Parking Near One World Observatory: Hourly Rates and Free Spots

One World Observatory is situated in the World Trade Center and does not have on-site parking.

Visitors need to look for nearby parking garages before they visit.

The World Trade Center lies in Lower Manhattan, where finding a parking space is very difficult.

We recommend you reserve parking near One World Observatory to avoid overpaying, getting ticketed, towed, or circling for a spot. 

This guide will assist you in navigating the parking lots near the One World Observatory. 

In the table below, we have compiled a few of the best deals so you can compare and find some cheap parking near One World Observatory for your visit. 

AddressPrice RangeDistance
25 Albany St.$23 for 3 hours0.23 miles
345 South End Ave.$30 for 3 hours0.21 miles
90 Water St.$34 for 4 hours0.63 miles
18 Vesey St.$35 for 6 hours0.21 miles
70 Greenwich St.$32 for 12 hours0.38 miles
18 Vesey St$38 for 12 hours0.21 miles

Battery Parking Garage

Parking on 9-11 Memorial Street

One of the closest parking facilities to One World Observatory is the Battery Parking Garage.

Located at 70 Greenwich Street, this facility is just a short walk from the Observatory.

The garage offers both hourly and daily parking rates, making it a convenient choice for those planning a brief visit to the Observatory or an extended exploration of the area.

Icon Parking – Battery Park

Lower Manhattan Parking Suggestions
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Another nearby option is the Icon Parking facility at 70 West Street.

This location is within walking distance of One World Observatory and provides competitive rates for both short-term and long-term parking.

Icon Parking has a reputation for its reliability and well-maintained facilities, adding an extra layer of convenience for visitors.

Street Parking Near One World Observatory

Parking at Newark Penn Station

While street parking is available near One World Observatory, it has challenges.

New York City is notorious for its limited street parking spaces and strict regulations.

Meters and time restrictions are common, so checking signs carefully and being mindful of any regulations is essential to avoid tickets or towing.

It’s worth noting that finding a street parking spot near One World Observatory can be a time-consuming endeavor, especially during peak hours.

Visitors may need to circle the area or explore alternative options if street parking proves elusive.

Book your One World Observatory tickets online and also reserve a parking space ahead to avoid the stress of finding a parking spot on the spot!

Free Parking Options Near One World Observatory

Parking at the Harrison PATH Station

Street Parking: While free street parking is a rarity in Manhattan, some areas may offer limited free parking during specified hours.

However, finding these spots can be time-consuming and often requires luck. Be sure to check parking signs for any restrictions or time limits.

Residential Areas: Some neighborhoods around Lower Manhattan may have free parking options, especially during weekends or evenings.

However, respecting local regulations and being aware of any permit requirements is essential.

Park and Ride Facilities: Consider parking in a residential area with free parking and then using public transportation to reach One World Observatory.

This approach allows you to save on parking costs while benefiting from the convenience of nearby transit options.

Disability Parking Options Near One World Observatory

Parking at the Jersey City Newport PATH Station

Icon Parking – Battery Park: Many parking facilities, including Icon Parking at Battery Park, provide disability parking spaces.

Ensure your vehicle displays the appropriate disability parking permit, and inquire about available, accessible spots when reserving space through the facility or parking app.

Battery Parking Garage: The Battery Parking Garage is another option that may offer designated disability parking spaces.

Contact the garage in advance to confirm the availability of accessible parking and discuss any specific needs or accommodations.

Street Parking with a Permit: New York City recognizes out-of-state disability parking permits, allowing visitors with valid permits to park in designated accessible spaces.

Be sure to check local regulations and signage to ensure compliance.

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