Directions to Disneyland California – How to Reach, Transport Options, Etc

While Disneyland California Resort is one of the most popular theme parks in Los Angeles, it is not exactly in LA. 

The Disneyland Resort lies 26 miles (41km) from LA, in Anaheim. 

If you drive from Los Angeles, the park is 30 minutes away on a traffic-free morning. 

This article is your one-stop guide to getting directions to Disneyland California Resort by various means of transport.

How to Reach Disneyland California Resort by Train 

Disneyland California Resort by Train 

AMTRAK and Metrolink are two railway lines that will take you to Disneyland California. 

No matter which line you take, Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) is the closest train station.

AMTRAK is the most convenient option for guests traveling from LA. 

If you are traveling on AMTRAK, you need to switch to the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner Train Line in a station close to you and hop off at ARTIC.  

Travelers from South California can take the Metrolink Rapid Commuter Rail System. 

Visitors taking the Metrolink can take the Orange County Line to reach ARTIC directly. 

Meanwhile, if you are taking the other Metrolink lines, you must transfer to the Orange County Line at Union Station or Fullerton Station. 

Disneyland California lies 4 miles (6 km) from ARTIC. 

Once you reach ARTIC, you can take Anaheim Resort Transit Route 14 or 15 to get to the park or take OCTA bus Route 50 to reach Katella-HArbor Blvd Stop. 

The Disneyland Park is three blocks from the stop. 

How to Reach Disneyland California by Bus 

going Disneyland California by bus

Three bus lines take you to Disneyland California Resort: Grey Hound, Orange County Transit Authority and Los Angeles Orange County Metro Bus. 

The Los Angeles Orange County Metro Bus line 460 connects Disneyland California and bus and rail lines. 

The Metro Bus takes visitors from Northwest/Southeast 5th Street and Downtown Los Angeles to Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. 

You can catch this bus from the following bus stations: 

  • Downtown LA
  • Figueroa Station 
  • 6th Street
  • 5th Street
  • Flower Station 
  • I-110 (Harbor Transitway) 
  • Norwalk Station 
  • Pioneer/Rosecrans Station 
  • Carmenita/Excelsior Station 

If you opt for the Orange County Transit Authority, you can take Route 50. 43, 46, 83 and 430 to reach the park directly. 

Visitors traveling to Disneyland California from different states across the country can opt for the Grey Hound buses. 

Book your Grey Hound bus to 100 W Winston Road, Anaheim, Grey Hound Bus Stop.

Once you reach the stop, take the Anehim local bus route 10 to reach Disneyland California Park. 

Private Transfer to Reach Disneyland California

Private Transfer to Reach Disneyland California

Visitors from Los Angeles who do not wish to take public transport or drive can opt for the private transfer to Disneyland California

Private transfers save you the hassle of transferring and navigating bus or railway stops.

You can book the private transfer online and reach the park in 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the location of your hotel and traffic. 

Driving to Disneyland California

If you are driving from Los Angeles, it will take you 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the traffic and route you take. 

Here are driving directions to Disneyland California from Los Angeles: 

  • Drive on West Temple Street North Main Street and turn left onto North Main Street. 
  • From there, turn right to get onto the West Aliso Street
  • Take the ramp on the left to I-10E/I-5 S to reach the US-101 S. 
  • Stay on the US-101S until you reach I-5 S. 
  • Take exit 110B on the I-5 to get onto Disneyland Dr towards Ball Road
  • Take the next right and then a right.
  • Drive for a few minutes and you will find Disneyland California Park. 

How to Reach Disneyland California From the Airport

John Wayne Airport is the nearest airport if you plan to fly to Disneyland California. 

You can also get to the park from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Long Beach Airport and Hollywood Burbank Airport

However, these airports are far from the park and you must transfer multiple times to reach the park. 

The easiest way to get to Disneyland California from any airport is by taking the Karmel Shuttle, Limousines or booking a ride on Lyft. 

If you prefer public transport, exit the airport and take the Metrolink bus line 460 or OCTA buses to reach the park. 

Disney California Parking

Disney California Parking

Disneyland California has two parking lots: Mickey & Friends and Toy Story Parking Areas. 

If you travel on I-5 or CA-91 highways or visit from LAX, Long Beach Airport or Hollywood Burbank Airport, Mickey & Friends is your closest parking option. 

Visitors driving on I-5, CA-91 and CA 22 highways or from John Wayne Aiport and Ontario Internation Aiport can park at the Toy Story Parking.

There are also other parking options throughout the resort: 

Disneyland California Parking Cost

It costs $35 per car and motorcycle to park at Disneyland California. 

Oversized Vehicles, motor homes or tractors without trailers pay $40 to park at the Toy Story Parking Area, 

Buses and Trucks with extended trailers pay $45 to park at the Toy Story Parking Area. 

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FAQs about How to Get to Disneyland California

1. What is the nearest airport to Disneyland, California?

The nearest airport is John Wayne Airport (SNA), but Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is also commonly used.

2. How far is Disneyland from the airports?

The distance varies depending on the airport, but Disneyland is approximately 14 miles from John Wayne Airport and about 35 miles from Los Angeles International Airport.

3. What are the transportation options from the airport to Disneyland?

Visitors can use shuttles, taxis, rideshare services, or rental cars. Some hotels also offer complimentary shuttle services.

4. Is there a direct train or bus to Disneyland?

Disneyland has no direct train service, but visitors can use Amtrak or Metrolink trains to get to Anaheim and then transfer to local transportation. 

5. Can I park at Disneyland?

Disneyland Resort offers two parking lots in the park and several others throughout the resort. 

6. How much is parking at Disneyland?

It costs $35 for cars and motorcycles, $40 for Oversized Vehicles, motor homes or tractors without trailers and $45 for others. 

7. What are the best times to avoid traffic when driving to Disneyland?

We recommend you plan your visit during off-peak hours to avoid the traffic.
Weekdays, especially Tuesday through Thursday, tend to have lighter traffic compared to weekends.

8. Is there a Disneyland shuttle from nearby hotels?

Many hotels in the area offer complimentary shuttle services to Disneyland. 
Guests should check with their hotel to confirm shuttle availability and schedules.

9. Are there alternative transportation options, like bike rentals or walking paths?

Some hotels offer bike rentals, and the area has walking paths.

However, the availability of these options may vary, so it’s advisable to check with the hotel.

10. Is there a direct route from major highways to Disneyland?

Major highways such as I-5 and CA-91 provide direct routes to Disneyland. 

Visitors should use navigation apps for real-time traffic updates.

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