Moulin Rouge performances

By Swanzal Aurora

The Moulin Rouge in Paris is home to various talented performers who put on the spectacular Féerie show.

These iconic Moulin Rouge performances have been running for over a century and comprise an 80-person cast, including 60 Doriss Girls.

The Doriss Girls, aerialists, acrobats, dancers and live orchestra come together to create a celebration of French culture, art and entertainment.

Doriss Girls

The Doriss Girls are the most iconic performers at the Moulin Rouge. 

They are a troupe of 60 women known for their high-energy dance routine known as the French Cancan. 

The dance performed by Moulin Rouge’s Cancan dancers is set to fast-paced and upbeat music involving leg kicks, high kicks and twirls. 

It is a breathtaking and energetic routine that will leave audiences in awe. 

The Doriss Girls are also known for their glamorous costumes, adorned with thousands of Swarovski crystals.


The aerialists are another vital group of performers at the Moulin Rouge.  

They perform death-defying stunts high above the stage, using aerial silks, ropes and trapeze to showcase their strength and agility. 

The aerialists at Moulin Rouge are also skilled in aerial disciplines including aerial silks, aerial hoops and aerial straps. 

These performers are highly skilled and trained, and they put on a truly mesmerizing show.


The acrobats are also an essential part of the Féerie show. 

They showcase their strength and agility through various acrobatic acts, such as tumbling, juggling and contortion. 

Acrobats at Moulin Rouge also perform a variety of stunts like handstands and cartwheels. 

The acrobats are trained in various acrobatic disciplines, including gymnastics and circus arts. 

Their acts are a true showcase of skill and precision and will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.


The dancers are also incredibly talented, with many trained in various dance styles, including classical ballet, contemporary and hip hop. 

They perform a variety of routines, from traditional French dances to modern, contemporary pieces. 

They also have a variety of colorful costumes that reflect the act’s theme.


The Féerie show also features a live orchestra that accompanies the entire show. 

The musicians are skilled and experienced and play various classical and contemporary music styles.

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