Florida Aquarium Opening Hours

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The Florida Aquarium is a destination that invites visitors to explore the diversity of marine life. 

Florida Aquarium’s opening hours are 9.30 am to 5 pm every day. 

Florida Aquarium is closed during Thanksgiving and Christmas days. 

Plan your visit to the Florida Aquarium easily, as it offers convenient and flexible opening hours to accommodate all schedules.

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Note that Florida Aquarium opening hours may vary on holidays and special occasions.

Please confirm the Florida Aquarium holiday hours in advance. 

We recommend you check the Florida Aquarium hours of operation to avoid interruptions to your vacation!

Best time to visit Florida Aquarium 

The best time to visit the Florida Aquarium depends on your preferences! 

If you like a quieter experience, visiting on weekdays is a good idea when there may be fewer people. 

This section details the best time to visit Florida Aquarium to make planning your visit easier.

Best day of the week to visit The Florida Aquarium 

The best day to visit the Florida Aquarium depends on crowd levels and personal preferences. 

Mondays and Tuesdays are quieter since many people are at work or school after the weekend. 

If you want a more peaceful experience, these days might be ideal.

However, weekends can be a good choice if you enjoy a livelier atmosphere and don’t mind larger crowds.

Best hours to enjoy Florida Aquarium 

Best hours to enjoy Florida Aquarium
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The best time to visit the Florida Aquarium is the initial opening hours of the park. 

The opening hours at Florida Aquarium are 9.30 am, so you should plan your visit accordingly.

Arrive 30 minutes before the opening hour to enter first and enjoy a private visit as there is less crowd during this time. 

It allows you to experience the beauty of the Florida Aquarium without a long wait.

The best month to visit Florida Aquarium

The best month to visit the Florida Aquarium is typically November. 

During November, guests and tourists can expect milder temperatures in Florida.  

It is the best weather to visit the Florida Aquarium. 

You can explore the outdoor exhibits and enjoy the aquarium’s scenic surroundings. 

Additionally, November offers lower hotel rates and fewer lines, allowing visitors to make the most of their time at the Florida Aquarium.

March to May is a vibrant time to visit, as the spring brings warmer weather and colorful marine life. 

The best month to visit the Florida Aquarium depends on personal preferences, weather tolerance, and crowd preferences. 

Regardless of the chosen month, the Florida Aquarium promises an immersive and educational experience for all guests, visitors, and tourists.

How long does it take to visit Florida Aquarium? 

The duration of a visit to the Florida Aquarium can vary depending on individual preferences, the level of interest in marine life, and the pace at which you explore. 

On average, visitors spend about 1 to 2 hours exploring the aquarium. 

This time frame allows for a leisurely experience. 

It gives you enough time to check out the diverse marine species, engage in interactive exhibits, and attend scheduled shows or presentations. 

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Florida Aquarium opening hours FAQs

1. What time can you visit The Florida Aquarium?

Visitors can explore The Florida Aquarium during its regular operating hours. 

The Florida Aquarium’s opening hours are 9.30 am and closes at 5.00 pm.

Please note that Florida Aquarium opening hours and closing times may vary. 

2. How much time is required for a sea aquarium?

A typical visit to a sea aquarium usually requires around 2 to 3 hours. 

This allows visitors to fully experience and enjoy the presentations, observe marine life, see interactive displays, and attend shows. 

The duration can vary based on individual interests and engagement.

3. What is The Florida Aquarium known for?

The Florida Aquarium is known for its diverse marine displays. 

It is renowned for showcasing many aquatic species, including sharks, rays, fish, turtles, and corals. 

The aquarium focuses on conservation efforts, education, and providing memorable experiences for visitors of all ages.

Florida Aquarium tickets 

Here are the best Florida Aquarium tickets for all visitors who wish to enjoy the marine beauty in Tampa. 

Entry ticket: This is the simplest ticket option that provides skip the line access to the Aquarium. 

Combo Tickets: Combo tickets offer entry to Florida Aquarium and another Florida attraction at discounted prices. You can visit Tampa Zoo, Dinosaur World and more.

Tampa City Pass: The Tampa pass offers entry to 5 attractions. It includes the Florida Aquarium, Busch Gardens, Zoo Tampa and 2 attractions of choice. 

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