Summit One Vanderbilt directions

By Harshitha Jagathiesh

The Summit One Vanderbilt is located in New York at 45 East 42nd Street. 

It is located close to TD Bank in the main concourse of Grand Central Terminal. 

The directions to Summit One Vanderbilt are provided below.

You can enter Summit One Vanderbilt through the Vanderbilt Passage in the Main Concourse Level of Grand Central Terminal. 

Search for the “Observation Deck” signs to find the Summit. 

Note:  Entrance to the Summit is not available from the One Vanderbilt lobby areas. 

Street Level Access

From 42nd Street between Madison Avenue and Vanderbilt Avenue

To get to Grand Central Terminal, turn right next to TD Bank.

To reach the Summit One Vanderbilt entrance, descend the stairs or use the lift. 

From the northeast corner of 42nd Street and Vanderbilt Avenue

Turn left from Grand Central Terminal’s Main Concourse level to reach the “Observation Deck.” 

After the doors, turn left and follow the signage’s directions to Summit One Vanderbilt entrance on the signage. 

Means of transport

The renowned One Vanderbilt skyscraper is home to Summit One Vanderbilt.

The Summit One Vanderbilt, located on 42nd Avenue, is conveniently close to various transportation options. 

These are some of the transport options for getting to Summit One Vanderbilt.

By subway

Summit One Vanderbilt is accessible via the 4, 5, 6, and 7 underground lines.

To get to 42nd Street, tourists can also board a shuttle at Grand Central.

By bus 

Summit One Vanderbilt is easily accessible through the M101, M102, M103, M1, M2, M3, M4, Q32, and M42 bus routes in New York City.

By metro

The closest metro station to Summit One Vanderbilt is Grand Central Terminal. 

Visitors from all over NYC are transported to Grand Central Terminal by the Hudson, Harlem, and New Haven lines. 

By Access A Ride (AAR) Paratransit Service

Visitors with disabilities and medical issues can use the AAR Paratransit service as a convenient form of transportation. 

The drop-off and pick-up locations are East 43rd Street and Lexington Avenue. 

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