The Ultimate Guide For Your Hollywood Celebrity Homes Tour

A Hollywood Celebrity Homes Tour is a guided or self-guided excursion that takes participants through the neighborhoods of Los Angeles. 

You will explore particular areas like Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Hollywood Hills, where many celebrities live or have lived. 

The tour provides an opportunity to see the homes of famous actors, musicians, and other prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

These tours are visits to the exterior of celebrity residences, giving you a chance to see the impressive architecture and glimpse their luxury lifestyles!

Whether on a bus, van, or walking tour, these experiences allow you to experience the allure of Hollywood and gain insights into the lives of your favorite celebrities!

What does a Hollywood celebrity home tour include?

A Hollywood celebrity home tour offers an exclusive glimpse into the opulent lifestyles of the stars, taking you on a journey through the iconic neighborhoods of Tinseltown. 

The tour showcases the homes of renowned celebrities, both current and past, offering a chance to see where Hollywood’s biggest names live and have lived.

If you have opted for a guided tour, guides will accompany you. One of the popular guided tours is the Original Celebrity Homes Tour

They will provide fascinating anecdotes and trivia about the celebrities and their homes, sharing captivating stories that bring the locations to life.

Gain insights into the history of the entertainment industry, as well as the evolution of the neighborhoods and the role they play in Hollywood’s cultural tapestry.

Some tours also include notable landmarks such as studios, famous locations from films and TV shows, and other points of interest within the entertainment world.

If you want such a comprehensive tour, check out this TMZ Celebrity Hotspots Tour

Planning a Hollywood celebrity home tour

To ensure an unforgettable experience, careful planning is key. Let’s look into the essential aspects of organizing a Hollywood celebrity home tour!


The first step in planning your Hollywood celebrity home tour is to secure your tickets. 

Many tour companies offer guided tours with experienced guides who share fascinating insights into the lives of celebrities, past and present. 

The Original Celebrity Homes Tour is the best Hollywood celebrity home tour, running since 1935!

Or, you can opt for a self-guided tour where you navigate the iconic neighborhoods at your own pace.


Having a well-designed map is essential for a successful celebrity home tour. 

Whether you’re using a digital map app or a physical map, mark the locations of celebrity homes you wish to visit. 

You could organize your map by neighborhood to optimize your route and minimize travel time. 

Also, make sure to highlight viewing spots that provide the best vantage points for photographs while respecting the celebrities’ privacy.

Time Management 

Hollywood is a bustling city with traffic, so allocating extra time for unexpected delays is wise. 

Aim to start your tour early in the day to avoid peak traffic hours and maximize your chances of spotting celebrities in their natural habitat.

If you’re on a guided tour, follow the provided schedule closely to ensure you don’t miss any celebrity homes. 

For self-guided tours, allocate time for parking and exploration.

Where to buy the best Hollywood celebrity home tour

It’s best to buy your Hollywood celebrity home tour tickets online and not at the counter! 

By purchasing your ticket online, you save time and the chance to avail the best discounts in the town!

While you can your tickets at the physical offices, you might not get them due to the popularity of the tours!

So, be smart and get your tickets online ahead of time. 

Best Hollywood Celebrity Homes Tour prices

Here is an overview of all the best Hollywood celebrity home tours with their prices:

Celebrity Homes TourPriceBuy This Tour
Celebrity Homes Self-Guided Driving Tour$ 15Buy this tour
TMZ Celebrity Hotspots Tour$ 59Buy this tour
Original Celebrity Homes Tour$ 59Buy this tour
Hollywood and Beverly Hills Guided Bus Tour$ 40Buy this tour
Beverly Hills Helicopter Tour$ 174Buy this tour
Go City Explorer Pass $ 89Buy this tour
All-Inclusive City Card$ 99Buy this tour

Best Hollywood celebrity home tours

We have scouted the internet and compiled a list of the best Hollywood celebrity home tours for you. Here it is:

  1. Original Celebrity Homes Tour

A crowd favorite, this authentic celebrity residence tour is one of the longest-running tours! Your expectations are sure to be met.

Having been in operation since 1935, the tour spans approximately 2 hours. 

Accompanied by a live tour guide, you will be told stories and historical insights about the location!

This tour will cost you $59 per person.

  1. Hollywood and Beverly Hills Guided Bus Tour

Go on a unique open-air tour that lets you cruise by some prominent celebrity residences in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills without glass barriers.

Guiding your experience is an informative and entertaining tour guide who will unveil captivating details and anecdotes about the region.

Seize the chance to photograph stunning architecture and landscapes while remaining watchful—you might just spot your favorite celebrity strolling nearby.

This tour costs $40 per person.

  1. TMZ Celebrity Hotspots Tour

Go on a unique itinerary covering all the region’s sought-after locations.

Accompany your host and guide on a 2-hour expedition to explore renowned havens frequented by celebrities.

You’ll explore celebrity-frequented eateries, watering holes, nightlife venues, and shopping districts throughout the excursion.

Pass by sites where filming occurs, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the TCL Chinese Theatre, and the neighborhoods of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills!

This tour costs $ 59 per person.

  1. Celebrity Homes Self-Guided Driving Tour

Do you want to explore Hollywood and Beverly Hills at your own pace? Then this is the tour for you.

All you need to do is make your booking, download the app, and you are ready.

You will find an interactive map, with the help of which you can curate your very own specific route.

Prioritize your favorite celebrities and experience the glamour as you pass their house.

This tour costs $15 per person.

  1. Beverly Hills Helicopter Tour

Explore West Hollywood and Beverly Hills from a bird’s-eyes view.

 Get a helicopter tour and catch the best view of celebrity houses and famous landmarks. 

This private helicopter tour comes with an experienced pilot who tells you everything you need to know about these residences! 

A helicopter tour over this beautiful landscape, nestled with houses, is one of the best experiences you will ever have.

A helicopter celebrity home tour costs $174. 

Timed Celebrity Home tours

A few timed options are available for those looking to do more with your day. 

With these two tickets, you can cover over a few attractions after your celebrity home tour.

  1. Go City Explorer Pass 

One of the best ways to visit LA, this Explorer pass allows you to take a guided or self-guided tour.

In addition to doing a celebrity home tour, you can also plan for 2 to 7 more attractions spread across LA.

The best part? This pass is valid for 2 years after purchase and 60 days after you use it at the first venue.

  1. All-Inclusive City Card

With this City Card, you have access to 40+ attractions in Los Angeles, in addition to doing a celebrity home tour.

You can choose between various options- bus tours, bike tours, self-guided, or guided tours. 

This city card is valid for two years after purchase and for 7 days after activation at the first attraction.


What is the best celebrity home tour in LA?

The best celebrity home tour in LA has to be the Original Celebrity Homes Tour. This tour costs $ 59 per person.

Where can I see celebrities in Hollywood?

Celebrities can be spotted at popular restaurants like The Ivy and Rodeo Drive for shopping, Hollywood events, and iconic attractions such as the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Where do celebrities stay in Hollywood?

Celebrities often stay at upscale hotels like The Beverly Hills Hotel, Chateau Marmont, and The Sunset Tower Hotel.

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