Top 8 Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Northern Ireland

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The Giant’s Causeway is a popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland and is close to several Game of Thrones filming locations.

The trip to Giant’s Causeway and its exciting shooting locations will undoubtedly give Game of Thrones fans an unforgettable experience.

It includes exploring the legendary shooting locations of Game of Thrones, which a die-hard fan of the show cannot miss.

Many shooting locations for Game of Thrones are in Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast and Glens.

The locations are:

  • Carnlough and Cushendun Caves
  • Larrybane Quarry and Carrick-a-Rede
  • Dark Hedges and Dunluce Castle,
  • Ballintoy Harbour

These Game of Thrones filming locations in Ireland are easily accessible from Belfast, and you can explore incredible locations in the show.

Explore Giant’s Causeway and Game of Thrones tickets

You can refresh your old memories of the show by visiting these locations and reenacting the iconic scenes with your friends.

So, pack your bags and discover with us the Game of Thrones filming locations accessible to tourists by reading on.

Game of Thrones location map

Start the Giant’s Causeway tour

GoT is primarily shot in Belfast’s Paint Hall Studios.

However, Ireland is the backdrop for most of the series’ memorable sequences.

You should take a Game of Thrones tour of Ireland if you are a big show fan and planning a vacation to Ireland soon.

Discover the top Game of Thrones Northern Ireland locations accessible to tourists worldwide by reading on.

Game of Thrones filming locations in Ireland

According to rumors, the Game of Thrones tie to Ireland might have just as well involved Scotland!

The producers considered both locations, but Northern Ireland provided incentives (financing, tax relief, studio space, and site access) to seal the deal.

Now, let’s discover the sites in Ireland.

Carnlough and Cushendun Caves

The distance between the Giant’s Causeway and Carnlough is approximately 27 miles (44 km). 

When you learn about the Carnlough, the first name that comes to mind is Arya Stark.

The village sets the story of the “free city of Braavos,” where Arya goes to find the loving Jaqen H’ghar and becomes the faceless assassin.

The famous stone harbor steps in Carnlough are one of the most incredible locations where Arya almost got killed by Waif. 

Following Carnlough, you will move to Cushendun Caves, approximately 21 miles (33 km) away. 

The quickest way to get there is by car, which takes approximately 37 minutes. The caves are stunning.

Castle Ward in County Down, Northern Ireland

Winterfell’s actual site is Castle Ward in County Down.

Even without its stellar history as a GOT film location, this stunning 18th-century home in Northern Ireland is well worth visiting.

Find Robb Stark’s camp, the fight at Baelor, and when Brienne faces the Stark troops in the Whispering Wood.

Explore Winterfell on your own!

Larrybane Quarry and Carrick-a-Rede

On this mesmerizing trip, you will encounter another filming location: a bridge built over 350 years ago, telling tales of history.

This bridge features in season 6 of Game of Thrones.

Walking on the bridge offers stunning views of the blue sea, sufficient to relax you.

At the same time, the bridge will remind you of Balon and Euron Greyjoy, who fought at the exact location.

Visiting Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge comes with a surprise, as Larrybane Quarry is another outstanding attraction only 100 meters away from the ticket counter.

This stunning location formed a scenic backdrop for the Game of Thrones shooting locations and was the setting for Renly Baratheon’s camp.

The distance between Belfast and Larrybane Quarry is 48 miles.

Tollymore Forest Park, Northern Ireland

One of the fantastic Game of Thrones filming locations you may see on your upcoming vacation is Tollymore Forest Park in Northern Ireland.

The Stark kids discovered their dire wolf among these trees in season one.

The first state considered both locations, but Northern Ireland preferred to stroll outdoors.

Grjótagjá, Iceland

This Game of Thrones filming site is open 24/7.

Grjótagjá is an Icelandic location notable for the passionate exchange between Jon Snow and Ygritte.

Bring a swimming suit, a towel, dry clothing, water, and suitable walking shoes when you go there.

The Cushendun Caves, Northern Ireland

The more than 400 million-year-old caves and weathered rocks give the area a surreal vibe.

A must-see for fans and those who like unexpected tourist gems!

Fortunately, you won’t come across the Red Lady while exploring.

The Cushendun Caves were made well-known by Game of Thrones when they served as the birthplace of the Shadow monster in Season 2, Episode 4.

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

The Game of Thrones Ireland area that draws the most online interest is The Dark Hedges.

It is often known as Kings Road by Game of Thrones fans and was portrayed in Season 2, Episode 1: On the King’s Road using The Dark Hedges.

It appears in a scenario where Arya Stark, disguised as a lad, flees from King’s Landing and joins the Night’s Watch.

Driving is currently prohibited from this famous Game of Thrones site due to the dramatic rise of tourists visiting the region. 

Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle is a medieval castle located on the northern coast of Northern Ireland. The castle was built in the 14th century.

It was the filming location for the House of Greyjoy, rulers of the Iron Islands.

The Game of Thrones Tour with Giant’s Causeway is a combination that helps fans revisit the moments and discover the untold stories behind their shooting.

For how many years was Game of Thrones filmed in Ireland?

HBO and Game of Thrones found their cozy haven in Northern Ireland for a good stretch of eight to ten years. 

It’s amazing how the locals, the untouched natural beauty, and the breathtaking spots seamlessly blended into the essence of the show.

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Many fans want to discover Northern Ireland’s Game of Thrones filming locations because it is an international phenomenon.

The real world and the GOT set sometimes match up differently.

However, specific locales have been changed in post-production to give them a more otherworldly air.

Don’t let it stop you from getting the vibe of Game of Thrones in real life.

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Where was Games of Thrones filmed in Ireland?

Some of the notable filming locations in Northern Ireland include:

Castle Ward (Winterfell)
Dark Hedges (Kingsroad)
Ballintoy Harbour (Lordsport, Pyke)
Cushendun Caves (Storm’s End)
Downhill Strand (Dragonstone)
Tollymore Forest Park and more

These locations offered diverse landscapes ranging from ancient forests and rugged coastlines to castles, perfectly bringing the fictional world of Westeros to life.

Which castle in Ireland was Game of Thrones filmed?

Castle Ward in County Down, Northern Ireland, served as the primary filming location for Winterfell, the ancestral home of House Stark in Game of Thrones.

Its unique architectural features, including its tower house and stunning surroundings, made it an ideal setting to depict the fictional stronghold.

Castle Ward continues to be a popular destination for Game of Thrones fans who wish to immerse themselves in the world of Westeros and explore the real-life Winterfell.

What episodes of Game of Thrones were filmed in Ireland?

Here are some notable episodes and the corresponding filming locations in Ireland:

Season 1, Episode 1: “Winter is Coming”
Filming locations: Castle Ward (Winterfell), Tollymore Forest Park

Season 2, Episode 1: “The North Remembers”
Filming locations: Dark Hedges (Kingsroad), Ballintoy Harbour (Lordsport, Pyke)

Season 2, Episode 4: “Garden of Bones”
Filming locations: Cushendun Caves (Storm’s End)

Season 5, Episode 9: “The Dance of Dragons”
Filming locations: Downhill Strand (Dragonstone)

Season 6, Episode 10: “The Winds of Winter”
Filming locations: Saintfield Estates (Battle of the Bastards)

Season 7, Episode 3: “The Queen’s Justice”
Filming locations: Gaztelugatxe, Murlough Bay

Exploring these filming locations allows fans to step into the realm of Game of Thrones and experience the magic firsthand.

Can you visit the Game of Thrones set in Belfast?

To visit the Game of Thrones filming locations, you can embark on guided tours or visit the sites independently.

Many tour operators offer specialized Game of Thrones tours that take you to key locations featured in the show.

These include the Dark Hedges, Castle Ward (Winterfell), Ballintoy Harbour (Lordsport), and more.

How far is it from Belfast to Game of Thrones?

The distance between Belfast and the various filming locations of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland can vary.

Castle Ward (Winterfell) is approximately 40 miles (64 kilometers) from Belfast

The Dark Hedges (Kings Road) is approximately 53 miles (85 kilometers)

Ballintoy Harbour (Lordsport, Pyke) is approximately 58 miles (93 kilometers) from Belfast

Downhill Strand (Dragonstone) is 70 miles (113 kilometers), and

Cushendun Caves (Storm’s End) is approximately 50 miles (80 kilometers).

How many years was Game of Thrones filmed in Northern Ireland?

Game of Thrones was filmed in Northern Ireland for approximately 10 years.

The production of the critically acclaimed television series began in 2010 and concluded in 2019.

Over these years, Northern Ireland served as a prominent filming location for many iconic scenes, showcasing the region’s stunning landscapes, castles, and historical sites.

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