What to See Inside Intrepid Museum

Along the Hudson River in New York City, the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is a legendary aircraft carrier, USS Intrepid (CV-11), which offers visitors various historical and technological innovations. 

From the hangar and flight deck to the space shuttle pavilion and virtual flight zones, each museum corner is filled with remarkable exhibits and experiences.

So, here’s our detailed guide to what’s inside Intrepid Museum:

Hangar Deck

The hangar deck of the USS Intrepid is divided into two distinct areas, providing technological marvels and human stories that define the Intrepid’s legacy.

There is always something new to see on the hangar deck of the Intrepid.

Running down the entire port side of the hangar deck, you can see interactive exhibits and artifacts that document the inner workings of this colossal aircraft carrier—from its engine rooms to the control centers that powered the Intrepid through its career.

 It is dedicated solely to the lives and work of the Intrepid crew. 

You can experience their daily challenges and victories first-hand through compelling exhibitions and first-person accounts of life at sea.

The ship also contains a constantly changing, new series of galleries—thus, something fresh and exciting is guaranteed every visit. 

Some highlights of the hangar deck include the following.

  • Kamikaze: Beyond The Fire: An interactive multimedia experience that explores the history and impact of kamikaze assaults during World War II.
  • Fo’c’sle: The front part of the ship is a previously inaccessible area that includes the anchor chain chamber and officer accommodations.
  • The Story of Intrepid Movie: An 8-minute film that chronicles the history of the USS Intrepid, from its wartime service to its transformation into a museum.
  • The Exploreum: A dynamic and interactive display room that offers hands-on experiences, including climbing aboard a helicopter and exploring a submarine.

Flight Deck

The flight deck of the USS Intrepid shows the thrilling world of aviation history.

From propeller-driven planes to jet-powered marvels, the flight deck showcases the evolution of military aircraft and the central role played by the Intrepid in shaping world events.

You can start the tour on the Vulture’s Row for panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline. 

Proceed through to the Navigation Bridge and discover in detail how crew members played an instrumental role in maneuvering the ship.

Key features include:

  • Aircraft Collection: Visit the remarkable collection of restored aircraft, including the world-famous Avenger torpedo bomber and A-12 Lockheed A12 spy aircraft.
  • Restoration and Preservation of Historic Aircraft: Learn in depth how historic aircraft are meticulously restored and preserved, keeping treasures of history alive for generations to come. 

Space Shuttle Pavilion

Learn the history of the space shuttle Enterprise and view exhibits that will truly bring the wonder of space exploration inside out.

Here you can explore the history and science of space travel through interactive exhibits and awe-inspiring artifacts.

Experience the sights and sounds of space travel, from launch to landing, in a fully immersive environment.

Learn about the remarkable journey of the space shuttle Enterprise, from its construction to its final resting place at the Intrepid Museum.

The museum’s Gallery Deck features interactive exhibits showcasing naval history, aviation achievements, and even the wonders of space exploration.

You’re going to learn about epic naval battles, mind-blowing aviation history, and even about the depths of the Vietnam War. 

Oh, yes, by the way, a whole section is dedicated to honoring the brave crew that served on the Intrepid: the real heroes of the ship.

USS Growler

The USS Growler presents a rare opportunity to step inside a submarine, delving into its once top-secret operations. 

As the only submarine in the United States open to the public, it offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of underwater warfare.

Commissioned during the Cold War, it played a crucial role in maintaining national security. 

  • The Missile Command Center – At the heart of the USS Growler lies its missile command center, a vital area during the Cold War era. 

Here, visitors can observe the equipment and technology used to carry out the submarine’s crucial duty of firing nuclear missiles.

 It’s a chance to understand the intense pressures and responsibilities faced by submariners during this tense period in history.

  • Crew Quarters and Facilities – Encounter the crew quarters, galley, and engine room of the submarine. These cramped spaces reveal the challenging conditions submariners endured during their missions. 

From the tiny bunks in the torpedo room to the compact galley, every corner of the submarine tells a story of resilience and ingenuity.

  • Control Room and Periscopes – This bustling activity center housed the controls and monitoring systems essential for the submarine’s operation. 

The periscopes for navigation and surveillance offer a unique perspective on life beneath the waves.


In addition to exploring the historic USS Growler and other exhibits, you can enjoy an exhilarating flight experience through the museum’s state-of-the-art simulators. 

The simulators create a truly different way to be totally inside diverse virtual adventures beyond time, space, and imagination.

Beyond the adrenaline rush, the simulators also provide an opportunity for interactive and educational engagement. 

Through realistic simulations and hands-on experiences, visitors can gain insight into the complexities of aviation and space exploration.

Virtual Flight Zone

The best feature that will make you love this simulator at Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum is the Virtual Flight Zone, where you gets engaged with fun activities that also put an informational bit in the minds. 

With the use of such advanced technology, the simulated flights play in front of your eyes, giving an interactive view of sky, hence making you feel the real thrill while taking off.

Visitors have the option to choose from a variety of virtual experiences, ranging from piloting a fighter jet to operating a helicopter or even landing a space shuttle. 

4D Experience: Stories of Intrepid

One highlight of the simulator offerings is the 4D Experience: Stories of Intrepid. 

This eight-minute film combines cutting-edge 4D technology with historical content to immerse viewers in tales of bravery and courage. 

Strap on your 3D glasses and prepare to be transported through aviation and military history in a thrilling cinematic experience.

Note: Some simulator rides have height restrictions. These restrictions vary for each ride and are clearly outlined at each museum location.

From Hangar 3 to the Exploreum and Pier 86 by Tower 3, the simulators are conveniently located throughout the museum for easy access.

Featured Image: Perkinswill.com