Best Time to Visit One World Observatory 

One World Observatory is one of the highest observatory decks in New York City, nestled at a height of 1,268 feet (386 meters) above the street level. 

While visiting One World Observatory is always a good time, some time slots are better than the rest. 

This article will discuss various factors influencing the best time to visit the One World Observatory, from crowd levels to the best views. 

A Quick Glance at the Best Time to Visit One World Observatory

Here are the best times to visit One World Observatory:

  • Time of the day: 9 am and 5 pm
  • Day of the week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Month of the year: May to September

Where can I find One World Observatory Tickets

Here are the best tickets to One World Observatory. Make sure you select the best timeslots we have recommended to get the most out of your visit. 

One World Observatory entry ticket$44
One World Observatory skip-the-line ticket$54
All Inclusive One World Observatory Flex Package$64
One World Observatory + 9/11 Museum$109
One World Observatory + Ground Zero guided tour$79

Best Time of the Day to Visit One World Observatory

Mornings are considered the best time to visit One World Observatory to avoid crowds and enjoy bright views of the city. 

Aim to arrive by 9 am, when the observatory opens, to enjoy minimal wait times and a crowd-free tour. 

If you can not make it early in the morning, another best option is to visit during sunset. 

This is one of the best times to visit for picture-perfect views when the setting sun casts a warm glow over the skyline during the late afternoon, creating a magical atmosphere. 

However, this is one of the most crowded hours at One World Observatory. 

You can reduce your waiting time during this period by booking skip-all-the-line tickets online in advance. 

Best Days to Visit One World Observatory

We recommend you visit One World Observatory on weekdays instead of weekends. 

It is better to avoid weekends and holidays as they are the busiest days at One World Observatory. 

The best days to visit One World Observatory are Tuesday to Thursday.

During these days, there are smaller queues and fewer people to photobomb your clicks. 

 Note: Even on weekdays, sunset hours from 4 to 6 pm have the longest lines. 

Best Time of the Year to Visit One World Observatory

Spring (April to June) and Fall (September to November) are the best months to visit rather than the peak Summer (June to September) and Winter (December to March).

During these times, the crowds are thinner, the weather is mild and the views are picturesque with spring blooms or autumn foliage. 

The cool weather and clear skies ensure you get uninterrupted views. 

Summer brings long days, warm temperatures and huge tourist crowds. 

If you don’t mind the crowds and plan to visit in the summer, visit during the early morning or late afternoon to escape the midday rush and heat. 

Winters, on the other hand, bring short days and cloudy days with less visibility. 

If you do not mind the cold, then winter is an excellent time to enjoy a crowd-free tour and enjoy the festive lights.

Best Time for Photography in One World Observatory

If you are looking for the best photo opportunities at One World Observatory, here are your best times to visit: 

Early morning or late afternoon: The low angles of the sun during these times create beautiful light and shadows, making for stunning photographs of the NYC skyline.

Clear days: Visibility is key for capturing panoramic views from the observatory’s floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Check the weather forecast and aim for clear or mostly sunny days.

Purchase your One World Observatory tickets to start your ascent to towering heights, where you will be rewarded with sweeping panoramas of the city’s famous cityscape.

The Best Time to Visit With Children

Best time of day to visit One World Observatory with children

If you are planning to bring your kids, visit during the week when crowds are smaller, making it easier to manage children and avoid long lines.Image:

Also, plan a morning visit since children may be more energetic and engaged earlier in the day before they get tired or restless.

This also gives you enough time to visit nearby attractions or catch a Broadway show during the day. 

School holidays and summer breaks can also be great for family visits but expect larger crowds.


What is the best time of day to visit One World Observatory?

One World Observatory is best visited at sunset. 

Arriving just before the sun sets gives you views during the day and allows you to watch the sunset over Manhattan, and then the city lights turn on at night. 

Plan on being here for an hour or more to accomplish this.

When is the best time to visit One World Observatory to avoid crowds?

The best time to visit One World Observatory is just as they open for the day at 9 am if you want to escape the crowds.

Featured Image: Gustavo Nava / 500px