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The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is inside the world-renowned Dubai Mall. Visitors of the Aquarium can easily park at the mall’s parking facility.

The Dubai Mall Aquarium parking is a paid parking space at the basement level. You can access it from the Sheikh Zayed Road entrance.

The Dubai Mall parking cost is:

Three hoursFree
Following hoursAED 10 per car
For the whole dayAED 80 per car

The parking in Dubai Mall is the closest parking to Dubai Mall Aquarium and is free for the first three hours, after which there is a nominal fee for additional parking hours.

You will have to pay AED 10 per car per hour after the first three free hours, or you can pay AED 80 per day per car.

Dubai Aquarium Parking offers various parking facilities to cater to the needs of its vast number of visitors. Here are the parking options available:

  • Dubai Mall Grand Parking: 1,602 slots
  • Dubai Mall Fashion Parking: 2,596 slots
  • Dubai Mall Cinema Parking: 4,451 slots
  • Dubai Mall Zabeel Parking: 2,033 slots

The Dubai Mall Grand Parking is the nearest parking to Dubai Mall aquarium.

Additionally, valet parking services are available for those seeking spaces for best parking for Dubai Mall Aquarium with utmost convenience.

The Dubai Mall valet parking costs between AED 10 and AED 100.

Choose the Dubai Aquarium parking facility for convenience after booking your Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo tickets.

Once you have parked in the Aquarium Dubai Mall parking, you can explore the nearby attractions, such as Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, Souk Al Bahar, KidZania and Dubai Ice Rink.

These attractions are all conveniently located within walking distance of the Dubai Aquarium in the Dubai Mall, allowing you to make the most of your time during your visit.


Is Dubai Mall parking free?

Dubai Mall Aquarium parking does offer a complimentary period making it the best parking for Dubai Mall Aquarium.

You can enjoy the first three hours of parking for free.

However, after the initial three hours, the Aquarium dubai mall parking cost is AED 10 per hour.

If you plan to park your car for the entire day at the Dubai Mall, you must pay AED 80 per car.

How much is the entry to Dubai Mall aquarium?

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Ticket includes entry to the Aquarium Tunnel, Main Tank and underwater zoo, allowing you to explore the various marine creatures.

Ticket prices for the Dubai Underwater Zoo & Aquarium are AED 150 (US $41) for individuals aged two years and above, while children under two years old can enter for free.

Also, explore all available ticket choices, including combo deals, to find the one that suits your preferences and budget, taking advantage of discount offers.

Which parking is closer to the Dubai Mall Aquarium?

The nearest parking to the Dubai Mall Aquarium is the Dubai Mall parking. The spot that is the closest is the P2, Grand Parking. 

You don’t have to pay for Dubai Aquarium parking inside for the first three hours.

You can easily use the elevator to the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. 

How much does Dubai Mall parking cost?

When parking at the Dubai Mall, the first three hours are free. You don’t need to pay any money for up to three hours. 

However, after the initial three hours, you must pay AED 10 per hour. 

If you want to park your car for the entire day at the Dubai Mall, you must pay AED 80 per car.

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