Penguin Experience Dubai Animal Encounter: Interact With Exotic Animals

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People generally don’t expect Penguins in the desert. This is where the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo brings an unexpected surprise! 

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo offers a unique mix of aquarium and zoo experiences in one place. 

It houses not just exotic marine creatures but exotic Aquatic animals as well. 

It allows plenty of engaging Animal Encounters such as the Otter Encounter and Ray Encounter.

However, one of the most popular Animal Encounters, more than the Shark Trainer Experience, is the Penguin Experience Dubai Aquarium Tour.

It is formally called the Penguin Cove and combines interactive with engaging informational presentations for a fun activity with these friendly and playful creatures from the Antarctic.

The Penguin Experience Dubai Aquarium Tour is highly recommended for families with small kids. 

So, let’s jump in and learn all the relevant details regarding the Penguin Experience Dubai Aquarium Tour, which makes it a truly unique and a must-experience activity in the Aquarium. 

What is the Penguin Experience at the Dubai Mall?

The Dubai Penguin Experience is formally known as the Penguin Cove, given the cute and adorable colony of Gentoo Penguins that live in a special habitat.

The Dubai Penguin Experience uniquely blends interactive and informational activities, allowing visitors to meet Gentoo penguins face-to-face.

With the Dubai Aquarium Penguin Cove Tickets, visitors can access a special facility replicating the subantarctic environmental conditions.

This facility is state of the art, with an air temperature between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius and a water temperature between 5 and 7 degrees.

There is a special lighting system that replicates their annual light cycle. The exhibit is multi-level, with many areas for penguins to climb and explore, including a slide into the pool.

There are a total of 16 beautiful Gentoo Penguins- eight male and eight female. They were brought from a facility in the USA. 

Besides observing these adorable and cuddly creatures, visitors will learn much about them. 

For instance, they can be found in the wild around the Antarctic Peninsula and Subantarctic islands. Learn all about their behavior, feeding habits, environment, breeding and much more. 

The Dubai Penguin Experience is especially recommended for families with small kids. It will be a fun and enriching experience for kids.

Try all the fantastic Dubai Aquarium-exclusive activities–The steal deal is the Ultimate Dubai Aquarium experience with access to Penguin Cove, a Glass-bottom boat tour, a fish feeding program, and a guided tour of the Aquarium.

Is the Penguin Experience Dubai Aquarium Tour Included in the Entry Tickets?

No. The Dubai Penguin Experience is not included in the regular Dubai Aquarium and underwater Entry tickets. 

The Penguin Experience Dubai Aquarium Tour is one of the additional activities, just like the diving experiences and other animal encounters like shark trainer and Otter and Ray experience. 

The Regular Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo only gives access to the aquarium and the underwater tunnel. It doesn’t include any other activities. 

There are dedicated Penguin Experience Dubai Aquarium Tour Tickets, which allow guests to have an interactive experience at Penguin Cove and learn about them. 

So, let’s jump in and take you through the particulars of the Penguin Experience Dubai Aquarium Tour, as it includes more than just one activity. 

Penguin Encounter Dubai

Penguin Experience Dubai is the only facility that introduces you to the Gentoo penguins and lets you feed them.

Step inside the Penguin Cove nursery to get up close and personal with these captivating birds. 

These penguins of Dubai Aquarium are in a state-of-the-art display that spans many levels and has plenty of space where these flightless animals roam and slide around. 

The Penguin Experience in Dubai Mall Aquarium is highly interactive, fun, and informative. 

Not only do you learn about them, but you also get to interact and play with them. 

One thing to note is that, despite no height restrictions, the Dubai Penguin Experience in the aquarium is not wheelchair accessible.

Why wait? Visit the Dubai Aquarium Penguin Colony and observe the adorable Gentoo and King Penguins.

Here’s what you will get in the Penguin Cove experience at the Dubai Aquarium:

  • Access to the aquarium tunnel
  • Admission to the underwater Zoo of level 2
  • Meet the penguins by gaining entry into the Penguin Cove
  • Get back of the House tour
  • Access to an interactive platform

Price of Penguin Experience Dubai:

Visitor TypeTicket Price
Adult (2 years & above)AED 199 (US $54)

King Croc Dubai Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium Crocodiles are among the most popular animal encounters in the Dubai Aquarium. 

The Nile Crocodiles are gigantic and strike fear in your heart even when resting. 

The King Croc is kept in a dedicated habitat similar to or designed to mimic his natural habitat. 

The astonishing size can be gauged from the fact that the aquarium crocodile is famously called the King Croc Dubai Mall. 

The Dubai King Croc is a rare phenomenon from Australia. It is one of the most powerful reptiles, equally graceful and aggressive. 

The King Crocodile Dubai is a 40-year-old crocodile, measuring about five meters long and weighing an imposing 750 kg plus. 

The most striking fact about the King Croc Dubai Mall is that it is expected to grow even more significantly. 

Remember that there is a minimum height requirement to experience the King Croc Dubai Encounter and other restrictions. Let’s check:

  • Visitors must be more than 120 cm (1.2 m) tall to meet the King Croc.
  • It is unsuitable for pregnant women. 
  • It is also unsuitable for visitors with mobility issues, as guests have to ascend and descend stairs to access the crocodile habitat. 
Top Tickets with Animal Encounter at Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: Penguin Cove & Nursery Experience

Walk through the 48-meter-long underwater tunnel underneath the world’s largest indoor Aquarium to see colorful marine creatures. 
Meet the colony of gentle and adorable Gentoo penguins in the Penguin Cove Habitat. Interact with them and learn about them on the Behind-the-scenes tour. 
Price:-Adult Ticket (3 years and above) – AED 299 (US $82)/person

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: Entry Ticket + Ray Encounter

Ray encounter

Explore more than 33,000 aquatic animals from 300 species and a variety of other exotic animals at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. 
Participate in one of the Animal Encounters called the Ray Encounter to hand-feed these elegant yet shy creatures. Learn about them on the Behind-the-scenes tour, too. 
Price:– Adult Ticket (3 years and above) – AED 299 (US $82)/person

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo: Fish Feeding + Penguin Cove + Glass bottom boat

Fish feeding

A comprehensive Dubai Aquarium tour with skip-the-line entry to explore marine life. Witness the largest indoor tank and a gorgeous underwater tunnel. 
Enjoy various activities, such as Penguin Cove, a private Behind-the-scenes tour, a Fish-Feeding experience, and a Glass Bottom Boat tour. 
Prices:- Adult Ticket (2 years and above) – AED 400(US $109)/person

Feeding Experience

You will find plenty of fish, but all you need to do is find your Nemo and feed it in the fish-feeding activity. 

Why restrict to just the fish? Go behind the scenes and participate in various guided feeding exercises, such as ray feeding, shark feeding, King Croc feeding, etc.

You can watch the fish feeding show and learn about the different species instead of participating, as the Aquarium conducts regular presentations and feedings.

Check the Dubai Aquarium timings for different feeding presentations beforehand to ensure you try various activities.

Note: Visitors who want a comprehensive experience should opt for the Dubai Aquarium Ultimate Experience ticket. 
It offers plenty of things, including a Behind-The-Scene Tour of the aquarium to learn more about it. 
Two other major things included are the Penguin Experience Dubai in Penguin Cove and the engaging Glass Bottom Boat tour. 


What is the biggest animal in Dubai Aquarium?

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo has over 140 species and over 33,000 aquatic animals. 

The biggest is the King Croc, which weighs a whopping 750kgs. The giant reptile is over 5 meters long and is 49 years old. 

You must get the King Croc Encounter tickets to witness this majestic creature!

Purchase the Dubai Aquarium entry ticket and upgrade it at the aquarium for animal encounters if you wish.

Are there sharks in Dubai Mall aquarium?

The Dubai Aquarium is home to more than 33,000 marine animals, and you can experience this fantastic place by taking the Ultimate Experience ticket.

There are many types of sharks in Dubai Underwater Zoo, of which the world’s largest collection of sand tiger sharks in Dubai Aquarium is the most popular.

In addition, there are more than 400 sharks and rays in the Main Tank, constituting a vast Dubai Aquarium fish list.

Are there penguins at the Dubai Aquarium?

Yes, there are Penguins at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. There is a dedicated Penguin Experience in Dubai Mall Aquarium. 

You will find a colony of 16 Gentoo penguins here, and you can have a hands-on experience by picking the penguin encounter ticket. 

You will first see an educational video about these incredible creatures and finally meet them. Click some photos while you are at it! 

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