Animal Experiences & Presentations

Embark on an extraordinary expedition inside animal experiences and presentations and encounter over 100,000 captivating marine animals. 

Explore unique animal habitats meticulously crafted by renowned experts, 

It utilizes state-of-the-art technologies and a focus on animal welfare to replicate natural environments. 

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience that delights guests and provides a harmonious setting for the animals. 

Engage in educational opportunities, including interactions with our knowledgeable education staff and insightful animal presentations to deepen your understanding of the various species under our care, their behaviors, habitats, and the interconnectedness of our shared world.

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Animal Care Center

You can visit the Animal Care Center, where you can see the team of veterinarians and animal care specialists in action. 

They work non-stop to take care of the animals 24/7. 

Watching them do their job and how they care for our animal friends is super interesting. 

You’ll learn a lot about what it takes to nurture and protect these amazing creatures.


Let’s go on an expedition to Antarctica, the frozen land of penguins! 

You’ll get to meet six different types of penguins and see how they walk on the icy ground and dive into the freezing water. 

They are so playful and fun to watch! You’ll be amazed by their cute behavior and how they survive in their icy home.

Coconut Bay

Welcome to Coconut Bay, a tropical paradise filled with vibrant colors! 

Here, you can see dolphins showing off their natural skills in a big, beautiful habitat full of fish and other marine creatures. 

It’s like a party for the dolphins! They love this lively place, and it’s a fantastic sight.

Communication Pod

Let’s explore the Communication Pod in the Endless Ocean realm. 

You’ll find three unique habitats where fascinating marine creatures live. There are creatures like the day octopus, cuttlefish, and mantis shrimp. 

They might be small but have amazing behaviors and live in a cool marine world. You can observe them and learn about how they interact with their environment.

Dolphin Presentation

Prepare to be amazed by a captivating show celebrating the special bond between dolphins, tropical birds, and humans. 

You’ll see how these incredible animals move and make music together. 

The dolphins and birds will show their impressive abilities and interact with their human friends in a truly mesmerizing performance. 

It’s a show that will inspire and touch your heart.

Endless Ocean Aquarium

Get ready to enter the Endless Ocean Aquarium, a mind-blowing place with marine species. 

You’ll see over 68,000 fascinating marine animals, from graceful fish to colorful corals. It’s like stepping into a different world under the sea. 

You’ll be surrounded by the wonders of the deep ocean and have an unforgettable experience.

Endless Ocean Aquarium

Get ready to enter the Endless Ocean Aquarium, a mind-blowing place with marine species. 

You’ll see over 68,000 fascinating marine animals, from graceful fish to colorful corals. It’s like stepping into a different world under the sea. 

You’ll be surrounded by the wonders of the deep ocean and have an unforgettable experience.

Feed The Birds

Here’s a special adventure in The Rainforest! You can feed various exotic tropical birds and get up close to them. 

Seeing their beautiful feathers and watching them enjoy their favorite treats is terrific. 

The Rainforest is lush and vibrant. You’ll be amazed by the colorful birds and their graceful movements. 

It’s a unique experience that will make you appreciate the wonders of nature even more.

Feed The Rays

Are you ready for something extraordinary? 

You can actually feed the rays in their own habitat! These fascinating creatures are so gentle and graceful. 

When you get close to them, you’ll see their elegant movements and how they swim in the water. 

It’s a peaceful and beautiful experience to be part of their world.

The Swirl

Watch an incredible show at The Swirl as thousands of sardines move together in a mesmerizing bait ball dance. 

It’s like they’re swirling and twirling in the water, creating a beautiful spectacle. 

And guess what? Sharks and other predators gracefully glide through the chaos, showing off their skills. 

It’s a real-life underwater performance that will leave you amazed!

Feed The Sea Lions

Get ready for an exciting encounter with our playful sea lions! 

You’ll have the chance to interact with them and feed them!

Flamingo Point

Come along on an amazing adventure to Flamingo Point, where you’ll find a group of beautiful pink flamingos waiting to meet you. 

They are covered in feathers that shimmer with vibrant colors and look elegant as they move around. 

You can hear their lively calls, which adds excitement to the atmosphere. 

It’s a magical experience where you can see the splendor and charm of these magnificent flamingos up close.

Juhani Village

Explore the fascinating Juhani Village, a frozen world where you can wander through the icy landscape and watch the playful walruses. 

You can see them swimming in the water or resting on the ice. These walruses are full of personality and charm. 

It’s like visiting a special place where you can see these amazing animals in their natural habitat. 

You’ll be amazed by their unique behaviors and the beauty of the icy surroundings.

Macaw Habitat

Get ready to see the colorful Macaw Habitat, where a group of parrots with long tails and vibrant colors bring so much life to the Tropical Oceans. 

These parrots add a burst of brightness and charm to the marine environment. 

You’ll be amazed by their beautiful feathers and their role in making the ocean even more enchanting. 

It’s like a tropical paradise filled with these charismatic and colorful parrots.

Ocean Surface Pod

Discover the Ocean Surface Pod, a small but bustling ecosystem filled with life. 

There are kelp, crabs, and fish living in this dynamic habitat. 

Even though it’s not very big, you’ll be amazed by the variety of marine species that depend on it. 

It’s a special place where you can see how all the creatures interact with each other and their environment. 

Prepare to be amazed by the beauty and resilience of this unique habitat.

Puffin Habitat

Look at the fascinating Puffin Habitat in the Arctic, where you can see these clever seabirds in action. 

Whether flying in the sky or diving into the water, puffins show off their hunting skills as they search for food. 

Keep your eyes open and enjoy watching their graceful movements in their natural home. 

It’s like going on an adventure to the Arctic and discovering the wonderful world of these seabirds.


Step into The Rainforest, a lush and vibrant place where you can have an extraordinary experience feeding exotic tropical birds. 

You’ll be surrounded by life as you interact with colorful and captivating birds that live there. 

It’s an incredible opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures and appreciate their beauty and diversity. 

Get ready for an unforgettable feeding experience in this magical rainforest.

Ray Reef

Witness the breathtaking beauty of Ray Reef as you see different kinds of rays gracefully swimming through the crystal-clear water of their home. 

It’s like watching a graceful dance underwater! 

You’ll be captivated by their movements and behaviors and learn more about their role in the marine ecosystem. 

Get ready to be amazed by these majestic rays as they glide elegantly through their watery world.

Sea Lion Presentation

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing show at the Rocky Point Amphitheater, where you’ll see sea lions, seals, otters, and birds. 

They will show you their amazing abilities and entertain you with their playful nature. 

You’ll witness their acrobatics, intelligence, and unique personalities. 

Sea Otter Habitat

Come on an exciting adventure to the Arctic and explore the icy home of adorable sea otters. 

Watch these cute creatures swim and play in their clean and beautiful habitat. 

You’ll get a glimpse into their fascinating lives in the Arctic and see how they enjoy their icy surroundings.

Stunning Viewing Areas

Get ready for some breathtaking views at the amazing Endless Ocean aquarium. 

More than 20 excellent spots exist to see all kinds of marine animals. 

Don’t miss the incredible Endless Vista, a super tall window that lets you see from the aquarium’s top to bottom. 

You’ll be amazed by the underwater world and all its beauty.

The Arabian Gulf

Get up close to rescued dugongs and sea turtles in The Arabian Gulf habitat. 

It’s a special place where these animals are protected. 

You’ll also see other native fish species that live in this region. 

Watch the graceful dugongs and sea turtles move around in their natural environment. 

It’s a chance to appreciate and learn about these incredible creatures.

The Cave

Step into The Cave, a mysterious place where you can see fascinating sea creatures that come out at night, like Moray eels and crabs that stick to the walls. 

It’s like a hidden world! The Cave has two different homes for these amazing animals. 

You’ll get to explore and watch how they move around in their special way. It’s like going on an adventure to discover the secrets of the sea!

The Mangroves

Discover the special ecosystem of the mangroves and get to know the many different marine animals that live there. 

In the touch pools, you can even touch and interact with sharks, rays, and other cool creatures. 

It’s a chance to connect with nature and learn about the diverse underwater world. 

Journey through this unique place and see how all the animals depend on each other to survive.

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