracula’s Castle, Peles Castle, & Brasov Old Town€30
Day Trip to Dracula Castle, Peles Castle & Brasov€39

Private Tours

A gothic adventure in Transylvania with a private tour from Bucharest! 

A private tour gives you a customized experience with the benefit of hotel pickup and skipping the long lines at the attraction.

Plus, cracking the myths with facts with an expert local guide for your group means special attention!

Visit the famous Peleş Castle, Bran Castle (‘Dracula’s Castle’), and explore the medieval charm of Brasov. 

Your local guide will share unheard stories as you wander through Sinaia, Bran, and Brasov. 

And the best thing is that it will be just you and your crew, so you’ll have the best time ever! 

Here is the best recommended private tour of Bran Castle:

Castles of Transylvania€110
Transylvanian Castles and Brasov’s Medieval Old Town€116

Transylvania Multi-day Tours 

Looking for a budget-friendly exploration experience with limited time? Then packages are the perfect option.

Packages offer you an ideal plan of the tour with everything taken care of by the providers.

You can enjoy a worry-free tour with preplanned itineraries, including top attractions, accommodations in 3 to 5-star, and seamless pickup and drop-off services.

You can choose from these two recommended options to make the most of your visit.

Dracula's Castle

Medieval Transylvania Tour 

  • 3 or 4-days
  • Local Guide
  • Top Attractions 
  • Transportation by car/minibus
  • 2nights’ accommodation in a 3-star hotel
Dracula's Castle

Transylvania Private from Bucharest

  • 4 days
  • Transportation
  • Local Guide
  • 3 meals over a local family in a local village
  • Top Attractions
  • WiFi

Best Time to Visit Bran Castle

To avoid large crowds and fully immerse yourself in the castle’s ambiance, consider visiting during the early morning or late afternoon.

Visiting during the weekdays is better, which offers a more crowd-free visit.

For the optimal Bran Castle experience, consider visiting during the spring and fall months. 

However, if you visit in summer, arrive early and get skip-the-line tickets for direct access. 

Bran Castle opens at 9 am, and arriving 30 minutes before the opening is best.

How Long Does It Take to Visit Bran Castle

Typically, it takes around 1-2 hours to explore the whole circuit of Bran Castle. 

However, the duration of your visit depends on how much time you want to spend exploring the castle and the surrounding area. 

To save time, you should buy Bran Castle tickets online to avoid long lines, which can add hours to your visit. 

You can also opt for a guided tour to bypass the line and receive an in-depth experience from a local guide.

How to Reach Bran Castle

You can choose from various transportation options from Brasov to Bran Castle.

  • By Bus: You can take a bus, which often runs from Brasov to Bran, taking about 45 minutes and costing $3.
  • By car: Driving takes around 35 minutes, covering 19 miles (30 km).
  • By train: The train will cost around $8 and take 3 hours from Bucharest to Brasov.

        You can take a taxi or Bus from Brasov to Bran Castle.

  • By taxi or Uber: Taking a taxi from Brasov to Bran Castle costs around $18 to $21 and takes about 30 minutes.

To get from Bucharest to Bran Castle, consider guided tours, driving, or public transport options.

  • By car: Driving from Bucharest to Bran Castle takes about 4.5 hours and covers a distance of around 99 miles (160 km).
  • By taxi: Taking a taxi from Bucharest to Bran Castle costs around $86 and takes about 2 hours and 31 minutes.
  • By Train: Take a train from Bucharest to Brasov, then a taxi or Bus to Bran Castle. The train journey is around 3.5 hours and costs about $11.

Consider booking a guided tour from Bucharest for a hassle-free and enjoyable visit to Bran Castle and other Transylvania sights.

What to Expect at Bran Castle

Bran Castle is at the border between Transylvania and Wallachia and is known for its majestic presence.

Visitors can explore Queen Marie’s residence, with various rooms showcasing the regal lifestyle.

The castle boasts hidden passageways, including a secret stone passage discovered in 1927.

Its library holds an extensive collection of ancient tomes and rare manuscripts.

The Armory displays an impressive array of medieval weaponry and armor.

Queen Marie’s heart rests in a heart-shaped box in the castle.

The picturesque courtyard offers breathtaking views of the Carpathian Mountains.

The Donjon, the tallest tower, offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

The castle’s well, situated atop a cliff, was a defense and water source.

The Time Tunnel is an interactive museum that takes visitors on a historical journey.

Bran Castle Restaurants

Discover the top restaurants near Bran Castle, serving Romanian delights and international cuisine. 

Casa De Ceai offers a delightful culinary experience, while Restaurant Bran Parc serves traditional Romanian dishes. 

Trattoria Al Gallo combines Italian and Romanian flavors, and Bran Chalet Restaurant provides a warm ambiance with authentic Romanian dishes. 

Satisfy your taste buds amidst the beautiful landscapes of Transylvania.

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