One World Observatory Floors

The One World Observatory has three floors: the 100th, 101st and 102nd.

While the main observatory deck is on the 100th floor, One World Observatory offers two more levels to enjoy an immersive experience. 

Levels 101 and 102 offer various features like exhibitions, restaurants, shops and more. 

The observatory also has the world’s fastest elevator, the Sky Pod elevator, which can climb 102 floors in merely 47 seconds, which is less than a minute.

100th Floor of One World Observatory 

The 100th Floor is the observatory’s first floor, and as visitors make their way out of the elevator, they find themselves ahead of the floor-to-ceiling window frames.

The window frames offer the most epic city views spanning all five boroughs and stretch into the neighboring states of New Jersey and Connecticut.

A major feature of the One World Observatory’s 100th Floor is the See Forever Theatre, and visitors proceed to the Theater after the elevator ride. 

It is a multimedia presentation that combines imagery and music to provide a moving introduction to New York City and its iconic skyline.

Also on this floor is the Sky Portal, a circular glass disc 4.2 meters (14 feet) wide, delivering fresh perspectives using real-time and high-definition of the city streets below.

This floor also houses The Gallery, the shop at One World Observatory where visitors can shop for iconic One World Observatory merchandise and souvenirs.

The One World Observatory’s 100th floor remains crowded as visitors soak in the breathtaking views and indulge in retail therapy at The Gallery.

101st Floor of World Trade Center

The 101st floor is dedicated to satiating food cravings and hunger pangs; after all, even the best experiences are incomplete without delicious food.

The 101st floor is dedicated to food and dining as it houses the restaurants, bars and cafes in the Observatory.

This floor has three options: ONE Dining, ONE Cafe, and ONE Mix, that go out of their way to ensure you have a heavenly meal in the sky.

ONE DINE offers mouth-watering seasonally inspired food, full offerings of vine and handcrafted beers, and impeccable city views.

On the other hand, ONE Cafe is also known as Savor Illy Caffe & Gelateria, and they serve Italian coffee, tea, cold drinks and a selection of snacks.

At ONE Mix, you can enjoy an amazing cocktail bar and grill as you let the view engulf you.

102nd Floor at One World Observatory

One World Observatory’s Floor 102nd is the observatory’s top at 387 meters (1270 feet) above the ground.

The 102nd floor has the Forever See Theater, where you can enjoy an audiovisual presentation that takes you on a virtual NYC tour. 

At this level, you can engage with the One World Explorer Station and learn more about the history and culture of New York. 

The One World Observatory’s Floor 102nd Floor houses ASPIRE, a space for exclusive events.

ASPIRE is a square-foot private space with a clean and contemporary architectural design, perfect for elegant and sophisticated events.

Its minimalist design makes for a perfect backdrop for New York’s most sought-after events, making it an ideal choice for corporate events and more.

FAQs about One World Observatory Floors

How many floors is the One World Observatory?

The One World Observatory’s space comprises three floors: Floors 100, 101, and 102.

The actual viewing space or the observatory is on the 100th floor, the food court or dining options are on the 101st floor, and the 102nd floor has an event space called ASPIRE.

Are there glass floors in the One World Observatory?

One of the most exciting features of the One World Observatory is its Sky Portal.

The Sky Portal is on the observation deck and has glass floors through which you can see the city 100 floors below.

What does the One World Observatory’s floor 102nd have?

The One World Observatory’s floor 102nd has ASPIRE, a modern and minimalistic private space for the city’s top and most sophisticated events.

Is the One World Observatory’s 100th-floor observation deck worth it?

The One World Observatory’s 100th-floor observation deck is the primary attraction in the observatory, and it is worth visiting.

The observation deck offers stunning city views, and you can also access the Sky Portal to see the world crawl through the portal’s glass floors.

Are One World Observatory floors ADA-accessible?

One World Observatory, including the retail shop, restaurants, cafes, bathrooms and observation deck, is ADA-accessible.

People with disabilities and limited mobility can also request assistance from the staff present at the venue should they need any help during their trip.

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