Disneyland Califonia Fireworks

When the sun goes down at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, the night sky lights up with one of the most iconic fireworks shows around. 

The Disneyland fireworks are an honored tradition dating back to 1956 when the park first opened. 

They have sparkled over Sleeping Beauty Castle ever since, bringing bursts of color, light and music over Main Street USA and the surrounding lands of Disneyland. 

This article provides all the information you need about the Disneyland California fireworks, schedule and location. 

Current Disneyland California Fireworks Show

Mickey’s Mix Magic illuminates the Anaheim skies starting on 8 January 2024. 

This show starts with extravagant music, lights and a laser show. 

Mickey’s Mix Magic is scheduled until 21 March. 

Wondrous Journey will follow the Mickey’s Mix Magic. 

This show lasts 10 minutes and can be seen from Sleeping Beauty Castle, Main Street U.S.A. and It’s a Small World. 

Disneyland California Fireworks Seasonal Shows

Apart from the regular fireworks, Disneyland California also holds special, seasonal fireworks shows throughout the year. 

There are four seasonal shows that can be enjoyed at Disneyland California Resort. 

New Year’s Eve Fireworks

New Year's Eve Fireworks
Image: Wdw-magazine.com

The birth of the New Year is marked with a Disney-tastic fireworks show. 

The show starts at midnight and runs for 20 minutes. 

Fourth of July Fireworks

Fourth of July and Disneyland are two names that are closely related to fireworks. 

The Disney fireworks on the Fourth of July bring the best of both worlds – celebration and extravaganza. 

The fireworks set off at 9.30 pm with patriotic music at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. 

Halloween Screams 

Halloween Screams
Image: Youtube.com@InsideDisneyOfficial

This is one of the best fireworks shows at Disneyland California. 

You can enjoy the Halloween-themed fireworks from 23 August to 31 October 2024. 

The show is available only on select nights at 9 pm or 9.30 pm for 10 minutes at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. 

Believe… In Holiday Magic

Disney sets the holiday spirit high with Believe…In Holiday Magic. 

You can enjoy 80,000 twinkling lights, energetic music, sparkling snow, and fireworks during this show. 

This fireworks show runs for 15 minutes in Fantasyland. 

Best Spots to Watch the Disneyland California Fireworks

best spot for disneyland california fireworks
Image: Wdwnt.com

Finding the perfect spot to watch the California Disneyland fireworks takes a bit of Disney strategy and knowledge.

Main Street U.S.A. is the best place to view the fireworks with a front-row seat. 

This picturesque street lined with shops feels like stepping into an early 20th-century American town. 

During the fireworks, ambient music pipes into the area and the buildings are illuminated, highlighting every colorful explosion in the night sky. 

Those looking for extra magic with their pyrotechnics should try scoring reservations at the Blue Bayou restaurant inside Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Diners here enjoy New Orleans-inspired cuisines while watching the fireworks burst over the bayou and pirate scenes.

Watch the spectacle unfold over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle from the grass in front for a unique view away from the crowds. 

The iconic fairytale fortress is illuminated in spinning lights while fireworks frame the towers, making it feel like a real-life fairy tale. 

You must arrive early to secure a good location as it can get crowded very soon.

No matter where viewers settle in around Disneyland when the music swells and explosions fill the air, the fireworks make for an utterly magical ending to a day exploring the happiest place on Earth.

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