Alhambra Palace Guided Tours: Prices, Inclusions and Highlights

With Alhambra Palace Guided tours, you can relive every historical moment as you walk through the palace complex.

An expert tour guide will escort you while discussing the untold stories behind Alhambra’s wall inscriptions and their meaning at length.

Multiple language options are available for the convenience of visitors worldwide. For Alhambra Palace Guided Tours, you can also select small groups.

So, here are some of our handpicked tour options!

Nasrid Palaces & Alhambra Guided Tour with Tickets


This Guided Tour offers skip-the-line access to the Alhambra Castle, Nasrid Palaces, Comares Palace and the Generalife Gardens.

An official private guide will accompany you to the sites and share valuable insights about their creation, design, history, and other secrets.

This Alhambra Guided tour has a 3-hour duration and is available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian- making it convenient for most travelers

Visitors can also customize it into a small group tour option, making it extremely convenient.


  • Get a skip-the-line entry to Alhambra Palace and marvel at Nasrid Palace’s architecture
  • Explore Palacios Nazaries and Generalife Gardens with fast-track tickets
  • Visitors can explore Alhambra with a live guide; audio headsets will be available for a better listening experience.
  • Tour the entire monument, learn about its history and details and admire the palace’s intricate architecture
  • Take pictures of the stunning views of Granada City from Sabika Hill in Alhambra


 Tour in English for 20 People 

Visitors Age Price 
Adult (Age 12-99)€55
Children (3-11)€32
Infant ( 2 years and below)Free entry


 You can cancel this Alhambra Guided Tour upto 24 hours in advance for a 50% refund.

Granada: Alhambra Guided Tour Options


This two-hour Guided Tour is the best bet for budget travelers visiting the Alhambra Complex.

It has skip-the-line access to Alhambra with access to Generalife Gardens; you can even spend more time if you opt for a 3-hour tour package.

For €31, visitors get a live guide who explains the complex’s history and other fascinating details.

This Guided Tour has one drawback: the two-hour tour does not allow access to Nasrid Palaces.

You must book a three-hour option to gain entry to Nasrid Palaces.


  • Get skip-the-line access to the Alhambra complex with Garden Access
  • Visitors will get to learn about the history of the Alhambra with a live guide.
  • Operators will provide you with an audio system for an improved experience.
  • Enjoy panoramic views of Granada City from Alhambra
  • Get Palatine Hill access with a three-hour guided tour


 2-Hours Alhambra Guided Tour in English with Garden Access

Visitor Age Price 
Adult (Ages 12-99)€32
Children(Ages 3-11)€15
Infant (2 years and below)Free entry


 You can cancel this tour upto 2 days in advance for a 60% refund.

Alhambra and Nasrid Guided Tour with Tickets


This option is perfect for friends and smaller groups wanting a comprehensive Guided tour of Alhambra, Granada.

With this ticket, you can skip the lines at Alhambra, the Nasrid Palaces and Generalife Gardens.

Meet your guide at Alhambra. The tour will start by visiting the walled citadel. 

After that, your guide will accompany you to Alcazaba and comment on its history.  

From there, your guide will take you to the Mosque Baths of Alhambra, the Alcazaba and the Palace of Charles V

At Generalife Gardens, relax among the flowers and fountains while the live tour guide shares every detail about the park and its other attractions.  


  • Get fast-track entry at the Alhambra Complex
  • Explore Nasrid Palaces, the Mosque Baths of Alhambra, Charles V Palace and Generalife Gardens
  • Experience the Alhambra Complex with a live tour guide giving valuable insights about it.
  • Enjoy stunning views of Granada City atop Alhambra; it makes for several photogenic moments


Visitors AgePrice 
Adult (Ages 12-99)€55
Children (Ages 4-11)€35
Infants Free Entry


You can cancel this tour upto 2 hours in advance for a 50% refund.

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Guided tour FAQs

  1. What is the duration of guided tours?

    The Alhambra guided tours take between 2.5 hours to 3 hours to go around the complex.

    It varies which route you take and how much time you spend at each structure inside Alhambra.

    These guides tell stories of the place that can keep you engaged as you walk.

  2. How do I benefit from a Guided tour?

    The Alhambra garden tickets give an interesting experience of the Alhambra and Andalusian Monuments.

    Guided tours with Alhambra and the Generalife tickets have official guides who take you around the best-preserved Muslim Medieval city.

    They tell stories of the monuments and messages hidden in the carvings, which enrich the experience. 

  3. Are there skip-the-line guided tours?

    Alhambra tickets for guided tour with fast-track entry can be availed.

    It provides professional guides who walk around the Alhambra compound while skipping the lines.

    It allows entry to Alcazaba, Generalife, Carlos V palace and gardens.

    You can opt for the Alhambra and Nasrid palace tickets.

  4. How many people do they allow in Alhambra guided tours?

    The Alhambra tickets guided tour has different options.

    Alhambra group tickets allow groups of a maximum of 30, 20 and 10 people.

    Alhambra tour ticket prices vary depending on which group you are opting for.

    Optional audio guides can be available if you want to.

  5. How much do the Alhambra group tickets cost?

    The Alhambra group tickets cost €47 for visitors above 12 years ad €30 for children between three and 11 years. 

    The tour is free for infants below two years. 

  6. Can I change the name of the visitor on the ticket?

    You can change the name of the visitor till the day before the visit.

    It follows a proportion per purchase locator up to a maximum of 30 people:

    From 5 to 9 tickets: 1 name.
    From 10 to 19 tickets: 2 names.
    From 20 to 30: 3 names.

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