Best Rides at Legoland California 

Legoland California is one of the best places for parents and kids to take a day off.

You will find water rides, roller coasters, immersive rides, etc., at Legoland California. 

We have put together the most popular rides at Legoland California. Here is a list of the top 10 rides at Legoland California:

Lost Kingdom Adventure

Location: Land of Adventure

On the Lost Kingdom Adventure, you can use laser guns to battle snakes, skeletons, mummies, and more. 

The ride takes you through various scenes with lots of movement and animated characters to entertain you.

You also join the adventure, help Johnny Thunder save the day and compete to get the highest shooting score.

Like an old adventure movie, the ride has a relaxed vintage vibe, but it’s designed to be enjoyable for kids and adults.

Lego City Deep Sea Adventure

Location: Castle Hill

It’s a unique experience as it takes place in a massive water tank, allowing riders to immerse themselves in natural underwater scenes.

What makes this ride unique is that it features actual sea creatures like sharks and rays. 

The ride’s large windows ensure everyone gets a good view of the marine life and the unpredictability of real animals means each ride is a bit different.

Riders can spot sunken Lego treasures, such as a crown, sword and sea animals. 

The treasure hunt isn’t very challenging, making it suitable for younger riders. 

It doesn’t distract from enjoying the marine life either. 

Ninjago the Ride

Location: LEGO Ninjago World

This 3-D attraction is inspired by the beloved Lego Ninjago franchise, making it a must-try for kids who are show fans. 

The ride pays homage to many iconic elements from the toys and series while incorporating an engaging, interactive component.

As a dark ride, it offers vibrant and entertaining visuals where the riders can battle villains on the screens using special abilities like lightning and fireballs. 

The ride is an immersive adventure suitable for all ages- even adults can have a blast. 

Pirate Reef Riders

Location: Pirates Shores

Pirate Reef Riders is renowned for completely drenching anyone participating in it. 

It’s essential to wear attire that can withstand getting wet and safeguard your electronic devices or entrust them to a fellow group member.

The ride features a circular track-style chute layout, complete with a lift hill for an extra dose of excitement. 

While the lift isn’t very high, measuring only 25 feet, the subsequent drop generates a substantial tidal wave effect.

One of this ride’s most enjoyable and unique aspects is the pair of Lego-style pirate ships on either side of the chute. 

The Dragon Coaster

Location: Castle Hill

This ride is set within a Lego-style medieval castle. 

It’s a compact, gentle roller coaster, making it accessible even for the youngest riders.

The ride is divided into two distinct parts. 

The initial segment is a dark ride that takes you on a leisurely journey through the enchanting Lego castle. 

The second phase of the ride transitions to an outdoor setting, transforming into a more traditional roller coaster experience. 

While it doesn’t feature steep drops, sharp turns, or intense twists, this is precisely why it’s beloved by young children. 


Location: Explorer Island

While the park features numerous attractions showcasing impressive Lego-style structures, this one highlights the Lego aesthetic.

As the roller coaster glides along its track, it passes by a collection of Lego-constructed dinosaurs surrounded by a jungle-themed landscape. 

Riders can even enjoy up-close encounters with some of these dinosaurs while waiting in line.

The ride is relatively compact and short, making it an excellent choice for young or inexperienced riders. 

It offers enjoyable turns and a gentle initial drop, but the ride lasts just over half a minute. 

Splash Battle

Location: Pirate Shores

Splash Battle, another renowned interactive water attraction at Legoland California, puts you in charge of your own water cannons. 

The ride features boat-shaped cars accommodating up to four riders, making it an ideal choice for families and groups.

Along the way, you will encounter entertaining visuals, including a sunken ship, a shark head, and Lego pirates.

This attraction is a fantastic choice, especially when the weather is scorching. 

Driving School

Location: Fun Town

At Driving School, children operate their own cars on a track, with the opportunity to earn an official Legoland California Driver’s license.

The course incorporates traffic signs, signals, and even features like a gas station.

Two distinct courses are available: one for children six to 13 years and another for younger kids three to five years.  

Unlike traditional rides, these cars aren’t confined to a fixed track, requiring children to exercise judgment as they navigate the course. 

Fun Town Fire and Police Academy

Location: Fun Town

The Fire and Police Rescue Ride is a highly enjoyable choice for children, known for its immersive pretend play. 

Riders hop onto the fire and police trucks neatly lined up along a spacious track. 

will find the rescue objectives on the opposite side of this area. 

These Lego-style trucks are powered by pumps that riders need to operate by moving them up and down to propel the vehicle. 

On the opposite side of the track, water guns await, allowing riders to aim at designated targets on the wall. 

Technic Coaster

Location: Imagination Zone

This attraction, also known as the test track, is the fastest ride at Legoland California. 

The thrills on this ride are centered around elements like steep drops, sharp turns, and thrilling twists. 

The initial drop often takes riders by surprise. 

Most of the ride focuses on twists and drops, delivering varying sensations of acceleration at different points.

Best rides for toddlers at Legoland California

Legoland California has something to do for everyone- from adults to toddlers. 

You can find a variety of rides- from roller coasters to immersive experiences for your little ones here at Legoland California.

After testing and trying out rides, these are the best rides at Legoland California for toddlers:

  • Queen Watevra’s Carousel
  • Legoland Express
  • Cargo Ace
  • Safari Trek
  • Fairy Tale Brook

Water rides at Legoland California

Legoland California Resort offers a variety of water rides at the Legoland Waterpark. 

These provide a refreshing and fun way to cool off on a hot day while enjoying the playful and creative atmosphere of the park. 

These water attractions are perfect for families and visitors of all ages:

  • Pirate Reef
  • Splash Battle
  • Build-a-Raft River
  • Cragger’s Swamp
  • Crooler’s Twist

Scariest Ride at Legoland California

Are you looking for the steepest drops or the curliest loops? A few rides at Legoland California are the best to test your grit. 

Here are the scariest rides at Legoland California:

  • Technic Coaster
  • Emmett’s Flying Adventure Ride
  • Deep Sea Adventure

New rides at Legoland California

The last new rides were installed at Legoland California as a part of the Lego®️ Movie™️ World 2. 

The three rides in the area are:

  • Unikitty’s Disco Drop
  • Emmet’s Flying Adventure
  • Queen Watevra’s Carousel 

The Lego®️ Movie™️ World 2 area also has a splash pad, a building area, and a climbing structure called Benny’s Spaceship.

The newest attraction at Legoland for 2023 is a jungle gym-type play area called Lego®️ Ninjago®️ Training Camp. 

This attraction was built where the Aquazone Wave Racers used to be.

Best Interactive Rides at Legoland California

Legoland California is known for its colorful and interactive rides. At the moment, there are four interactive rides in the Legoland. 

The best interactive rides at Legoland California are:

  • Deep Sea Adventure
  • Ninjago the Ride
  • Lost Kingdom Adventure
  • Kid Power Towers

These interactive rides are the highlights of your visit to Legoland california. 

These rides bring the Legoworld to life in an exciting and engaging manner.

Any Legoland, California visit is incomplete without trying the interactive rides at the theme park.

Legoland California ride height restrictions

Legoland California ride height restrictions are placed for you and your fellow travelers’ safety. 

These restrictions are in place to prevent potential risks or discomfort and ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience in the park. 

Understanding these restrictions is essential for planning your visit and ensuring your children can enjoy the rides fully.

Why do height requirements exist?

The primary purpose of ride height restrictions is to keep riders safe. 

Some attractions have specific requirements due to the nature of the ride, such as speed, intensity, or the potential for abrupt movements.

Ride height restrictions are not solely based on physical height. 

They also take into account the developmental stage of children. 

The height restrictions help guide you to rides suitable for their age and physical development.

Riders must meet the minimum height requirement to be eligible for that attraction.

Legoland California height requirements chart

Here are the best rides at Legoland California and their height requirements:

RideHeight RequirementRide Restrictions
NINJAGO: The Rideno minimum48″ (121 cm) to ride alone
Knights Tournament40″ (101 cm)55″ to ride alone
Pirate Reef36″ (91 cm)42″ (106 cm) to ride alone
Coast Cruiseno minimum48″ (121 cm) to ride alone
Mia’s Riding Camp42″ (106 cm)48″ (121 cm) to ride alone
Fairy Tale Brookno minimum48″ (121 cm) to ride alone
LEGOLAND Expressno minimum36″ (91 cm) to ride alone
Fun Town Police and Fire Academy34″ (86 cm)48″ (121 cm) to ride alone
Flight Squadron34″ (86 cm)48″ (121 cm) to ride alone
Sky Cruiser36″ (91 cm)48″ (121 cm) to ride alone
Sky Patrol34″ (86 cm)48″ (121 cm) to ride alone
Captain Cranky’s Challenge34″ (86 cm)42″ (106 cm) to ride alone
Soak-n-Sailno minimum36″ (91 cm) to play alone, 10yrs to play alone
Splash Battle36″ (91 cm)44″ (111 cm) to ride alone
Treasure Falls36″ (91 cm)48″ (121 cm) to ride alone
The Dragon40″ (101 cm)48″ (121 cm) to ride alone
Royal Joust36″ (91 cm)42″ (106 cm) to ride alone
Beetle Bounce36″ (91 cm)
Cargo Ace36″ (91 cm) with adult
Dune Raiders36″ (91 cm)
Lost Kingdom Adventures34″ (86 cm)42″ (106 cm) to ride alone
AQUAZONE Wave Racers40″ (101 cm)52″ (132 cm) to ride alone
Kid Power Towers40″ (101 cm)48″ (121 cm) to ride alone
Coastersaurus36″ (91 cm)48″ (121 cm) to ride alone
Lost Kingdom Adventure34″ (86 cm)42″ (106 cm) to ride alone
Pharoah’s Revengeno minimumUnder 5yrs with adult
BIONICLE Blasterno minimum36″ (91 cm) to ride alone
LEGO TECHNIC Coaster42″ (106 cm)48″ (121 cm) to ride alone
Safari Trek34″ (86 cm)48″ (121 cm) to ride alone
Driving Schoolno minimumFor ages 6-13
Jr Driving Schoolno minimumFor ages 3-5

Rides by minimum height required

Here is the list of all the rides at Legoland with minimum height requirements:

30 Inches (76.2 cm) and Taller

  • Lost Kingdom Adventure

34 Inches (86.36 cm) and Taller

  • Safari Trek
  • Sky Patrol
  • Fun Town Police and Fire Academy
  • Skipper School
  • Captain Cranky’s Challenge

36 Inches (91.44 cm) and Taller

  • Coastersaurus
  • Cragger’s Swamp
  • Crug’s Run
  • Pirate Reef
  • Splash Battle
  • Royal Joust (Ages 4 to 12)
  • Dune Raiders
  • Beetle Bounce (also has a maximum height of 55 inches)

40 Inches (101.6 cm) and Taller

  • Kid Power Towers
  • The Dragon Coaster
  • Knight’s Tournament (also has a maximum height of 77 inches)
  • Crooler’s Twist
  • Emmet’s Flying Adventure Ride (this ride has an age requirement of 3 and up and is perfect for older kids)
  • Unikitty’s Disco Drop (perfect for kids ready to take on some height)

Requirements 42 Inches (106.68 cm) and Taller

  • LEGO Technic Coaster (minimum age 4 to ride together with an adult; minimum age 6 to ride alone)
  • BIONICLE Blaster (minimum age 4 to ride together with an adult; minimum age 6 to ride alone)
  • AQUAZONE Wave Racers
  • Orange Rush
  • Splash Out
  • Twin Chasers
  • Build-a-Raft River
  • Lion Temple Wave Pool

How to Avoid Crowds at the Rides

Avoiding crowds at rides in Legoland can significantly enhance your theme park experience.

Get to the park right when it opens in the morning. 

Ensure you pre-book your Legoland California tickets online to avoid standing in the ticket counter crowd. 

Most visitors arrive later in the day, so you’ll have a few hours of lower crowds and shorter lines.

Download the official Legoland app, which often provides real-time information about ride wait times. 

This can help you prioritize rides based on shorter wait times.

If your schedule allows, visit Legoland during the middle of the week, which tends to be less crowded than on weekends.

Try to visit Legoland during off-peak seasons or weekdays during the school year when the park is less likely to be crowded.

Legoland California Rides -FAQs

How many rides are at Legoland California?

There are over 60 rides at Legoland California. Each ride has something different to offer based on the different aspects of Legocity.

What is the best ride at Legoland California?

The best ride at Legoland California is the Lost City Adventure. It is a ride catered to everyone. 

You can find the Lost City Adventure can be found at Land of Adventure 

What is the scariest ride at Legoland California?

The scariest ride at Legoland California can vary depending on what you find scary. 

If you are scared of heights, then Technic Coaster is your poison.  

And, if you are scared of being underwater, try the Deep Sea Adventure. 

What is the fastest ride at Legoland California?

The fastest ride at Legoland California is the Technic Coaster. It is catered to the older visitors of the park.