Alhambra Palace Parking: Updated Guide

Alhambra has its own public parking lot, which is well-equipped for visitors coming on a day trip.

The parking area is around 300 meters from the Main gate and has different areas allotted for cars, buses, and caravans. 

It is also essential if you drive or take a minibus to Granada to visit Alhambra.


Timings: 24 hours, 7 days a week

Fare per hour: €3 per hour

Parking Lot Address and Location: Cam. Viejo del Cementerio, 0, Centro, 18009 Granada, Spain Get Directions

Insider tip: Get quick access inside Alhambra from the parking area on a guided guided tour away from the large crowds!

Parking Zones and Charges

Alhambra Palace parking lot offers 360 outdoor spaces that are open and monitored 24/7.

The parking area has four zones, one for buses and caravans and the other three for cars.

You have to park your car in either P1, P2, P3, or P4, which is allocated for cars.

They display information about empty and full spaces at the entrance. The base parking cost is around €3 per hour; VAT and other charges are extra.

You can also find free public bicycle parking in the Plaza de la Alhambra, near the Access Pavilion.

Alhambra allows spaces for disability parking and locker facilities in nearby places.

Type of vehicleRate per hourMaximum Charge in a Day
Bus/ Caravan€5€35

Note: The parking cost includes base charges, Management Costs and VAT.

Other Parking Places Nearby

Since the Alhambra Place Parking lot is pricey, you can park your car for free or at some nominal charge in Granada.

Due to one-way streets and increased traffic congestion, driving through Granada City’s center can be difficult. 

So we have collated some parking information for Granada, near the city center.

Below are the locations of the different parking sites:

Parking SpacePrice for the first hourMaximum Charge in a Day
Parking Plaza Puerta Real€3€23
Parking Ganivet€2€20
Parking San Agustínx€2€33
Parking Granada Bus Station€2€12
Parking San Cristóbal Albaicín€2€15

Note: Not sure about reaching Alhambra and the hassles of parking? Here’s a City Pass with city transportation for a hassle-free experience.

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Alhambra parking info FAQs

  1. How to reach the Alhambra Palace parking lot?

    Drive through the Granada highway N-323 / A-44 to Ronda Sur (A-395) from the Granada city center. Follow the directions on the signboard leading to Alhambra and get to the parking lot.

  2. Where can the vehicles be parked in Alhambra?

    One separate space is allocated for buses and caravans in one parking zone. The remaining zones are for car parking only, including those for people with disabilities.

  3. Are parking spaces available all the time?

    Yes, the parking lot is open 24*7 for tourist vehicles to park under surveillance. 

  4. What is the car parking fee at the Alhambra parking lot?

    The parking cost for cars at the parking lot is €2 per hour.  

  5. Can people with mobility issues use the parking area?

    Absolutely! There are four zones in the Alhambra Palace parking area. P4 is closest to the main gate, used especially by people with mobility issues, followed by P3, P2, and P1.

  6. What should you do if a parking space at Alhambra is not available?

    The Alhambra parking area has only 360 slots for cars, buses, and caravans. But if you don’t find a spot here, you can check out Granada’s 56 car parks for affordable prices and prime locations.

  7. What is the parking cost in Alhambra?

    The car parking cost is about €3 per hour and €5 per hour for buses or caravans.

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