5 Ferrari World Facts That Will Make You Want to Visit Yas Island in Abu Dhabi

Set on its own private island in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari World is more than just a theme park—it is a unique tribute to one of the most iconic automotive brands in the world. 

As the largest indoor theme park on the planet, it houses a collection of heart-pumping attractions that immerse visitors in the thrill and passion of Ferrari.

Home to record-breaking rollercoasters, dynamic simulators, and vibrant live shows, Ferrari World celebrates the heritage of Ferrari through innovative experiences.

It also pays homage to the brand’s racing legacy with displays of rare and priceless vehicles from throughout Ferrari’s history.

Since opening in 2010, the park has welcomed over 15 million guests and won multiple awards for its one-of-a-kind way of bringing the Ferrari legend to life.

Contained within its striking roof structure that resembles the famous Ferrari logo, Ferrari World offers visitors a chance to experience the essence of the prancing horse in all its glory.

Over the next few paragraphs, we will uncover 10 fascinating facts about this unique theme park that any Ferrari enthusiast would love to know.

1. Largest Indoor Theme Park in the world

The largest indoor theme park in the world is Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Covering an enormous 86,000 square meters under its roof, this theme park is truly massive in scale.

To put it in perspective, its total covered area is equivalent to about 20 American football fields.

2. Home to the World’s Fastest Roller Coaster

Another cool fact about Ferrari World is that It was built over nearly three years at a whopping cost of over $1 billion.

It opened to the public on November 4, 2010, as the first Ferrari-themed park in existence.

Under its colossal domed structure, guests can experience Formula Rossa, a rollercoaster that accelerates from 0 to 240 kph in under 5 seconds.

It’s considered the fastest roller coaster in the world.

What’s the experience like?

Imagine being accelerated from zero to 149 mph in just 4.9 seconds.

That’s faster than a cheetah on a caffeine bender, launching you from your seat like a Ferrari shot out of a slingshot.

And just when your heart threatens to leap out of your chest, Formula Rossa rockets you 52 meters skyward, giving you a fleeting moment to…well, maybe scream, maybe savor the insane view, maybe both.

This isn’t just a ride, it’s an experience. A primal scream into the face of fear, a baptism by adrenaline.

It’s why daredevils flock to Ferrari World, their eyes gleaming with a mix of terror and exhilaration.

And let us tell you, that feeling as you crest the launch hill, wind whipping through your hair, the world blurring into a symphony of speed and g-forces – it’s pure, unadulterated magic.

3. Record-breaking Inverted Loop

The Flying Aces is a steel roller coaster located at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

It was manufactured by Intamin and opened on February 24, 2016.

The ride is 1.5 kilometers (0.93 mi) long and features the world’s largest loop, which is 52 meters (171 feet) tall.

The Flying Aces also has a steep initial climb of 63 meters (207 feet) and reaches a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour (75 mph).

The ride is named after Francesco Baracca, Italy’s top fighter ace during World War I. 

Baracca was known for his daring flying maneuvers, and the Flying Aces is designed to simulate the experience of being in one of his planes.

The ride’s Italian Street entrance features a replica of Baracca’s Spad VII aircraft, and the hangar where the ride is housed is themed to look like a World War I airfield.

What’s the Experience like?

Hold onto your hats, gearheads, because Flying Aces isn’t just another rollercoaster – it’s a gravity-defying adrenaline rush with a twist (literally)!

Picture this: you climb to the top, perched 63 meters above the ground, your heart hammering like a Ferrari engine. 

Then, whoosh! You’re plummeting into a pit, the world turning upside down as you accelerate to 120 km/h.

It’s like soaring through the air on a fighter jet, the wind whipping through your hair, and the ground a dizzying blur below.

But Flying Aces isn’t just about speed and screams (although there are plenty of those!).   

This coaster is a tribute to a legendary bi-plane, a nod to the pioneers who dared to push the limits of flight.

So, as you hang upside down in that titanic loop, imagine yourself channeling the spirit of those daring aviators, feeling the freedom of defying gravity, the thrill of a victory roll in the sky.

4. World’s Largest Space Frame Structure

This title refers to the entire theme park’s roof, which is a massive space frame structure spanning 200,000 square meters.

Forget puny roofs; Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi wears a crown made of 172,000 steel bones and 43,100 joints, all intertwined to form the biggest space frame on Earth. 

That’s like building a double-decker roof the size of 20 football fields using nearly twice the steel of the Eiffel Tower!

Despite not being a space frame, the steel frame supporting Ferrari World is also a record-breaker due to its staggering 12,270 tons of structural steel.

This immense structure provides the necessary strength and stability to support the roof, attractions, and other elements of the park.

So, depending on whether you’re focusing on the entire roof or just the steel frame underneath, Ferrari World can lay claim to the title of having either the largest space frame structure or the largest steel frame structure in the world

5. The Largest Ferrari Logo in the world

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi features the largest Ferrari logo in the world.

Measuring an impressive 85 meters in diameter, the iconic prancing horse emblem is proudly displayed on the exterior of the park’s colossal dome.

The massive logo pays homage to Enzo Ferrari’s legendary automotive brand and is meant to be visible from kilometers away.

It serves as a prominent landmark and welcoming symbol for visitors.

Positioned at such a grand scale, the logo perfectly captures the theme park’s dedication to celebrating Ferrari’s racing heritage and passion for performance.

You can also walk on the iconic rooftop of Ferrari World and take in the stunning views of Yas Island in the backdrop.

It’s an incredible experience that lets you get up close to the world’s largest Ferrari logo.

Featured Image: Ferrariworldabudhabi.com

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