Aquatica Kids’ zone

Aquatica Orlando Park caters to visitors of all ages, including toddlers, teenagers, and adults.

The park’s Kids Zone, a favorite among younger visitors, strikes the perfect balance between engaging activities for children and relaxation for parents or guardians.

Additionally, the park features numerous child-friendly water attractions, including slides and pools, that are definitely worth exploring.

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Turi’s Kid Cove

Aquatica kid zone has several areas, including Turi’s Kid Cove, designed for younger children.

Turi’s Kid Cove is a whimsical, aquatic-themed play area that features a variety of water play elements and attractions. 

The area is named after a playful sea turtle, Turi, known for his mischievous and adventurous nature.

Turi’s Kid Cove features a large, shallow pool with gentle waves and smaller splash areas for younger children. 

This Aquatica kids zone also has several water slides and play structures, including a giant tipping bucket that drenches everyone below it with water- kids love this feature.

The play area is designed with safety in mind, with shallow water depths and various lifeguards and safety features. 

Turi’s Kid Cove is the perfect place for young children to have fun and cool off in the Florida heat while enjoying various water play activities.

Below are a few accessibility details for the rides in Turi’s Kid Cove at the Aquatica Kids area:

Accessibility- Zippity Zappity

  • Riders must be under 48 inches tall (1.22m) or accompanied by a child under 48 inches
  • We recommend all riders under 48 inches (1.22m) wear a life vest
  • All riders must maintain proper riding positions unassisted in a double-tube
  • Maximum operational load:  2 persons, 400 lbs. (182kg)

Accessibility- Slider Rider/Racer Chaser/Slippity Dippity

  • Riders must be under 48 inches tall (1.22m)
  • Maximum operational load: 1 person, 200 lbs. (91kg)
  • Only one rider enters the flume at a time
  • Single riders only
  • A supervising companion must accompany children under 6

Walkabout Waters

Another popular gem in the Aquatica kid zone is the Walkabout Waters area, a giant interactive water play structure.

Walkabout Waters is designed with towering geysers, spraying water, and fun-filled activities perfect for families with young children. 

The area is surrounded by tropical landscaping and is designed to resemble a natural water wonderland.

This attraction is perfect for kids who love to play in the water, and it features a range of different water activities, including slides, tunnels, bridges, and water cannons. 

Whether you’re looking for a way to cool off or just want to have fun in the sun, Walkabout Waters is a must-visit destination for families visiting Orlando.


  • Life vests are not permitted on enclosed slides
  • A supervising companion must accompany children under six
  • Maximum water depth in the play area is 1 foot 3 inches (0.38m)
  • Maximum water depth in splash pools is 42 inches (1.07m)

Aquatica for kids – Other Rides You Should Check Out

The Aquatica kids area doesn’t just end at two spots!

This section mentions all the other safe water attractions for a child with adult supervision!

Here are some other rides that you should check out:

Taumata RacerThis multi-lane racing slide is a thrilling ride with an element of competition.

Walkabout WatersThis interactive water play area is perfect for younger kids, featuring multiple levels, slides, and water cannons.

Roa’s RapidsKids can float along in tubes while being whisked away by the currents; this ride helps beat the heat!

Big Surf Shores- This wave pool is a popular attraction for kids of all ages as they can swim, play, and ride the waves in a safe and controlled environment. 

Tassie’s TwistersThis ride has two enclosed tube slides that twist and turn before dumping riders into a splash pool below.

Whanau Way Featuring a variety of water features, including fountains, sprays, and geysers, this ride is perfect for younger kids who may not be ready for the larger slides.

Note:  If you plan to visit Aquatica Orlando, learn more about the exciting slides and pools in the park. 

The park has a premium Kid’s play areabeaches, and Cabanas

There are restaurant and shopping options in the park. 

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Aquatica Kids Zone FAQs

What can toddlers do at Aquatica Orlando?

Aquatica Orlando is a water park designed to provide a fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages. 

While toddlers cannot enjoy all the attractions, quite a few will make this experience memorable. 

Here are a few of the Aquatica rides for toddlers:

– Walkabout Waters
– Slippity Dippity
– Loggerhead Lane
– Wave pools

Check the height requirements for each ride, as they are in place for your and your child’s safety. 

Also, accompany your child to all rides and ensure they follow the park’s safety rules.

Does my 2-year-old need a ticket for Aquatica Orlando?

Kids below the age of 3 get free entry to the park and do not need a ticket.

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