Rules And Regulations Before Visiting Florence Duomo

Rules And Regulations Before Visiting Florence Duomo

In the heart of Florence, at Piazza del Duomo, stands the famous Santa Maria Cathedral, lovingly referred to as the Duomo. 

Besides being an architectural wonder, the Duomo is a place of worship. 

Visitors are kindly asked to follow certain rules and guidelines to show respect for this important religious and historical site.

This article will discuss the rules and regulations before visiting the Florence Duomo.

Dress Code at the Duomo Florence

Visitors must dress appropriately to enter the cathedral. 

This means no sandals, sunglasses, hats, or exposed legs or shoulders. 

Avoid wearing low-cut tops, skirts, or shorts.

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Managing Personal Belongings at the Duomo Florence

Visitors are not allowed to carry heavy luggage inside the cathedral. 

You can use the cloakroom facility in the Duomo Museum to store your luggage. 

You can also find private storage options to leave your backpacks and big bags nearby.

Identification Requirements at the Duomo Florence

When you arrive, you’ll need to show proof of identity. 

This helps ensure the security of the cathedral. 

International visitors should have their visa and passport details ready for verification.

Photography Policies at the Duomo Florence

Photography is allowed inside the cathedral, bell tower and other areas.

However, flash photography, selfie sticks and tripods are not permitted.  

Photographers should be mindful of other visitors, too. 

Cell Phone Etiquette at the Duomo Florence

To respect others’ experience, it’s best to turn off your cell phone while inside. 

Using electronic devices can disturb other visitors trying to enjoy the cathedral’s beauty.

Food and Drink Regulations at the Duomo Florence

You can’t bring food or drinks from outside into the Duomo Florence.

This rule helps keep the area clean and protects the historic building from any accidental damage.

Smoking Guidelines at the Duomo Florence

Smoking is not allowed in the area around the Florence Duomo. 

If you need to smoke, you should find out about designated smoking areas from the Duomo authorities to ensure you’re following the rules.

Pets and Guide Dogs Policy at the Duomo Florence

Pets are not allowed inside the Santa Maria del Duomo. 

However, visitors with guide dogs may need to go through checks before entering to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone inside.

Accessibility Guidelines at the Duomo Florence

For people with disabilities or reduced mobility, there’s an entrance on the right side of the Duomo. 

Inside, there’s a special route designed to be accessible. 

Visitors with disabilities can bring one companion with them for assistance.

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