Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night 2024

Halloween Horror Night is an annual Halloween event held at Universal Studios theme park in Los Angeles, California. 

Halloween Horror Nights are known for transforming the theme park into a frightful and immersive horror experience. 

You will experience themed haunted houses, scare zones, live entertainment, and thrilling rides.

The event brings iconic horror movies, TV shows, and other terrifying themes to life, letting you enter the world of horror franchises.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2024 are scheduled from September 07 to October 31.

Tickets are already on sale! Don’t wait any longer and get your Halloween Horror Nights tickets now!

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What to expect at Universal Studios Halloween horror night

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2024 will have haunted houses, scare zones, fast rides, live-entertainment and much more. 

Universal Studio Halloween Horror Nights feature several haunted houses based on different horror themes or popular movie franchises. 

Get ready to experience fear in these meticulously designed realistic environments filled with scary actors, special effects, and surprises around every corner.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2024 will feature Stanger Things 4 and The Last of Us-themed haunted houses.

Throughout the park, you’ll encounter scare zones. These are themed areas where scare actors roam freely, aiming to startle and terrify guests. 

These zones are often based on iconic horror movies or original chilling concepts.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2024 also sees the return of the iconic Terror Tram.

Halloween Horror Nights offers various live shows and performances, adding to the spooky atmosphere. 

These shows can range from creepy and unsettling to humorous, but they all have a Halloween or horror theme.

Many of Universal Studios Hollywood’s regular attractions remain open during Halloween Horror Nights so that you can enjoy some of their popular rides with a twist. 

Sometimes, they may have a spooky makeover or incorporate horror elements.

Grab your scream-squad and get your Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2024 tickets to secure your entry.

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Night 2024 tickets

Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights is one of the most popular events in the park.

To attend this event, you need to prebook your tickets.

The Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Night tickets offer entry to all eight haunted houses, three scare zones, live entertainment, attractions, rides and more.

The ticket is valid from September 7 to October 31, 2024

The Hollywood Halloween Horror Night tickets cost $84 per visitor over 13 years of age.

Kids below 13 years are not allowed to enter Halloween Horror Nights.

Haunted Houses at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night 2024

Universal Studios Hollywood has eight new haunted houses during the 2024 Halloween Horror Night.

Here is a brief look into them:

Stranger Things 4

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2024 has the scariest season of Stranger Things as its haunted house.

The Stranger Things-themed haunted house will have fans re-living the evil Vecna’s assaults on the town. 

Guests will travel to places like the infamous Creel House, the nefarious Hawkins Lab and even Vecna’s all-red Mind Lair. 

Along this journey, you will face demo bats and Vecna himself. 

So grab your favorite playlist and face your deepest fears at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2024.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us was the first haunted house theme announced for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Visitors will enter a world of carnage and mayhem as they navigate a labyrinth full of Runners, Stalkers, Clickers and Hunters.

The Haunted House is more closely related to the game than the television show, but don’t worry; no fan gets left out. 

Both focus on Joel and Ellie’s relationship as they navigate a post-zombie-infected world. 

The attraction will include iconic video game locations, like The Hotel Grand. 

Exorcist: Believer

This house follows the story of Angela and Katherine, who went missing and returned with no memory of what happened.

While no one knows where they went, they have returned with the most horrifying evil.

Brace yourself as this haunted house is set to take you through the terrifying scenes of the new Exorcist movie.

Chunky: Ultimate Kill Count

Will you be able to survive Chuck’s ultimate kill count?

As you go inside a manor hijacked by Chucky, watch your step or you might fall for one of his bloody tricks.

Universal Monsters Unmasked

Come face to face with four Universal Monsters.

This haunted house lies inside the catacombs where you will face Dr.Jekyll, Phantom of the Opera and Hunchback of Notre Dame and the Invisible Man.

This haunted house will surely be straight out of your nightmares.

Evil Dead Rise

The Evil has risen again.

While it looks like a regular LA apartment from the outside, the Book of Dead has unleashed unimaginable horrors inside the house.

This is the perfect place to visit with your scream squad.


This haunted house promised three legends and three times the terror.

Get ready to survive three terrifying legends in one house.

Do you think you can outrun Tlahuelpuchi, Le Lechuza and El Silbon?

Holidayz In Hell

Want to celebrate this holiday season in hell?

Holidayz in Hell brings a feary celebration to step up your Halloween night.

This house is set to get scarier and merrier as you progress.

Rides at Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights 

At Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2024, you can experience some of the regular rides in the theme park, sometimes with a twist. 

These rides are not specially themed for the event but can still provide a thrilling and fun experience alongside the Halloween-themed attractions. 

Sometimes, even the rides are decorated to create another Halloween experience! 

A few popular rides that are customized for Halloween Horror Nights 2024 are:

  • Jurassic World – The Ride
  • Transformers: The Ride 3D
  • The Simpsons Ride
  • Revenge of the Mummy – The Ride
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

Live Entertainment at Horror Nights Hollywood 

During Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood, you will experience live entertainment, enhancing the overall spookiness. 

These live performances are thrilling and chilling experiences. 

Live shows and performances are strategically placed throughout the park to offer various forms of entertainment that align with the Halloween and horror themes.

These shows can be based on original storylines or inspired by famous horror franchises.

Scare actors and other performers engage in improvisational acting, startling visitors and adding to the immersive experience.

At Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2024, you can also find DJ setups, live specials-effects shows and much more!

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Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night 2024 FAQs

1. Will there be Halloween Horror Nights 2024?

Yes. Universal Studios Halloween Nights 2024 are scheduled from 07 Sep’24 to 31 Oct’24.

2. What is the theme of Halloween Horror Nights 2024 Hollywood?

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2024 will have Stranger Things 4 and Last of Us-themed haunted houses. 

3. Can you still ride rides at Universal Studios during Halloween Horror Nights?

Yes, you can ride the rides at Universal Studios Halloween Nights!

During your Halloween Horror Nights, a few of the park’s popular rides remain open to provide guests with a unique experience.

4. Is Universal Halloween Horror Nights worth it?

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights are worth the time and money spent! 

You get to see iconic horror movies, TV shows, games etc., come to life- what a thrill!

5. Is there a dress code for horror nights?

No, there is no strict dress code for horror nights.

Wear comfortable clothes and make sure not to inconvenience your fellow Halloweeners.

6. Can I bring water to Universal Studios Hollywood horror nights?

Yes, you can bring water to Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights.

7. Does Universal Studios close early for Halloween Horror Nights?

No. Universal Studios Hollywood extends its timings during Horror Nights. They also provide overnight passes to the theme park for you! 

Check out Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night 2024 tickets and be the first ones to prebook your slot.

8. Do the actors chase or touch you during the Universal Horror nights?

The scare actors are only there to make the experience immersive and spooky in real-time. They will not touch you.

9. What happens if it rains at Universal Horror Nights?

All shows and haunted houses during the Universal Horror Nights remain active despite the weather. 

10. How do you prepare for Horror nights at Universal Studios?

You must bring water and courage! Leave the rest to Universal Studios because they got you covered!

11. How to survive Universal horror nights?

You hold your scream squad close and brave your deepest fears on horror nights! That’s how you survive Universal Studios Halloween horror nights.

12. How do I get the most out of Halloween Horror nights?

You should book your tickets ahead of time to skip all lines at the entrance. 

Arrive early, and consider booking the overnight ticket package to get the most out of Halloween Horror nights.

13. Can you do all of Halloween Horror Nights in one night?

It is difficult to cover all Halloween attractions within Universal Studios Halloween Nights in one night. 

However, with the right planning, you can enjoy the best attractions in one night.

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