Parking near Westminster Abbey

By Harshitha Jagathiesh

Westminster Abbey is one of the most iconic landmarks in London, attracting millions of visitors every year. 

Located in the city’s heart, it is surrounded by various attractions and historical sites, making it a popular tourist spot. 

Westminster Abbey, unfortunately, does not offer parking spaces.

Visitors need to park their car outside the attraction.

However, finding a parking spot near Westminster Abbey can be daunting. 

The area is bustling with activity, and parking spots are limited. 

We have created this ultimate guide to help you find the best parking options near Westminster Abbey.

Car park near Westminster Abbey

There are several car parks near Westminster Abbey that you can use to park your vehicle. 

Q-Park Westminster 

Q-Park Westminster

Q-Park Westminster is a multi-story car park just a few minutes from Westminster Abbey. 

It has 24-hour CCTV monitoring and accessible parking spaces. You can pre-book your parking spot online and even get discounts.

Pimlico Car Park

Pimlico Car Park is another nearby car park with more than 400 parking spaces. 

It is a 10-minute walk from Westminster Abbey and offers 24-hour security surveillance. 

The car park also has disabled parking bays, which can be reserved in advance.

Other car parks in the vicinity of Westminster Abbey include:

  • Abingdon Street Car Park
  • Brewer Street Car Park
  • St. James’s Square Car Park

Street Parking Near Westminster Abbey

Several on-street parking options are available if you want to park your car near Westminster Abbey. 

However, parking on the street can be challenging, and the charges can vary significantly. 

The costs for on-street parking are generally higher during peak hours.

You can pay for on-street parking using the pay-by-phone system, which allows you to pay for your parking spot through your mobile phone. 

It is a convenient and hassle-free way to pay for your parking.

Disabled Parking at Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey offers several parking spots for disabled visitors. 

There are four disabled parking bays on Dean’s Yard, just outside the abbey’s Great West Door. 

However, these parking spots are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Disabled Parking Near Westminster Abbey

If the accessible parking spots near Westminster Abbey are complete, several other parking options are available nearby. 

These include:

  • Q-Park Westminster: The car park offers disabled parking bays with easy access to the abbey.
  • Pimlico Car Park: The car park has disabled parking bays that can be reserved in advance.

Free Parking Near Westminster Abbey

Free Parking near Westminster Abbey

Finding free parking near Westminster Abbey can be challenging, as most of the parking spots in the area are paid for. 

However, a few options are available for free parking near Westminster Abbey. 

  • On Sundays, on-street parking is free in the area around Westminster Abbey. 

However, remember that it can get busy on Sundays due to the high number of visitors to the abbey.

  • Parking is free in some areas of the city on bank holidays.


1. Where is the best place to park for Westminster Abbey?

Finding parking near Westminster Abbey can be challenging due to limited spaces. 

However, two recommended options are Q-Park Westminster, a multi-story car park with accessible parking spaces.

Pimlico Car Park offers over 400 parking spaces and 24-hour security surveillance.

2. Is street parking free in Westminster?

Street parking in Westminster is generally not free, and charges can vary.

However, on Sundays, parking is free around Westminster Abbey. Please note that Sundays can be busy due to the many visitors.

3. Where to park for Abbey Road Stadium?

While Abbey Road Stadium doesn’t have dedicated parking.

For convenient parking options, you can consider nearby car parks.

The Nearby car parks include Q-Park Westminster, Pimlico Car Park, Abingdon Street Car Park, Brewer Street Car Park, and St. James’s Square Car Park.

4. Can I park in Westminster?

You can park in Westminster, but knowing the limited parking spaces and the charges involved is essential. 

Utilizing car parks like Q-Park Westminster or Pimlico Car Park is advisable for a hassle-free parking experience.

5. Where is the best parking to visit London?

Q-Park Westminster and Pimlico Car Park are recommended for visiting London due to their proximity to Westminster Abbey. 

These car parks offer convenient access and security measures for a pleasant parking experience while exploring the city.

Are you looking for the best tickets to explore Westminster Abbey?

Here are some of the best tickets for visiting Westminster Abbey and London. 

Entry ticket: Get the opportunity to tour around the cathedral, bell tower, tombs and more with the Westminster Abbey entry ticket.

Guided tour: Tour the famous Westminster Abbey with an expert guide and gain insights about the famous attraction

St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey: Enjoy St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey with one ticket.

Westminster Abbey and Afternoon Tea: Tour the Cathedral and visit the Cellarium Cafe for an English afternoon tea. 

Westminster Abbey and House of Parliament guided tour: Get a tour of the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey. 

London Pass: Enjoy access to over 85 attractions, including Westminster Abbey, with just one pass. 

Go City London explorer pass: Visit Westminster Abbey along with 1 to 6 other attractions with this pass. 

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