Riding the Heights: A Spectacular Experience in the Summit One Vanderbilt Elevator

By Harshitha Jagathiesh

Located in the heart of Manhattan, Summit One Vanderbilt is an architectural marvel and a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.

From its sleek design to its cutting-edge technology, the Summit One Vanderbilt Elevator offers a truly unique and unforgettable ride.

In this post, we’ll take you on a thrilling journey as we explore the Summit One Vanderbilt Elevator. 

Summit One Vanderbilt elevator to the observation deck

The initial elevator, called Rise, originates from the ground level beneath the One Vanderbilt building at Grand Central Station.

Before boarding the elevator, visitors are greeted with a brief video presentation named Celebration.

To maintain cleanliness, visitors are provided with shoe coverings before entering the elevator.

The Summit One Vanderbilt elevator itself serves as an exhibit featuring an impressive light show.

It takes a mere 42 seconds for the elevator to ascend to the 91st floor.

The 91st floor serves as an observation deck with immersive experiences such as Transcendence 1, Reflect, and Affinity.

Continuing the journey, the elevator proceeds to the 92nd floor, which is the highest observation deck at Summit One Vanderbilt.

Here, visitors can enjoy Transcendence 2, Levitation, and Unity.

The final destination of the elevator is the 93rd floor.

Upon disembarking on the 93rd floor, visitors have the opportunity to indulge in a delectable menu at Apres, the restaurant at Summit One Vanderbilt.

From this point, guests can opt to take the Ascent, presumably referring to another elevator or means of transportation to a different location.

Summit One Vanderbilt Glass Elevator – Ascent 

The glass elevator at Summit One Vanderbilt is alternatively known as the Summit One Vanderbilt glass elevator.

This elevator operates externally and ascends to a height of 1,401 feet above the street level of New York City.

The Summit One Vanderbilt Ascent elevator elevates an additional 131 feet (12.2 m) starting from the 93rd floor.

Two Ascent elevators within the building are specifically designed to offer an unmatched and unique view of the city.

Note: Visitors need to purchase a ticket to enjoy the Ascent ride. 
Make sure you get the Summit One Vanderbilt entry with Ascent access ticket before visiting. 

Features of Ascent

The glass elevator at Summit One Vanderbilt offers a comfortable ride and unobstructed views throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions.

Designed with glass on all sides, the elevator ensures uninterrupted panoramic views for passengers.

Furthermore, the Summit One Vanderbilt elevator operates at a gentle speed of 83 feet (25 m) per minute, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenery leisurely.

Rest assured, the safety of the glass elevator is not a concern.

The elevator’s trackway is constructed using the strongest stainless steel and precise measurements by Cimolai Technology.

The Summit One Vanderbilt elevator can travel at a speed of 50 meters per hour and is capable of withstanding winds of up to 100 meters per hour.

Architects of Summit One elevator

Summit One Vanderbilt elevators are designed by Cimolai Technology.

Cimolai Technology is responsible for the design of the two glass elevators, including the drive mechanism and connected trackway.

Cimolai Technology also carries out the integration of the elevator into the building.

They ensured the elevator was constructed with the most durable stainless steel materials.

The Summit One Vanderbilt elevator boasts a significant weight capacity and the ability to withstand strong winds.


Is Summit One Vanderbilt elevator worth it?

Yes, the Summit One Vanderbilt elevator ride is absolutely worth it. 

The glass elevator Ascent is a thrilling ride from the 93rd floor to the top viewpoint of the One Vanderbilt building. 

Do you need a ticket for Ascent?

Yes, Visitors need to purchase a ticket to enjoy the Ascent ride. 

Get the Summit One Vanderbilt entry with Ascent access ticket online if you wish to try Ascent. 

How high is the elevator at Summit One Vanderbilt?

Ascent, the elevator Summit One Vanderbilt, travels from the 93rd floor of the building, 1401 feet above the street level.

How fast is the elevator in Summit One Vanderbilt?

The Summit One Vanderbilt elevator speed is 83 feet (25 m) per minute. 

How long is the One Vanderbilt elevator ride?

The glass elevator experience is for 2 minutes.

What are the Summit One Vanderbilt elevator timings?

The glass elevator operates from 9 am to 12 am every day. It is closed on Tuesdays.

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