The Ultimate Guide to Aran Islands

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Take a step closer to nature with a visit to the Aran Islands.

A land celebrating Irish culture, it offers breathtaking views, world-renowned stone forts, and much more.

If you want to spend some time in the beautiful waters of Ireland, the Aran Islands are the perfect place for you.

So, if you want to visit the Aran Islands in Ireland, here’s everything you need to know.

Aran Islands Map

You can access Aran Island via Doolin, and the easiest way to do so will be by catching an Aran Island ferry from Doolin.

Explore nearby locations like Burren on the north and Liscannor and Lahinch on the south.

For easy understanding, here’s a map of the Aran Islands.

How to get to the Aran Islands

Aran Island is easily accessible by ferry, bus, and plane.

Here is detailed information on how to quickly travel to the Aran Islands.

Shuttle Bus 

You can take advantage of the daily shuttle bus service from Galway City Center.

If you don’t want to deal with the demanding schedules of public transport, take a car drive through the Wild Atlantic Way.

Through this, enjoy the beautiful coastal sights and reach the Roosevelt port to take the ferry to the islands.

Aran Islands Ferry

Aran Islands Ferry

Ferries for the islands depart from Roosevelt Port in Connemara, 37 kilometers west of Galway City.

So, to get there from Galway to the Aran Islands ferry, it will take about 35 minutes, adding to the 30 minutes for the ferry time.

The passenger ferries from Roosevelt work all year round, while those from Galway and Doolin are seasonal.

Plane Ride

The Aran Islands can be accessed faster via plane.

One airplane service takes off from Connemara Regional Airport and works all year round, depending on the weather conditions.

You can also travel through Ivernin, 30 minutes from Galway City.

The entire journey to the Aran Islands from Ivernin takes only 10 minutes.

If you plan to cover Galway and want to include the Cliffs of Moher in your list, read our article on How to Reach the Cliffs of Moher.

Aran Islands Weather

The weather in the Aran Islands can be pretty unpredictable, as it enjoys rain as much as the sunny atmosphere.

So, the best months to visit the islands are between May and October.

The coldest months of the year for visiting are between January and March.

Some of the months you can avoid visiting are from November to February, as they experience heavy rainfall.

Things to do on Aran Islands

Here are some of the fascinating things to do in the Aran Islands while visiting Ireland’s most fantastic place.

Beach hopping

Beach hopping

If you are on Aran Island, missing out on Kilmurvey Beach means skipping the entire trip experience.

Walk barefoot on Galway’s finest beach and feel the refreshing feel of the white sand between your toes.

You can refresh yourselves by sitting before the sea waves and enjoying watching the abundant bird life.

Also, catch the cormorants if you are bird-watching, as they are rare in the area.

Don’t worry about safety, as a lifeguard is on the beach, especially during the high season.

So, enjoy your time and views at Kilmurvey Beach on the Aran Islands, Ireland.

Scuba diving

As one of the best places to dive in Europe, trying scuba diving on the Aran Islands is a must.

With its colorful underwater life, vibrant sea anemones, corals, and playful dogfish, the sea becomes even more attractive on the islands.

Also, depending on your timing, you can see friendly dolphins and seals.

Try scuba diving if you are on the islands and are a beginner or professional.



Another great way to explore the island is through cycling, as you can quickly get a bike rental at Inishmore, Inisheer, and Inishmaan.

There are two primary routes to get the most amazing views and the best experience.

Book Aran Island tickets in advance, especially in July and August, and feel free to have the wind blow your hair while cycling on the island’s country roads. 

Visit Seven Churches

Apart from the above Aran Islands things to do, visiting the nearby attractions is also necessary.

It increases the beauty and tells the islands’ history in the most unique way.

One such place on the Aran Islands is the Seven Churches.

Also known as Na Seacht Teampaill, it was one of the most important pilgrim sites in Inishmore during the Middle Ages.

Although only two churches are left to see, along with a few houses known as the pilgrim’s hotel, the attraction is a sight.

You can look around the ruins, read the inscribed stones, and admire the infrastructure from the Middle Ages.

Aran Islands Tour

The best part about the Aran Islands is that there are so many famous attractions nearby that you can take a full-day trip here.

From visiting the Cliffs of Moher to traveling through the Wild Atlantic Way, there are many things to do here.

The easiest way to do this is through Aran Islands tours, including a full-day cruise trip to the Cliffs of Moher and Aran Islands.

With a guide for the whole trip, get insightful facts about the attractions with easy navigation for your travel.


What are the Aran Islands famous for?

The islands are renowned for their wild landscapes, unique knitted jumpers, and cozy cottages.

The three Aran Islands, Co. Galway, Ireland, are famous for keeping Irish culture alive and celebrating its heritage until today.

This makes the islands popular, as they fascinate the thousands of tourists visiting them each year.

Is it worth going to the Aran Islands?

Yes, the Aran Islands are famous for being home to one of the most unique places in Galway.

It provides a perfect escape for people looking for an off-beat adventure and thrill on their vacation.

Plus, the rich Irish culture and heritage that you see make it a unique experience for visitors.

What Aran Island is best to visit?

Inishmore Island is the best of all the Aran Islands, Ireland.

It is also the largest among the other two and the quickest to reach by ferry route.

You can also perform many activities on the islands, like cycling, scuba diving, and many more.

Can you drive to the Aran Islands?

Unfortunately, you cannot drive on Aran Island, as cars are not allowed on ferries.

Ferries are the easiest way to reach the islands, but they are for passengers, so cars are not permitted on them.

Although you can go cycling on the island routes, bike hire is easily available for visitors.

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