Live Characters & Performances

By Om Kumar

Experience a captivating ensemble of real individuals and dynamic presentations in Live Characters & Performances at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

This is accompanied by awe-inspiring multimedia spectacles that bring joy and wonder to every family member.

In addition, learn about the ocean’s fascinating wonders and its diverse creatures throughout the entertaining event.

A Pearl Diver’s Life

Imagine diving deep into the ocean to find beautiful pearls. 

In this special show, you’ll see actors perform and learn about the amazing traditions of pearl diving. 

They’ll show you the stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and tell you why pearl diving is so important.

Armillary Show

Take a journey to the Arctic and Antarctica without leaving the park! 

Step inside a big dome and watch a cool movie that makes you feel like you’re really there. 

You’ll see incredible landscapes and adventures in these icy places.

Canopy Climbers

Get ready for an awesome show that takes you into the jungle! 

Watch acrobats dressed as jungle creatures swing and climb through the trees with amazing skill and playfulness. 

It’s like being in the middle of a jungle adventure yourself!

Costume Characters

Meet your favorite characters from SeaWorld up close and personal! 

You can hang out with Sakina, the dugong, join the SeaWorld Character Crew, and have fun with Sea Star. 

It’s a magical experience where you can take pictures and make special memories with these beloved characters.

Krill Dude

Kids, get ready to dance and sing along with Krill Dude! 

He’s a cute puppet character who lives in a colorful underwater reef. You can even meet him and have a chat. 

It’s a super fun time for kids of all ages!

Lost Explorers

Join Sven and Oorni on their hilarious adventure through the park! 

They’re a funny duo who are always getting into silly situations. 

You’ll laugh and have a great time as they entertain you with jokes and funny antics.

Tropical Ocean Realm

Hurry up!

One Epic Ocean

Listen to an amazing story about a brave young woman who goes on an incredible journey around the world. 

With cool videos all around you, you’ll feel like you’re right there with her. 

You’ll see breathtaking places and learn about the wonders of our planet.

Stilt Walkers

Look up! Tall performers are walking on stilts in the Tropical Ocean area!

They dress up as big tree frogs, butterflies, and praying mantises. 

They do incredible tricks and make the place feel magical. 

Don’t forget to take a picture with them!

The Camel and Heron Puppets

As you explore the park, you might encounter some very realistic camel and heron puppets. 

They move and interact with you just like real animals! 

It’s a special encounter that will make your visit even more memorable.

The Fisherman & The Mermaid

Get ready for a magical show about a fisherman named Rashid. 

He goes on his first dive and discovers a world of mermaids! 

The show takes place near a pearl diving area, and it will transport you to a place filled with wonder and surprises. 

Join Rashid on his exciting journey under the sea!

The Seafarer Jugglers

Prepare to be amazed by two incredible jugglers, Oskar and Laszlo! 

They will make you laugh and cheer with their funny and skillful performances. 

They juggle all kinds of objects, even knives! You won’t believe your eyes.

The S.E.A Maintenance Crew

Come and visit the mechanical room, where you’ll see a group of talented people called The S.E.A Maintenance Crew. 

They’ll surprise you with a lively and musical performance. 

You can even join in and play music during the breaks. 

It’s a fun and interactive experience for everyone!

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