Aquatica Orlando Tickets – Prices, Discounts, Inclusions and More!

If thrilling water slides, exhilarating wave pools and serene beaches sound like the perfect summer holiday, plan your visit to Aquatica Orlando.

Aquatica Orlando offers the perfect getaway to enjoy the best waterpark in Orlando.

This unique theme park has everything from exciting rides to relaxing beaches and cabanas.

You can enjoy the sister parks Aquatica Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando, Discover Cove and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay together on a package.

This website provides you with all the information about Aquatica Orlando tickets, prices, hours, rides and more.

Opening hours: 9 am

Closing time: 6 pm

Time required: 5 to 6 hours

Best time to visit: Summers

Ticket Price: $61

Location: 5800 Water Play Way, Orlando, FL 32821

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Top Aquatica Orlando Tickets

Aquatica Entry ticket

Skip the line entry to Aquatica Orlando 

  • Entry to Aquatica Orlando
  • Food and drinks in the park
  • Access to additional parks 

Theme park combo  

Seaworld and Aquatica Orlando combo

  • Entry to Aquatica Orlando
  • Entry SeaWorld Orlando 
  • Access to additional parks 

Florida Multi park pass

Skip the line entry to Aquatica Orlando 

  • Entry to Aquatica Orlando
  • 2, 3 or unlimited entry to parks for 14 days
  • All-day dining deal

Where to Buy Aquatica Orlando Park Tickets

You can get an Aquatica Orlando ticket online or at the theme park ticket counter.

We recommend you purchase your entry tickets online since the ticket counter has a limited number of tickets on sale every day.

Also, Aquatica Orlando welcomes two million visitors every year and securing your entry to the park is challenging.

By booking tickets online, you skip the long waiting lines at the ticket counter that can take up to one hour during peak seasons.

When you buy your entry tickets online, you can enjoy discounted prices for Aquatica Orlando and additional parks.

Moreover, some of the most popular tickets like SeaWorld and Aquatica Orlando Combo or the Orlando Theme Park Pass are only available online.

Online tickets are thus easy, hassle-free and convenient.

How do Online Tickets for Aquatica Orlando Work

Purchasing the Aquatica Orlando entrance tickets online is as easy as any other online purchase.  

Follow the steps below to secure your entry to Aquatica and enjoy your trip to the best water park in Orlando:

  • To buy your Aquatica Orlando tickets, click here.
  • After you enter the ticket website, you will find different Aquatica Orlando tickets.
  • Select the ticket that suits you the best.
  • Select the number of participants and date of visit.
  • After selection, proceed to make the payment for the ticket.
  • Once the payment is successful, your ticket will be sent over email.

Enjoy your visit to Aquatica Orlando by presenting the online ticket at the counter.

Aquatica Orlando Ticket Prices

An Aquatica Orlando admission ticket costs $61 during weekdays and $74 during weekends for all visitors above 3 years. 

The SeaWorld Multi-park pass lets you visit Aquatica, SeaWorld, Adventure Island, and Busch Gardens at the cost of $146 for three parks and $215 for unlimited visits.

The Aquatica Orlando ticket prices are listed below. 

Aquatica Orlando Entry ticket $61 to $74
SeaWorld and Aquatica Orlando combo ticket$133 to $197
Discovery Cove and Aquatica Orlando combo ticket$250 to $359
Tampa Adventure Islands and Additional Parks $268 to $359
SeaWorld Florida Multi Park Pass$144 to $246

Aquatica Orlando Discount Tickets

While a general entry ticket to Aquatica Orlando costs $74 per person (weekend entry), children below 3 years enjoy free admission.

Visitors above 3 years can get discounts with combination tickets.

Also, weekday tickets cost $13 less than weekend tickets.

The SeaWorld Florida Multi-Park pass offers a maximum discount. You can get entry for 3 parks at the price of 2.

Types of Aquatica Orlando Tickets

Aquatica Orlando provides a range of admission tickets, each offering different inclusions and benefits.

The basic entry tickets to Aquatica Orlando are the simplest tickets for exploring Orlando’s premier water park.

This ticket grants one-day access, includes dining deals, and offers options for multi-park entry.

For those looking to experience the top amusement parks in Orlando, the combined SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Orlando ticket is an ideal choice.

Take a deeper dive into marine life with Aquatica Orlando and Discovery Cove combination tickets. 

For all theme park enthusiasts, there are various combination tickets like Tampa Adventure Island and additional park tickets.

SeaWorld features a collection of sister adventure theme parks, perfect for cooling off during the summer.

The SeaWorld Florida Multipark pass allows access to three parks for the price of two.

Best Aquatica Orlando tickets

If you’re planning a visit to Aquatica Orlando, it’s essential to choose from their wide range of ticket options.

Selecting the right ticket ensures you enjoy the maximum benefits and inclusions at a discounted rate.

Here’s an overview of the best Aquatica Orlando ticket deals:

1. Aquatica Orlando Entry Ticket

This ticket grants access to Aquatica Orlando, including all its exhilarating rides and attractions.

Additionally, you have the option to choose dining deals at various restaurants within the park.

The one-day Aquatica Orlando ticket also offers an upgrade to include visits to SeaWorld Aquatica and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

2. SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Orlando Combination Ticket 

Choosing this ticket gives you access to both SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica Orlando.

With this upgrade, you’ll enjoy both parks, including all rides, attractions, and shows.

This ticket also includes options for unlimited visits and parking facilities.

3. Discovery Cove and Additional Park ticket 

The Discovery Cove entry ticket, with upgrades, grants access to Aquatica Orlando and another theme park.

This combo ticket allows you to enjoy Discovery Cove, the Dolphin Swim program, and two additional parks.

It also covers snorkeling equipment and dining costs at Discovery Cove.

4. Tampa Adventure Island Park Admission

Tampa Adventure Island Park Admission

This ticket offers a visit to Tampa Adventure Island and an upgrade to include Aquatica Orlando.

Like the other combination tickets, it allows visits to up to three parks.

5. SeaWorld Florida Multi-park Pass

SeaWorld Florida Multi park Pass

This pass permits 2, 3, or unlimited visits to SeaWorld’s sister parks.

Valid for 14 days, it’s an economical choice for exploring all of Orlando’s water parks.

Additionally, you can upgrade to include all-day dining deals at the parks.

What to Expect at Aquatica Orlando 

This premium water park is a must-visit for all animal lovers and thrill seekers. 

Visitors can get close to a vibrant array of marine life through various dynamic rides and slides at this park. 

Discover flora and fauna from regions ranging from the South Pacific to Australia.

Take the opportunity to play, slide and swim with exotic creatures like Commerson’s dolphins, leopard sharks, sardines and other cold-water fish. 

The park offers an array of attractions, from exhilarating water slides and exciting wave pools to leisurely lazy rivers, catering to visitors of all ages.

Voted as the nation’s best outdoor water park, the park is filled with speedy body slides, radical racers and pools waiting to be enjoyed. 

Aquatica houses the world’s tallest dueling racer,  speedy raft rides and a giant side-by-side wave pool. 

There are various rides and attractions at the Kid’s Play area for all the little toads visiting the park.

In addition to adrenaline-pumping slides and rides, there are a lot of zones to relax and rewind. 

Once the fatigue has hit you, head to the white sandy beach and cabanas to relax and rewind. 

There are also various shopping and dining options spread throughout Aquatica Orlando. 

Note: If you plan to visit Aquatica, you can also upgrade your Aquatica Orlando tickets to enjoy entry to other SeaWorld sister parks and nearby theme parks

FAQs About Aquatica Orlando Tickets

1. Where to buy Aquatica Orlando tickets?

Visitors can buy their Aquatica Orlando tickets online. 

Due to millions of tourists visiting Aquatica Orlando every year, the tickets have high demand and are hard to get on the day. 

Hence, we recommend you book your tickets for Aquatica Orlando online. 

2. How much do tickets to Aquatica Orlando cost?

Aquatica Water Park Orlando ticket prices start from $53 for visitors above 3 years during weekdays. 

During the weekend, the price goes to $56.

If you opt for additional parks and dining deals, the Aquatica tickets can increase to $197.

3. Can I get tickets for Aquatica Orlando at the park?

Visitors can get tickets for Aquatica Orlando at the park. 

However, due to millions of visitors traveling to the park during the peak season, you might not be able to get the tickets. 

There are also long queues at the ticket counter. 

Hence, we suggest you purchase your Aquatica Orlando* tickets online in advance. 

4. What is Aquatica Orlando’s cancellation/refund policy?

The Aqautica Orland tickets can not be refunded once issued. 

However, it is valid for one year and you can visit anytime. 

5. What happens if there is inclement weather in the area?

The park and the rides are closed in case of inclement weather for the safety of the visitors. 

6. What if a hurricane occurs during my visit to Aquatica Orlando?

In the event of a hurricane during your visit to Aquatica Orlando, tickets can be rescheduled or the park might refund the tickets. 

7. Are there any discounts available for Aquatica Orlando tickets?

Entry to Aquatica Orlando is free for children below 3 years.

Also, the general ticket is cheaper during weekdays compared to weekends.

8. Do I need to print my ticket or can I use a mobile ticket?

You can present your online Aquatica Orlando ticket on your phone.

9. Do I need to purchase tickets for special events or attractions within Aquatica Orlando?

Entry to most events and attractions are included in the Aquatica Orlando admission ticket.

10. What is the difference between a single-day ticket and a multi-day pass?

A single-day ticket offers a one-time entry to the park on a date of your choice.

A multi-day pass, on the other hand, gives you unlimited access to the park for the number of days you pick.

11. Are there combo tickets for SeaWorld and other parks?

Combo tickets are available for SeaWorld, Aquatica, Discovery Cove and Tampa Bay.