Aquatica Cabanas

Aquatica Orlando, a water park in Florida, is designed to resemble a tropical paradise.

The most luxurious way to enjoy a day at Aquatica Orlando is by renting one of the six types of cabanas.

These cabanas offer visitors a private and comfortable spot to relax during their visit.

Located in various areas of the park, the Aquatica Orlando cabanas vary in style and size.

Guests can reserve a cabana online in advance or by contacting the park’s customer service.

Renting a cabana at Aquatica enhances your visit with added privacy and comfort.

This article provides detailed information about the Aquatica cabanas, helping you prepare for your trip to Aquatica Orlando.

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Where are the Cabanas Located

Aquatica cabanas are located throughout the park giving you a few options to choose from.

Here are a few popular Aquatica cabana locations:

Visitors must note that the availability of cabanas in your preferred locations may vary depending on the season! 

Aquatica Orlando Map

Types of Cabanas

Renting a cabana at Aquatica Orlando is an excellent way to elevate your visit.

Aquatica offers private and cozy cabanas, perfect for groups to relax and enjoy the park.

Choose from six cabana types, each situated in unique park areas.

Every type provides distinct amenities and benefits to fit your budget and preferences.

This section covers all cabana types and locations at Aquatica, helping you select the ideal one.

Premium Cabanas

Positioned between the wave pools on a small island, premium cabanas offer a more exclusive and luxurious experience.

They feature shaded areas with comfortable lounge chairs and ceiling fans for guest comfort.

Each premium cabana comes with a mini-fridge filled with bottled water and a safe for valuables.

Booking these includes access to a personal locker and a dedicated host for food and beverage service.

Due to limited availability, with only two per day accommodating up to four guests, it’s advisable to book online.

Pricing for premium cabanas varies based on the season and demand, averaging between $169 and $399 per day

Roa’s Rapids Family Cabanas

Roa’s Rapids Family Cabanas, located at Aquatica Orlando, offers a private retreat near the thrilling Roa’s Rapids ride.

Accommodating up to ten people, these cabanas provide the same amenities as the premium ones, including a private entrance to Roa’s Rapids.

They are an ideal choice for families and groups seeking to enhance their park experience with both privacy and comfort.

The cost for these private cabanas at Aquatica ranges from $229 to $599 per day.

Walkabout Waters Cabanas

The Walkabout Waters cabanas, located near the Taumata Racer and Walkabout Waters Ride, offer private, shaded areas.

They provide guests with a cozy and convenient spot to relax, unwind, and enjoy their day at the water park.

These cabanas at Aquatica comfortably accommodate four people, with the option to host up to seven for an additional fee.

The Walkabout Waters cabanas feature several amenities, including comfortable seating, a mini-fridge stocked with water bottles, a ceiling fan, and a locker for storing personal belongings.

Renting a cabana also comes with the services of a personal attendant, who assists with food and beverage orders and provides towels and sunscreen.

Moreover, these private cabanas are quite affordable, ranging from $89 to $299 per day.

Beach Front Cabanas

Beachfront cabanas are a popular choice for guests, owing to their prime location by the wave pools at the beach.

At Aquatica, beachfront cabanas offer private, shaded spaces that comfortably accommodate up to four people, with the option to host seven for an additional fee.

These cabanas are situated on the sandy beach near the wave pools, Cutback Cove and Big Surf Shores.

Each cabana is equipped with amenities including a mini-fridge, ceiling fan, and comfortable seating.

Additionally, private cabana rentals include the service of a dedicated host to assist with food and beverage orders.

Beachfront cabanas can be reserved online or by contacting the park’s customer service, with daily rates ranging from $129 to $399.

Roa’s Rapids Cabana

Roa’s Rapids Cabanas offer a private and luxurious experience, perfect for visitors seeking exclusivity.

This popular option stands out due to its central location in the park, ensuring easy access to all attractions.

Each cabana comfortably accommodates four guests, with the option to increase capacity to seven for an additional fee.

Ideal for relaxation, Roa’s Rapids Cabanas provide a shaded retreat with a range of amenities.

Rental features include cozy seating, a mini-fridge stocked with complimentary bottled water and snacks, a ceiling fan, and a personal locker for securing valuables.

Additionally, guests benefit from a dedicated cabana host, available to assist with food and beverage orders.

A unique perk is the exclusive, no-wait entrance to Roa’s Rapids.

Cabana bookings at Aquatica range from $89 to $299 per day, offering a range of options to suit different budgets

Ultimate Cabana

Ultimate Cabana

The Ultimate Cabana sits between the Cutback Cove and Big Surf Shores wave pools and can accommodate up to 10 guests. 

The Ultimate Cabana has various amenities, such as lounge chairs, a dining table and chairs.

Plus, you also get a refrigerator stocked with bottled water and a ceiling fan to keep guests cool in the Florida heat. 

In addition, guests will receive a welcome package that includes towels, sunscreen, and a souvenir bag.

The Ultimate Cabana also has a personal concierge who can help you with any food and beverage requests. 

Renting the Ultimate Cabana also gives you priority access to select water park attractions and reserved seating for select shows.

Ultimate Cabana reservation starts at $229 to $599 per day.

How Much do Aquatica Cabanas Cost

You can rent a cabana at Aquatica depending on your needs, travel party, and other preferences. 

Aquatica Cabanas vary in size, location and amenities provided. 

Visitors can reserve a cabana in advance online or by contacting customer care of the park.

Guests need to note that the Aquatica cabana rental cost does not include park admission charges and will have to be paid separately. 

The Aquatica cabana prices are given below: 

CabanaRental cost per day
Premium Cabana$169 to $399
Roa’s Rapids Family Cabanas$229 to $599
Walkabout Waters Cabanas$89 to $299
Beach Front Cabanas$129 to $399
Roa’s Rapids Cabana$89 to $299

Another essential factor to note is that the Aquatica cabana rental cost may also vary depending on the season and time of the year. 

Are Aquatica Cabanas Worth the Price?

Aquatica cabanas are the best way to thoroughly enjoy your day at Aquatica Orlando. 

Depending on the size and location, your Aquatica cabana cost could be anywhere from $89 to $599 daily. 

Aquatica Cabanas offers a private and exclusive space to relax and enjoy your day at the water park.

Aquatica Orlando cabanas offer lounge chairs, a dining table and chairs, a refrigerator stocked with bottled water, and a ceiling fan to keep you cool.

Further, guests also receive a welcome package with towels, sunscreen, a souvenir bag and private access to park areas. 

The cabanas also have a host to assist you with daily needs or requests. 

All these features and amenities can enhance your overall experience at the park.

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Aquatica Cabana FAQs

  1. Is it worth getting a cabana at Aquatica?

    Cabanas can be quite expensive and must be made only after considering your budget. 

    If you value privacy, exclusivity, and additional amenities, the cabanas may be worth the extra cost. 

    But if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, other options are also available at the water park.

  2. Which cabana is best at Aquatica?

    Roa’s Rapids Cabana is the most popular of all the options available. 

    Choosing the best cabana will depend on your budget, your personal preferences and your group size.

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