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By Om Kumar

Explore 13 shops offering extensive options, including clothing, souvenirs, gifts, and much more. 

These diverse shops provide everything you need to commemorate your unforgettable day by shopping at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. 

Whether you’re searching for stylish apparel, unique souvenirs, or special gifts, you’ll find a variety of choices to suit your preferences.

Take your time to browse through these shops and discover the perfect items that will help you preserve the memories of your incredible experience at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

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Arctic Trading Post

Don’t worry about the chilly Arctic weather at the Arctic Trading Post. 

Here, you can find clothing that will keep you warm and cozy, or bring home a cuddly plush toy of your favorite Arctic animal. 

Additionally, you have a variety of delicious snack options to choose from, whether you prefer something sweet or savory. Enjoy the cold and hot drinks as well! 

So, you can stay comfortable, satisfy your cravings, and bring home a special souvenir from your Arctic adventure.

Dolphin Memories Photo

Dolphin Encounter is an unforgettable experience, but it’s also a moment that deserves to be cherished forever! 

Don’t miss the chance to capture this special expedition by taking a memorable photo with the dolphins. 

You can bring the photo home as a keepsake, ensuring that the memories of your unique encounter will last a lifetime.

Dukkan Al-Tawash

Step into Dukkan Al-Tawash, a shop dedicated to the world of pearls. 

Explore a wide selection of exquisite jewelry, carefully crafted with a local touch and rooted in tradition. 

Make sure to choose a piece that catches your eye and represents the beauty of this precious gem. 

And before you leave, remember to take home a photo souvenir from Dukkan Al-Tawash Photos, ensuring you can cherish the memories of your visit to this remarkable store.

Flamingo Point

If pink is your favorite color, you can’t miss Flamingo Point. 

This is the perfect place to find all your tropical essentials. 

Flamingo Point has everything you need, from stylish clothing to accessories for a vibrant and trendy look. 

Whether you’re a lady or a young girl, you’ll find a fantastic selection of apparel and accessories that perfectly suit your tropical style. 

So, stop at Flamingo Point and embrace pink and the tropical fashion world.

Halawiyat Fatema

Indulge your love for sweets by following your cravings for Halawiyat Fatema. 

This delightful candy shop is a haven for those with a sweet tooth. 

You’ll find a wide array of delectable treats, including gourmet popcorn, fluffy cotton candy, irresistible chocolates, and many other delightful confections. 

So, satisfy your sweet tooth and stock up on these delectable goodies at Halawiyat Fatema.

Hamad’s Hideaway

If you share the same passion for dolphins as Hamad, you’ll feel right at home in Hamad’s Hideaway. 

This is the perfect place to find a wide selection of clothing and toys inspired by these magnificent marine creatures. 

From dolphin-themed apparel to adorable toys, Hamad’s Hideaway offers a great variety of items that will surely appeal to any dolphin lover. 


Bring your little ones on an exciting adventure to Jellies. 

This store offers various options, including an extensive selection of toys, trendy apparel, and everything else you can imagine. 

So, get ready for a fun-filled shopping experience where you can discover superb goodies at Jellies.

Launch Bay Supplies & Co.

Welcome to Launch Bay Supplies & Co., a super cool store with an underwater twist!

Here, you’ll find all sorts of futuristic goodies that make you feel like you’re in another world.

But that’s not all! You can join the S·E·A Guardian Game portal for even more fun and adventure.

And wait, there’s more! You can play with remote-controlled vehicles at the ROV table and have an awesome time.

Get ready for a shopping adventure at Launch Bay Supplies & Co., where futuristic stuff and interactive games come together for a truly unforgettable experience.

Polar Pier

Make sure to visit Polar Pier during your trip to Antarctica to bring back a special memento. 

No journey to the South Pole is complete without a souvenir. 

At Polar Pier, you’ll have a delightful selection, including adorable penguin plush toys and a variety of other apparel inspired by the wonders of the Antarctic. 

Select the perfect keepsake to remember your extraordinary adventure and capture the spirit of the South Pole.

Sea Pixels Photo Services

Capture the special moments and transform them into lasting memories at Sea Pixels Photo Services. 

Whether it’s your initial visit or a return trip, don’t miss the opportunity to click a photo and immortalize the experience. 

With their professional photography services, Sea Pixels ensures that you can preserve cherished memories of your time spent here. 

So, strike a pose, smile for the camera, and let Sea Pixels transform your moments into treasured keepsakes.

Souk Al-Seef

Explore Souk Al-Seef, the ultimate retail flagship store that showcases the complete range of merchandise from SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. 

As your final stop before leaving, this is the perfect opportunity to find that special souvenir to commemorate your visit. 

With a wide assortment of items available, you can browse and select the perfect memento to bring home. 

Don’t miss the chance to grab a keepsake from Souk Al-Seef as a lasting reminder of your incredible experience at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

Sunken Treasures

Discover a treasure trove of delights at Sunken Treasures, a store that lives up to its name! 

Step inside and uncover a world filled with captivating items waiting to be explored. 

Find the perfect Manta plush toy to take home, allowing you to cherish the memory of your thrilling Manta ride. 

Sunken Treasures is the ultimate destination for uncovering hidden gems and creating lasting memories of your unforgettable adventures.

The Armillary Collection

Step into The Armillary Collection, where you can discover amazing treasures you’ll love and cherish forever.

You’ll find beautiful jewelry, fancy figurines, stylish home goods, and dazzling glass pieces from ancient dynasties here.

Each item is made with great care and has a special charm that never goes out of style.

Whether you’re searching for a special gift or a precious keepsake, The Armillary Collection has something that will bring joy for years to come.

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