Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter: Pet the Adorable Asian Otters

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Visitors must know that Dubai Aquarium’s charm goes beyond its gigantic main tank and stunning underwater tunnel.

It has engaging and fun activities, like Glass Bottom Boat Rides and Animal Encounters. 

There are plenty of Animal Encounter experiences at the Dubai Aquarium. These include Shark Encounter, Penguin Cove, and Stingray.

But the Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter is extremely popular among kids. 

So, let’s check out why and learn the details regarding the Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter.

What is the Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter? 

The Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter, or the Dubai Aquarium Otter Experience, is one of the Animal Encounters. 

As the name suggests, the Otter Experience at the Dubai Aquarium gives guests access to the state-of-the-art facility home to the Asian small-clawed Otter. 

This behind-the-scenes tour focuses on close interaction and educational presentations on otters.

Visitors learn everything about the Asian Small-clawed Otter, from their habitat, breeding, and feeding to how they are cared for. 

Beyond this, visitors will interact with these cute and charismatic animals, which will certainly be the highlight of your visit. 

Some Facts about the Otters of the Dubai Aquarium 

One of the interesting facts about the Dubai Aquarium Otters, Asian Small-clawed Otters, is that they are the smallest of all 13 otter species. 

These small, intelligent otters can devour up to 20% of their body weight daily, yet they do not weigh more than five kgs (11 lbs). 

These cute animals are highly threatened species and are carnivorous by nature. 

They live in streams, rivers, marshes, and rice patties and feed on crustaceans, snails, fishes, and insects. 

One of the striking traits of otters is that they are intelligent animals. They are great at using tools, such as picking up rocks and using them to open shellfish.

Is Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter worth it? 

Absolutely yes! The Dubai Aquarium Otter Experience is one of the world’s most unique animal interaction activities. 

Not many aquariums and zoos around the globe offer this kind of interactive experience with such rare species. 

The Otter Experience at Dubai Aquarium, apart from being fun and engaging, is highly informative. 

If you are not going for the Dubai Aquarium Ultimate Experience, it will certainly be the highlight of your visit, staying with you long after your tour. 

Apart from this, the Otter Encounter at Dubai Aquarium is an excellent activity for small kids. 

It teaches them about the animals in a fun and engaging way, while the close interaction evokes sensibility among the young ones.

The Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter is highly recommended for small kids, as guests have no height restrictions to participate.

Ultimate Experiences Dubai Aquarium Ticket

Ultimate Experience Tour: Best Ticket to Explore Dubai Aquarium

Get the Dubai Aquarium Ultimate Experience tickets for a comprehensive tour of the world’s largest indoor aquarium. 

Unlike the standard Dubai Aquarium Entry Tickets, there are many additional activities. It includes Penguin Cove, allowing visitors to interact with the cuddly Gentoo penguins. 

Beyond this, guests will get an exclusive Behind-The-Scenes guided aquarium tour and an interactive fish-feeding activity. 

Another unique activity in this is the Glass-Bottom Boat Ride to see fishes swim underneath you. It also includes a couple of vouchers for shopping and eating, too.

This is best for guests who want to enjoy their visit and experience multiple activities. 

Ultimate Experience Tickets Price:- AED 299 (US $82) (two years and above)

Is the Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter included in the standard Dubai Aquarium entry tickets? 

Is the Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter included in the standard Dubai Aquarium entry tickets
Photo by Celeste Mc on Unsplash

The usual Dubai Auqrium entry tickets only give you access to the aquarium. Visitors can walk through the underwater tunnel and see the various marine animals. 

However, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo offers plenty of engaging, fun and educational activities. Otter encounters are one among various animal encounters. 

Thus, the main highlight of the Dubai Aquarium Entry Tickets is the Main Tank, which has more than 33,000 aquatic animals. 

Visitors must purchase a Dubai Aquarium Ticket with Otter Encounter to enjoy this amazing interactive activity. 

Let’s check out the details of the Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter Tour Tickets. 

Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter Tickets

The Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter Tour Tickets offer impeccable value for money with additional activities beyond just the Otter Experience. 

Visitors will get access to the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo to witness the stunning underwater tunnel and the largest indoor suspended aquarium in the world, housing 33,000 aquatic animals. 

Beyond this, the tour will be highly enriching and informative, with an exclusive guided Behind the Scenes tour to give you what goes beyond the curtains. 

Guests will learn how the aquarium staff and specialists care for the animals. Next up is the Otter Encounter at the Dubai Aquarium. 

Meet these cute and adorable creatures full of charisma and innocence. Learn from the staff about their environment, feeding, and breeding. 

Next up is the Penguin Cove Experience, which makes this Otter Encounter at Dubai Mall Aquarium doubly appealing as visitors get to meet the colony of Gentoo penguins, too. 

What’s Included: 

  • Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo Entrance tickets
  • Otter Experience
  • Penguin Cove 
  • Behind-the-scenes Guided tour 
  • One Food and beverage voucher worth AED 10  for the Aquarium Cafe. 
  • One voucher worth AED 20 for the retail shop. 

Things to know: 

  • This tour is unsuitable for travelers with back problems or pregnant travelers. 
  • A moderate level of physical fitness is expected from the guests. 
  • Guests must come at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time. 
  • Kids below the age of two are not allowed on the tour. 

Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter Tour Timing:  

Visitors can choose from two tour timings for the Otter Encounter at the Dubai Aquarium. 

Visitors can either go at 1 pm or 4 pm for the Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter. 

Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter Ticket Prices: 

Visitors Type Price 
Adult Tickets (13 years and above) AED 327 (US $89)
Children Ticket ( 3 to 12 years) AED 327 (US $89)

Beyond the Dubai Mall Otter Encounter, there are plenty of other animal encounters at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo for visitors to experience. 

The Dubai Aquarium Shark Encounter is one of the highly recommended activities. It allows guests to share water with these elegant and fierce creatures. 

One of the hugely popular animal encounters is the Penguin Cove. It is a rare activity, especially in Dubai. 

Visitors get access to the State-of-the-art temperature-controlled habitat that hosts a colony of adorable Gentoo Penguins. Apart from this, learn everything on a guided tour. 

One more heart-thrilling and engaging animal encounter is the Dubai Aquarium Ray Encounter. Hand-feed these elegant and shy creatures. Learn about them and more.


Where can I pet otters in Dubai?

Visitors can see otters in Dubai at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo at the Dubai Mall, featuring more than 33,000 aquatic animals. 

However, the regular Dubai Aquarium entry tickets do not allow guests to interact with the otter. It gives you access to the Main Tank and the underwater tunnel.

Visitors need to get the Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter tickets for petting otters in the Dubai Aquarium, along with plenty of other fun activities.

Which aquarium lets you touch otters?

In Dubai, there are plenty of world-class attractions. Among them is the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, which offers several Animal Encounter experiences. 

However, the usual Dubai Aquarium entry tickets are not sufficient. Visitors need to get the Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter tickets. 

These tickets offer a combination of interaction and information in an engaging guide to help you play and appreciate these shy creatures.

How much are the Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter tickets?

Visitors enjoy age-based ticket discounts when booking the Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter tickets. 

Thus, the Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter adult tickets are AED 327 (US $89) for guests 13 years and above. 
For kids up to the age of 12, these tickets cost AED 327(US $89). These tickets are free for kids up to the age of two years.

What does the Otter Encounter at Dubai Aquarium include? 

The Dubai Aquarium Otter Encounter tickets offer immense value for money with access to the Aquarium and multiple additional engaging activities. 

Apart from the interactive Otter Encounter Tour, visitors get to explore the entire aquarium, including the ten million liters capacity Main Tank and underwater tunnel. 

Beyond this, visitors may enjoy an exclusive Behind-the-scenes Guided tour and another animal encounter in the form of Penguin Cove. 

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