Parking Near MET: On-site Parking, Free Parking and More

The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers on-site parking options. 

Visitors can access the parking at the Met Museum NYC or the Met Parking Garage, which remains open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Met parking garage is located at Fifth Avenue and 80th Street. 

A discount is available to Met Museum Members during museum operating hours when they park.

Museum Members parking at the Met Parking garage must get their tickets validated at the Uris Center for Education Membership/Visitor Information Desk for a discount.

The parking rates at the Met Parking Museum vary depending on the time.

Here are the Met Parking Garage rates:

Hours RateMember Rate ( With validation)
Up to 1 hour$25$23
Up to 3 hours$42$38
Up to 5 hours$50$45
Up to 10 hours$55$50
Up to 24 hours$60$54

More Parking Spaces Near the Met

1330 Sixth Parking LLC

Several parking spaces near the Met allow visitors to park their vehicles easily.

Parkings near the Met Museum start from $17 and go up to $72 per day.

Here is a list of parking near Met and their parking rates:

Parking LocationParking Rates
1330 Sixth Parking LLC$17 to $81/day
Park Serv LLC$15 to $67/day
9W 57th Street Parking$19 to $47/day
58W58 Parking LLC$13 to $71/day
Circle Parking LLC$15 to $72/day
59 and 5th Parking LLC$42 to $100/day
Distinctive Parking LLC$28 to $82/day
Crowne Garage LLC$12 to $72/day
GMC (Eastway)$25 to $55/day
250W 50th Parking LLC$11 to $72/day

Free Parking Near MET 

Parking near the Met Museum in NYC can take time, considering the museum is one of the most visited attractions in New York.

Parking in New York is expensive, and finding free parking near MET is even more difficult as most parking spaces near the museum charge a parking fee.

There is just one free parking near MET at 9 E 83rd St, New York.

Finding free parking near MET can be difficult, so you are advised to check the parking space out as soon as the museum opens, and you might still need help to score a spot.

So consider pre-booking your spot.

Tips for Parking Near Met

9W 57th Street Parking

Parking in New York can be challenging, especially around a popular location.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most visited museums in the US and one of the city’s top attractions.

Naturally, finding parking near MET takes a lot of work. 

Here are the top tips for parking near MET to ensure you find a suitable parking space where your vehicle remains safe and protected as you explore the Museum.

Pre-book your parking

Prebooking your spot is one of the most underrated tips for parking near Met.

Several parking spaces offer pre-booking facilities, which is no surprise considering the high number of cars in the area.

Prebooking your spot helps you score a space because parking spaces get sold out quickly in New York; parking woes should not hinder your plans.

Park close to the Met.

Park your vehicle close to the Met so you can comfortably walk to the museum from the parking space.

New York gets busy during the day, and the hustle and bustle can be off-putting for people new to New York or not used to the New York crowd.

Parking close to the Met also ensures ease for people with mobility issues, so they do not have to move a lot and can easily reach the Museum.

Park at trusted places only

One of the most essential tips for parking near Met Museum NYC is to park only in trusted and authorized parking spaces.

New York is known for street-smart people who mug people and pickpocket as well.

Parking your vehicle in unauthorized spaces puts you at an increased risk of getting robbed and your car getting damaged.

Do not leave valuables exposed. 

Do not leave your vehicle with the valuables exposed while parking near Met.

Exposing expensive and valuable items can be tempting for people with ill intent to break into your car.

FAQs About Parking Near MET 

  1. Is the Met near the Central Park?

    Central Park is less than a mile from the Museum, close to the Met.

  2. Where is the best place for parking at the Met Museum NYC?

    The ideal parking place for the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the Met Parking Garage at 1000 Fifth Ave.
    The best way to secure parking at the Met Museum NYC Parking is to pre-book your spot before visiting the Met.

  3. Is there street parking near the Met?

    Street Parking is available near the Metropolitan Museum of Art but is challenging.
    Street parking is metered and costs around $4 per hour.

  4. Is the Met Museum NYC Parking free?

    The Met Museum NYC Parking is not accessible to visitors.
    Visitors must pay a parking fee that starts from $25 for visitors.
    Members with validation receive a discount, and the parking fee for such visitors starts from $23.

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