How to get to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is located in the heart of Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Get Directions

Yas Island is home to some of the world’s best leisure attractions, including Ferrari World, Warner Bros., and Sea World Abu Dhabi.

Owing to its well-designed road system and affordable public transportation, getting around Abu Dhabi has always been simple.

Buses, cars, and taxis are all available to reach Ferrari World from Abu Dhabi and Dubai

How to go to Ferrari World from Abu Dhabi by bus

The bus transportation from Abu Dhabi to Ferrari World is very convenient, especially the free shuttle services from Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

This complimentary first come, first served bus service has added to Abu Dhabi’s transportation convenience.

However, there is a catch: these buses can only be used if visitors have an e-ticket or voucher for an attraction on the exciting Yas Island.

If you intend to visit Ferrari World from Dubai and are wondering how to get there, 

Don’t worry; we have got you covered.

Ferrari World being an adrenaline-pumping theme park located 111 km (69 miles) from Dubai.

Most visitors would prefer a smooth and hassle-free ride. 

First, take a shuttle bus from the Deira city center entrance beside the Aloft hotel or the Sheraton Mall of the Emirates hotel.

These shuttle buses will drop you off at the entrance of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. 

There are also shuttle buses available from Abu Dhabi city route B to Yas Island,

which will take you to two stops on the magnificent Yas Island, including Ferrari World.

How to go to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi by car

The fastest way to get to Ferrari World in Yas Island is to take a car or taxi. 

It takes around half an hour to get to Ferrari World from Abu Dhabi by taking the E10 or E11 highway

Ferrari World is about an hour’s drive from Dubai.

Visitors driving from Dubai to Yas Island for a fun day should take the E11 highway, also known as Sheikh Zayed Road.

How to get to Ferrari World from Abu Dhabi Airport

The distance between Abu Dhabi Airport and Ferrari World is 11 kilometers (7 miles), and you will need to drive for 15 minutes.

Head west on Al Diyafah St. and turn left onto Yas Dr. Ferrari World, which will be on your right.

You can also access other transport options, such as Buses, taxis, and town cars at the Abu Dhabi Airport.

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